Happy Customer for Cycling Holiday Spain


“Undoubtedly my most pleasurable week of cycling to date and it would take a lot to beat it” says Margy after a week at Cycling Holiday Spain

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Happy Customer for Cycling Holiday Spain

The best recommendation for any service is from customers and Cycling Holiday Spain are particular happy with this customer’s testimonal of her time at their training camp in Spain.


Margy (above) writes … “Its difficult to find the right words to express how much I enjoyed my first experience with CHS. Undoubtedly my most pleasurable week of cycling to date and it would take a lot to beat it. You guys pretty much have it worked out to perfection – homely immaculate accommodation, outstanding nutrition, gym facilities, therapeutic massage and an impressive range of recreational activities to chill and relax when off the bike.”

“This is additional to the main event, that of awesome safe guided cycling in an area of breath taking beauty with amazing climbs on superb road surfaces. Rides are adjusted to meet both training needs & cycling ability of individuals/groups ranging from talented youths through to professional riders and, absolutely everything in between,……. & thats where KCC girls fitted in.

The combination of all these factors, plus the many personal touches, flexibility & attention to detail, makes CHS a truly unique & exclusive cycling training camp. As a state registered dietitian & previously UK registered dietitian in sport (DIS), I could not fail to be impressed by the simple, no nonsense, common sense approach to nutrition & hydration adopted by CHS. In an era of endless “fad diets” aimed at athletes for potential marginal gains, it was extremely pleasing to find CHS had embedded solid evidence based nutrition & hydration principles. These principles would by fully endorsed by professional dietetic bodies worldwide.”

“The food was of an exceptional high standard, home cooked and well presented. All meals provided the right balance of nutrients and food groups in ample quantities at correct times. Refuelling was encouraged throughout the rides with electrolyte fluids, energy bars, gels & fruit options available on demand from the support vehicle. In addition, crucial “recovery nutrition” was available post rides to start the important RRR (refuel, restore, recover) process for best possible muscle repair”.

“The nutritional approach adopted by CHS allows cyclists to start each ride with fully fuelled muscle and glycogen stores allowing them to ride at optimal performance. 5 Michelin stars for nutrition & hydration! You have created something very special and it cleary shows. The truly outstanding facilities, along with your personal approach and palpable passion for what you do, essentially means no one could possibly attend the CHS camp without getting everything they wanted from it and a whole lot more besides…”

Thank you so much guys, already looking forward to a return visit”
With kindest regards – Margy






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