Feature – Daniel Barnett Q&A


Rider chat with a leading time trialist, Daniel Barnett of Team Bottrill who works full time but still manages to knock out winning rides on just six hours training

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Feature – Daniel Barnett Q & A


1. What will be your first time trial for 2016 and why that one to kick off the season?
Daniel: I am still considering starting with the Coalville 10 on the 20th of February but I’m also thinking it may be too chilly so it also could be the Sheffrec 2up with new Team Bottrill team mate Billy Oliver

2. What time trials will be your targets for 2016 and why?
Daniel: My first target for the year will be the Good Friday 10 on the V718. It’s an event that attracts some real quality to test yourself against. Big targets will be nationals, the new Team Bottrill has some real quality and I’d love to be in form enough to make the team for the national TTT. It’s a big ask but we have the talent in the team to win it and have several teams in the top 10.

3. What phase of the training schedule are you – base miles or intervals?
Daniel: I don’t really do base miles in the conventional sense. I currently work 50+ hrs a week and with two young boys I have around six hours a week for the bike so it’s a challenge for (coach) Matt Bottrill to say the least. So although my “Base” is mostly pretty intense, we are starting to ramp things up a little with some shorter efforts.


4. Do you train on a road bike or TT bike?
Daniel: I’d guess probably 80% on the TT bike, especially over winter when I’m not racing on it.

5. What is your favourite distance and why?
Daniel: I like 10’s, they’re brutal efforts but I like the intensity and it’s over before you know it!

6. What is your favourite course in the country and why?
Daniel: I think most people would expect me to say the V718 and I do like the speed but I think it’s the A25/2 around the Vale of Belvoir. It’s a tough SC course on mostly quiet roads where under the hour is a good ride. I’ve been riding it for years and finally won on it this year with a 52 min ride. Only the Boss Matt Bottrill has ever gone quicker. Probably my best ride of the year in some ways.

7. You’re doing a ’10’ – do you take a bidon on the bike and if so, what’s your drink of choice when racing?
Daniel: I don’t drink in a ten but I very often have one on the bike for warming up. Mostly water with a zero tab in it. The fuelling is already done by then.


8. What is your weapon (bike) of choice for 2016?
Daniel: This year I’m on the 2016 Giant Trinity Advanced with Shimano Dura ace Di2, a ceramic speed oversize jockey cage, a carbon fibrolite 58t front chain ring on a quark Riken, Drag2zero arm rests, extensions and rear Disc with an Enve 8.9 up front. It’s pretty trick.

9. What is the key to going fast for you?
Daniel: I put a lot of time and effort into my position but Matt (Bottrill) got me to really concentrate and train on holding it right down to the tiniest detail. It makes a difference.

10. Finally, if you could change one thing about the way time trials are organised, what it would be (ie, closed roads, etc)
Daniel: Closed roads would be nice but if there’s one thing I’d like to filter down from the pro ranks, I think it would be Giro style start ramps and pushers …



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