Report/Results: 10 Championships (Men)


Richard Bussell the right side of a narrow winning margin as he defends 10 title from James Gullen with Ryan Perry third.

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Report/Results: 10 Championships (Men)

Liphook, Hampshire

After losing the 25 championships by three seconds, Richard Bussell was on the right side of a narrow winning margin in the 10 championship, beating James Gullen by just four seconds. It was held on a lumpy course with a bit of everything, some dual carriageway, some fast roads and some very bumpy ones and hills too mixed with a large portion of cross wind!

It was third time Gullen had to settle for the silver medal, saying on twitter later “Never gonna bloody win one” which I’m sure he will after a season of consistently riding under 20 minutes and having one of the fastest ever 10 rides ever recorded.

Third in the race was Ryan Perry, winner of the 25 champs, and afterwards ruing the fact he’d held too much back whilst in fourth was Matt Clinton, ruing the fact he was fourth, again. Afterwards, VeloUK went round and spoke to the riders:


Winner Richard Bussell at speed

Richard Bussell: With his partner in tears (of joy), it was easy to see how much this victory meant to Richard and those around him and he admits it was a season highlight. “This feels better than two weeks ago! (25 champs defeat). I came here last Sunday in my race kit and did a practice ride and rode 12 seconds slower than today and it wasn’t windy.”

“It was hard going out so I thought I’ll nail it to the first downhill and then keep pedalling and recover a bit and then on the way back, was just aiming for the top of the hill. For the last mile and half I was totally empty. There was cross wind the whole way, but more on my back on the return leg so I thought I’d nail the bit where I am pushing against the wind and went out max and praying I could hold on til the descent.”

“This certainly makes up a lot for the loss in the 25, I’ve forgotten about that now! The downhill was sketchy and I had to hang on tight. I am glad I had done a practice on it so I knew where I knew I had to hang on and concentrate. The set up on the bike was the same as the 25 with the 58 chain ring with 11 to 28 on the back. The only difference were the arm pads. I got the new aerocoach arm rests and on the bumpy roads, I was locked in tight.”

On what’s to come, he says I just have the hill climb to worry about! I’m on the V718 next weekend as well and that will be the last one which is about time because there’s a lot of pressure to perform”.


Second, again, for James Gullen of Pedal Heaven by just four seconds

James Gullen 2nd (Pedal heaven) “This is the third nationals I have been second in so gutted. One day I’ll get there. It could have gone either way so whilst I am disappointed to be second, I knew it would be close between us all”.

“Normally I am quite good at pacing it but with it being a championship the adrenalin was on and by the turn I was thinking I’ve gone quite hard here where I was told there was a second in it. On the climb, I felt good to start with but was slowly dying and by the top of it was looking for the finish! I got everything out but it’s hard not to look back and see what I could have done differently, not too look for excuses but just to see how it could have been improved.”

“It was a good course and hillier than most of those I have done and whilst the distance was the same, because the course was harder, you’re going hard for longer. Traffic wasn’t too bad. I had a couple of cars at the turn I had to over take but overall, a good course with a bit of everything.”


Winner of the 25, Ryan Perry had to settle for third in the 10

Ryan Perry: “Mixed emotions really” he said when asked how disappointed he was not to win as he did at the 25. “To be honest, I’m not too disappointed because I have won a lot this season. If I had not won anything this year, I would be but I have had my fun. I am also so chuffed for Richard.”

“He is such a good guy and for him to defend his title, I am genuinely happy for him. If anyone was to beat me, I don’t mind it being him! I am disappointed with my own ride. I didn’t get it all out, no-where near. I should have recce’d it properly. I drove it when I should have ridden it. I was 20 watts off my season best which is a fair chunk.”

“It was pretty hilly and I thought Gullen was going to win when weight was a factor so Bussell must have put out some stonking power like. It felt quick on the way out and I was cruising and I thought I’ll drill it on the way back. I made the mistake of thinking there was a bigger climb. I was waiting for it and thinking I’m going to batter it and then we finished!”

“So that was my fault for not doing a recce”.

Asked where it leaves him for his season, Ryan explained “I’ll keep racing for as long as I can. I think I’ll do the circuit race championships but I’m getting married in a couple of weeks so have a few stag dos so I’ll be enjoying that. I do want to race the Duo Normand in France with James McLaughlin but we need to be in a UCI team or national federation.”

Having only been racing for a few years, Ryan, who’s been in the Army since he was 16, knows there’s more to come and may well go UCI if there’s a team for him next season. “It’s been a blast being in the Army, really amazing and want to keep it going. This has only been my second proper season and I don’t feel I’ve fulfilled my true potential. It takes years and I was way better this year than last, so with another winter and talking to a performance chef and getting my diet sorted and drop a few ks, who knows what I can do but after a good winter, I want to batter it next year….”


4th, Matt Clinton

Matt Clinton: “This is my third fourth in a row so you can imagine how much I am kicking myself. The margin was too big to close though. It wasn’t as if I could change the result by doing something slightly different, the gap was too big. I went alright on the way out, had a queue of cars at the turn (island) and had to go round the outside of them and then just suffered on the way back, struggling with the power output.”

“This is probably only my fifth 10 this year and this year’s course had a rubbish surface plus we had the up and down and the wind. So it was case of keeping the head down, the power down and going for it.” Matt explained he had the same setup on the bike as the 25 with a 55 chain ring but tweaked his position slightly.

Matt also explained that with a headwind, the descent was not as fast as it looked to me, high 30’s, low 40’s (mph). “I wasn’t paying attention to that as I was trying to hold on” he added alluding to the fact the descent was a bit sketchy with the wind, a rough surface, a few pot holes and the joins in the road making riders concentrate on staying upright.

Then talking about the long climb which was a good few kilometres, he says “it was quite sheltered but felt like it went on forever. It was steep and then levelled out but it never felt like it because you never seem to gain any speed and it felt like it dragged up until a few miles to go and then it was back on the gas (40mph plus descent).

Asked what the technique was on the climb to keep the speed up, Matt says “I almost cracked and went onto the skis but you had to stay in the position and keep the power down and pushing on. As soon as you sit up, you lose time. It was tough”.


Lloyd Chapman of Pedal Heaven, 5th 

Lloyd Chapman (Pedal Heaven) (5th and winning team) “When I came in and was in the hot seat for quite a while, I was quite happy with that. I think I have done 30 tens this year so I knew the 10 mile TT was going to be better for me than the 25.”

“When Joe came in with a only a few seconds between us, that put us in a good position in the team and we knew James would do a good one as he’s a proper tester! So very happy for the team and its owner Craig especially as we don’t have the Tour of Britain and the season’s pretty much over.”

J FryR

Joe Fry of Pedal Heaven, 6th

Joe Fry (Pedal Heaven): 6th and team winner – “Every time trial this year, there’s been less than 10 seconds between Llloyd (Chapman) and me and every time he’s been faster! It was good to come away with the team win although I know James (Gullen) is gutted but that’s racing”

“Looking at the splits, I was way down at the turn and I think I saved a bit too much for the climb and so looking back, I should have gone out a bit harder but overall I’m happy with the ride. I was gauging it on feel and in my head, holding a bit back knowing there was a climb to come.”

Joe and his Pedal Heaven team are now off to Belgium for a week for some pro kermesses. “Hopefully we’ll be racing some world tour teams which would be a good end to the season. I started off the season well, had a bit of a dip in the middle but overall I am very happy with it”.


John Dewey, 8th


James Boyman of Farham RC, 10th


Christopher Fennell of Thanet RC, 9th
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1 Richard Bussell AeroCoach 0:20:35
2 James Gullen Pedal Heaven 0:20:39
3 Ryan Perry Langdale Lightweights R T 0:20:46
4 Matt Clinton Mike Vaughan Cycles 0:21:14
5 lloyd chapman Pedal Heaven 0:21:17
6 Joseph Fry Pedal Heaven 0:21:21
7 Matthew Smith Team Bottrill 0:21:23
8 John Dewey Team Bottrill 0:21:27
9 Christopher Fennell Thanet RC 0:21:39
10 James Boyman Farnham RC 0:21:45
11 George Evans Team Bottrill 0:21:49
12 Robert Moore Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 0:21:52
13 Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles RC 0:21:54 A
14 Rob Sharland Paceline RT 0:21:55
15 christopher mcnamara Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 0:22:00 A
16 Matthew Davies Rhino Velo Race Team 0:22:06
17 Pat Wright Paceline RT 0:22:09
18 Matt Langworthy Mid Devon CC 0:22:12
19 Jonathan Wears SSLL Racing Team 0:22:13
20 Kevin Tye Aerosmiths 0:22:16 C
21 Dan Bigham DRAG2ZERO 0:22:17
22 James Copeland Fareham Wheelers CC 0:22:20
23 George Fox Wellingborough Cycles RT 0:22:25
24 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC 0:22:26 A
25 Danny Axford Arctic Tacx RT 0:22:28 A
26 Dean Robson NOPINZ 0:22:34
27 Simon McNamara South Downs Bikes / Casco Europe 0:22:35 A
28 SIMON NORMAN Bedfordshire Road RT 0:22:36 B
29 John Mulvey Cambridge University CC 0:22:38
30 Matthew Woods Performance Cycles CC 0:22:39
32 Nick English AeroCoach 0:22:45
33 Jonathan Gates Royal Air Force Cycling Association 0:22:48
34 Charles Mitchell a3crg 0:22:51
35 James Gelsthorpe Peterborough CC 0:22:52
36 Jamie Pine Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 0:22:56
37 James Mapley Blazing Saddles 0:22:57
38 Daniel Halksworth Velo Sport Jersey 0:23:05
39 Ryan Davies G.S. Henley 0:23:06
40 Matt Peel Redhill CC 0:23:07
41 Thomas Key Southampton University Road Club 0:23:07
42 Robert West AeroCoach 0:23:07 A
43 James Rix Crawley Wheelers 0:23:09 A
44 Tom Pritchard Hampshire RC 0:23:10
45 Richard Gildea Didcot Phoenix CC 0:23:10
46 Daniel Barnett Team Bottrill 0:23:11 A
47 Courtney Blockley-Campton Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 0:23:19
48 Mark Emsley Team ASL360 0:23:19
49 Matt Slater Revo Racing 0:23:19 A
50 Ben Anstie 73 Degrees Bicycles 0:23:19
51 Mark Perry Look Mum No Hands! 0:23:21 A
52 Paul Jones Severn Valley Cycles 0:23:23 A
53 Peter Tadros In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 0:23:25 B
54 Andrew Meilak Aerosmiths 0:23:26 C
55 Ayrton Pope Paceline RT 0:23:29 25.55003549
56 Jon Hughes Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere 0:23:32 A
57 Geoff Comley Derby Mercury R C 0:23:36
58 David Watson Ride Coventry 0:23:38 B
59 Max Sahota St Ives CC 0:23:41
60 Graeme Stirzaker a3crg 0:23:46 B
61 Michael Stafford Portsmouth North End CC 0:23:46
62 Jeremy Ponting Velo Club St Raphael 0:23:48 A
63 Matthew Parfitt Charlotteville Cycling Club 0:23:48
64 Joseph Dobson Manchester Bicycle Club 0:23:49
65 John Samways Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 0:23:51 A
66 Andy Smith Fareham Wheelers CC 0:23:56 A
67 Nicholas Cooper DFL In-Gear 0:23:58
68 James Flahey Coalville Whs 0:24:01
69 Alan Murchison DRAG2ZERO 0:24:01 B
70 Nathan Gosling PHIAN Multisport 0:24:03
71 jack donaldson Neon Velo 0:24:04
72 Chris Myhill Peak Road Club 0:24:05 B
73 Jonathan Robinson Army Cycling Union 0:24:06 B
74 Matt Meek Cambridge University CC 0:24:15
75 Philip Watts North Hampshire RC 0:24:17 D
76 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael 0:24:19 A
77 Harry Loader Mid Devon CC 0:24:21
78 Steven Pink Poole Whs 0:24:21
79 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC 0:24:22 C
80 Angus MacInnes Royal Air Force Cycling Association 0:24:23 C
81 Andrew Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 0:24:28
82 Andrew Morris CC London 0:24:28 A
83 Phil Wilks Sotonia CC 0:24:29
84 richard newey Paceline RT 0:24:34 C
85 Neil Grunshaw Kingston Wheelers CC 0:24:36
86 Sebastian Ader a3crg 0:24:39 B
87 Matthew Rowley Oxonian CC 0:24:40 B
88 Dave Dawkins Portsmouth North End CC 0:24:46
89 Jon Pridham IOW Cycling Club 0:24:46 A
90 Gawie Nienaber Farnham RC 0:24:49 D
91 Luke Danckert Army Cycling Union 0:24:51
92 Rich Heath Oxted Cycle Club 0:24:58
93 James Peckham Sotonia CC 0:25:00
94 Samuel Wadsley Poole Whs 0:25:01
95 Tim Butt Banbury Star CC 0:25:02 C
96 B Xavier Disley AeroCoach 0:25:05
97 Andrew Thomas Dulwich Paragon CC 0:25:09
98 John Glaysher a3crg 0:25:12
99 Matthew Saunders Team Vision Racing – Silverhook 0:25:14
100 Simon Barbour G.S. Henley 0:25:16
101 Stuart Auckland Team Bottrill 0:25:17 A
102 Paul French Bedfordshire Road RT 0:25:26 A
103 Andy Kennedy Ipswich BC 0:25:27 C
104 Ben Briffett Southdown Velo 0:25:28
105 Nicholas Fennell Thanet RC 0:25:31
106 LEON FIELDING a3crg 0:25:43 A
107 Christopher Fletcher Portsmouth North End CC 0:25:44
108 Jonathan Williams Amersham Road Cycling Club 0:25:49 A
109 mark stafford Portsmouth North End CC 0:25:50 A
110 Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 0:25:56 A
111 Richard Gifford In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 0:26:00 C
112 Mark Brambleby Northover VT / Rudy Project 0:26:01 C
113 Phil Barnes Team Swift 0:26:11 E
114 Richard Moore Wyndymilla 0:26:20 A
115 den tapping Hampshire RC 0:26:26 D
116 David Churchill Bigfoot CC 0:26:38 D
117 Shaun Smart Southdown Velo 0:26:40 C
118 Jack Rebours Caesarean CC (Jersey) 0:26:47
119 martin beale Velo Club St Raphael 0:26:53 A
120 Steffen Verbist London Phoenix CC 0:27:01
121 Phillip Chinn Fareham Wheelers CC 0:27:10 C
122 Adam Evans Newbury RC 0:27:37 A



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