Report & Results: 10 Championships (Women/Juniors)


Hayley Simmonds, Adam Hartley and Henrietta Colborne were the main title winners on Saturday at Dorking in Surrey in the RTTC 10 mile time trial championships.

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Report & Results: 10 Championships (Women/Juniors)


Hayley Simmonds, Adam Hartley and Henrietta Colborne were the main title winners on Saturday at Dorking in Surrey in the RTTC 10 mile time trial championships.


Riding a minute slower than she had during the week in a full race distance effort, Hayley added the 10 title to the 25, the 100 and the British championship. She was also part of the winning team from Areocoach with Victoria Smith (5th) and Lydia Gurley (9th).

Simmonds won the title by half a minute from Irish champion Anna Turvey with a legend of the time trialling world, Julia Shaw still showing her rivals what she can do with third.

Earlier in the day, Adam Hartley (Junior Men) and Henrietta Colborne (Junior Women) won their categories.

Hayley Simmonds: “I rode the course on Wednesday and did a full race effort (20.27) with race kit and went a minute faster but the conditions were good for that. It was warm, and no wind. Today though was a real hard slog to the turn and coming back, not having enough gears!”

“So it was a much slower day and I thought it was going to work out a minute slower.”


“It is a tough course and a different one to pace like you would something like the V718 where it’s even power out and back where this one is really hard, recover, really hard and recover and so on. And the wind polarised that with a head wind out so you had to dig deep on all the hills on the way out to get some recovery on the downhill sections while on the way back, you’re flying and trying to keep the power on as much as possible.”

“It has been a good year and it’s not over yet as I have around another two months to go yet even if I don’t get selected for the worlds as my last race will be the 23rd of October. Then two weeks after that I get married!”

Asked about her bike set up in the wind, Hayley explained “I used a 54 chain ring and didn’t want to go bigger than that because of the up hills on the way out into the wind. That was pretty much perfect with the 11 sprocket. I use the tri spoke on the front and disc on the back. If it had been even windier, then I would have changed the front wheel but the tri spoke was fine today.”

Finally, I asked Hayley to give us an insight into what her training is like to make her the champion she is. “I do a lot of long rides and am lucky now since I submitted my PHD in April and have been training full time on the road. Those long rides are mixed with intervals which vary from long steady ones right up to one minute ones. I do a complete mix really.”

“A couple of long rides a week, a couple of VO2 max sessions, couple of twenty minute sessions a week, and a mix of road and time trial bike as well. This week for example, I trained hard Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday then backed off Thursday and a couple of opener sessions on Friday.”

Final question, there has been talk of why Hayley didn’t go to the Olympics as the British champion and having been in America and ridden a few pro races, I asked how does she think she could have gone based on what she knows about the riders who competed there?

“I saw it on TV but never rode the course so don’t know what it was like but it looked windy. I’d like to think I would have finished top eight, maybe top 10. I know I would not have medalled. My aim though is to get to a level where I could medal in a world championship by the next Olympics which is where I’d like to go so there is plenty of motivation to target Tokyo!”

Anna Turvey: It was quite scary on the way out with cross winds which made me nervous. I rode as hard as I could. Generally , I have had a good season and I’m going better than I have ever gone so I am pleased with that. I’ll just need to keep working hard and get a bit stronger.”


“I have changed jobs so I’m at home rather than travelling to work so I am training more consistently and not tired from travelling so much which is one reason why I’m performing better this season.” Asked what courses she prefers, Anna says “any really. I’d never ridden the fast courses before this season but I have had a go at a few this season and enjoyed them because they are not technical.”

“I like all courses and am getting better technically so sporting courses are more interesting and easier because there are things to distract you from the pain!” Finally, asked about her ambitions, the Irish champion explained “I’m hoping to ride for Ireland. I did the Irish championships this year which was one of my goals along with breaking the Irish records for 10 and 25.”

“My hope now is ride some bigger competitions like the Europeans (Sept) or even the World Championships (Oct). Beyond that, I’d also like to get some opportunities on the track with the Irish team in the team pursuit.”

Julia Shaw: “I had a reasonable ride despite my training being interrupted like last year when I’ve had a problem with my breathing which is why I didn’t ride the 25. Today was alright though so I’m pleased to make the podium. It was a tough course and I got blown around a bit which I guess was the same for everyone. A couple of places it gusted and I sat up for a few seconds so that didn’t help me!”


Other top 10s


Emily Cox, 7th 


Rachael Elliott (6th)


Alice Lethbridge (10th)


Victoria Smith (5th)

2016_10Champs_Nikki Juniper

Nikki Juniper (7th)


Kate Allan (4th)


Top Junior men, Adam Hartley
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1 Hayley Simmonds AeroCoach 21:28
2 Anna Turvey Tyneside Vagabonds CC 22:03
3 julia shaw DRAG2ZERO 22:12
4 Kate Allan DRAG2ZERO 22:43
5 Victoria Smith AeroCoach 22:44
6 Rachael Elliott Newbury RC 22:56
7 Emily Cox Bedfordshire Road RT 22:57
7 Nicola Juniper Team Ford Ecoboost 22:57
9 Lydia Gurley AeroCoach 23:02
10 Alice Lethbridge Starley Racing 23:04
11 Emma Lewis Adalta Cycling Club 23:08
12 Hayley Jones Team Breeze 23:10
13 annasley park Team Breeze 23:13
14 Natalie Grinczer Team WNT 23:18
15 Bronwen Ewing Rye & District Wheelers CC 23:23
16 Gina Riley Chester RC 23:24
17 Emily Kay Team Breeze 23:26
18 Liz Powell Mike Vaughan Cycles 23:31
18 ABIGAIL DENTUS Team Breeze 23:31
20 Melissa Lowther Team Breeze 23:39
21 Fiona Prew Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 23:40
22 Manon Lloyd Breeze Bikes RT 23:43
23 Molly Patch University of Birmingham CC 23:45
24 Jessica Rhodes-Jones Beacon Roads CC 23:52
24 Sophie Lankford Cambridge Triathlon Club 23:52
26 Helen McKay Les Filles Racing Team 23:53
27 Megan Barker Team Breeze 23:58
28 Melanie Sneddon TORQ Performance 24:04
29 Delia Beddis Les Filles Racing Team 24:05
30 Elise Sherwell Blazing Saddles 24:07
31 Sarah Matthews a3crg 24:10
32 Melissa Brand Team Ford Ecoboost 24:15
32 Karina Bowie Team Bottrill 24:15
32 Emily Nelson Team Breeze 24:15
35 Faye Faber IOW Cycling Club 24:16
36 Vicky Gill DRAG2ZERO 24:16
37 Crystal Spearman NOPINZ 24:27
37 Maryka Sennema Paceline RT 24:27
39 Sophie Household SSLL Racing Team 24:35
40 Anna Dearing Colchester Rovers CC 24:38
41 Nicki Carr VC Equipe – Flix Oral Hygiene 24:42
42 Dena Ford High Wycombe CC 24:45
42 Florence Cox Equipe Flamme Rouge 24:45
44 Claire Kitching Newbury RC 24:52
45 Katie Crowe Dulwich Paragon CC 25:07
46 Adel Tyson-Bloor Andover Wheelers 25:09
47 Jennifer Smart VC Norwich 25:14
48 Sophie Herbert Southampton University Road Club 25:17
49 Pip Jenkins Southborough & Dist. Whs 25:23
50 Sarah Short Bonito Squadra Corse 25:33
51 Denise Burrows Wyre Forest CRC 25:42
52 sarah croucher Eagle Road Club 25:46
52 Tina Reid In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 25:46
54 Rebecca Mason Coventry Road Club 25:52
55 Clover Murray Team Ford Ecoboost 25:59
56 Julie Chasin Twickenham CC 26
56 Kathryn Morris Dulwich Paragon CC 26
58 Elanor Cadzow Welwyn Whs 26:04
59 Zoe Whiteside Team Bottrill 26:10
60 jackie dodd Kingston Phoenix RC 26:36
61 Gemma Hayes East Grinstead CC 26:40
62 Louise Georgi Giant CC – Halo Films 26:45
63 Clare Campbell-Smith Born to Bike – Bridgtown Cycles 26:51
64 sharon clifford WCS Racing Team 26:56
65 Sarah Phelps Brighton Mitre CC 27:01
66 Robyn Yates Addiscombe CC 27:11
67 Deborah Sheridan Warwickshire Road Club 27:21
68 eva nyirenda a3crg 27:25
69 Alison Vessey Mickey Cranks Cyling Club 27:50
70 Caroline Beirne Epsom CC 31:48
71 Deborah Hurst Kingston Phoenix RC 33:07
72 Angela Launder Kingston Phoenix RC 34:54
73 Hayley Fletcher Dulwich Paragon CC 35:02

Juniors and Junior Women

1 Adam Hartley PH-MAS Cycling 20:09
2 Jake Wright Identity Race Team 21:15
3 Ollie Jones Ipswich BC 21:26
4 Eugene Cross SSLL Racing Team 21:27
5 Max Williamson HMT Academy with JLT Condor 21:30
6 Marcus Burnett Team Corley Cycles 21:34
7 Ben McKie VC de Londres 21:37
8 Nathan Allatt Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 21:45
9 Harry Paine Champion System/VCUK 21:50
10 Max McMurdo SSLL Racing Team 22:03
11 Timothy Torrie DFL In-Gear 22:05
12 Elliot Reed Identity Race Team 22:13
13 James Jenkins Southend Wheelers 22:14
14 Dan Martin Thanet RC 22:22
15 Devon Round Mid Shropshire Wheelers 22:27
16 Gabriel Chinn Ride 24/7 22:28
17 Harry Buxton Broomwagon RT 22:38
18 Elliot Lassiter Cotswold Veldrijden 22:46
19 Josh Van Nierop Welland Valley CC 23:01
20 Samuel Wadsley Poole Whs 23:02
20 Christopher Filewood Oxted Cycle Club 23:02
22 lewis winfield VC de Londres 23:14
23 George Bazley Bristol Cycling Development Squad 23:16
24 Henrietta Colborne Team Ford Ecoboost 23:23
25 Euan Backus Zappi’s Ladies Race Team 23:32
26 Sam Allen Essex Roads CC 23:34
27 James Morris NFTO Race Club 23:36
28 Tom Portsmouth Hillingdon Slipstreamers 23:37
29 Sam Morris Revolutions Racing 23:40
30 Ieuan Woods Charlotteville Cycling Club 23:47
31 Callum Mackie-Reynolds Lee Valley Youth CC 23:52
32 Jonathan Melville Epsom CC 24:01
33 Kieran Morris Mid Shropshire Wheelers 24:02
33 Hetty Niblett Footon Velosport 24:02
35 Theo Tadros In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 24:07
36 Anna Henderson Lovelo Cinelli RT 24:16
37 Sam Iddon Identity Race Team 24:18
38 Pfeiffer Georgi Liv CC – Epic Coaching 24:27
39 Chris Dunstan Brighton Excelsior CC 24:35
40 Nick Martin East Grinstead CC 24:40
41 Marshall Taylor Zappi’s Ladies Race Team 24:53
42 Vaughan Marris Fareham Wheelers CC 25:05
43 Fabien Large Hastings & St. Leonards CC 25:17
44 AMY SMITH Team ASL360 25:22
45 Peter Hewson Hillingdon Slipstreamers 25:43
46 Max Sillifant Welland Valley CC 25:46
47 Dexter Mansel-Thomas Lee Valley Youth CC 25:52
48 Caitlin Peters i-Team CC 26:15
49 Isla Aimée Rush Wyndymilla 26:23
50 Savannah Hewson Hillingdon Slipstreamers 27:04
51 Isabella Stone Team ASL360 27:07
52 Kate Wootton Lee Valley Youth CC 27:19
53 Lydia Watts Zappi’s Ladies Race Team 27:22
54 Isabella Torrie Chelmer CC 27:31
55 Adele Jeffrey Essex Roads CC 30:36
56 Jemma Doyle Lee Valley Youth CC 31:15
57 Alfie Salmon Lee Valley Youth CC 31:16



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