Report & Pics: Geoff Bewley Memorial Cyclo Cross


Report from Liverpool Century’s Geoff Bewley Memorial Cyclo Cross in Liverpool (North West CX League) with pictures from Picton Cycles

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Report & Pics: Geoff Bewley Memorial Cyclo Cross 

Liverpool Century’s Geoff Bewley Memorial Cyclo Cross in Liverpool
(pictures from Picton Cycles) (thanks Geraint for the report)


The Geoff Bewley Memorial Cyclo Cross in Liverpool was organised by the Liverpool Century Road Club which was founded in 1916 so in this our Centenary year we have organized a variety of new and old events that culminate with next weeks Centenary dinner to be held at Liverpool Cathedral with special guests Adam Blythe, Mark McNally, Jonny McEvoy Martin and Catherine Earley.

Last weekend was the Annual Geoff Bewley cyclocross event (GBCX), held at Otterspool Park as part of the North West cyclo cross league and the club were delighted to host around 300 riders on a day that beamed bright even after some hail and torrential rain the previous night.

On a varied but challenging course that focused on the central amphitheater section but also featured the classic Mur de Ottersberg climb, the early going was soft and therefore was rapidly chewed up by the trundling wheels of racers all the way down to 6 years old.


Giles Drakes in the winners Bioracer jersey from Onimpex

The promoting clubs Thomas Stewart summed up the conditions stating that “every lap was a different challenge with parts that were previously fine suddenly becoming totally treacherous”. UK cyclocross remains a fantastic entry into the sport for the numerous youngsters who dashed around the park within a variety of race categories, each rider rewarded with a medal and the winners fortunately enough to go home with items from event sponsors Picton Cycles, Quinns Bike Centre, Kalas Sportswear and the delicious Tilly Traybakes !

By the time the large veterans and ladies field took to the course, any grass had become sloppy mud so many of the weekend warriors struggled with the off camber sections and claggy slogs! Rebecca Preece won the Womens race, taking back the title she lost to Evie Richards in 2015, and gained a sixth Geoff Bewley winner jersey supplied by club sponsor Bioracer (Onimpex). In a tightly contested Veterans race Andrew Brindle won a last lap burnup with Nicolas Whitely.

In the Senior men event the early pace was set up current national junior cyclocross champion Mark Donovan before he had to give best to national performer Giles Drake. Jack Humphries took third place after catching and passing James Dalton after a race long chase.

Thanks to the events lead organiser Mike Fugaccia and all the marshalls and league officials who made this event a local highlight for the northwest cyclocross scene.


Rebecca Preece in the winners Bioracer jersey from Onimpex in the Women’s event

The LCRC are well set for another 100 years!


Marc Heuston of Picton Cycles


Result: Geoff Bewley Memorial Cross

1 Giles Drake Leisure Lakes
2 Mark Donovan Wheelbase J
3 Jack Humphreys Wheelbase Altura MGD
4 James Dalton Pedalsport Cycling Club
5 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle
6 Mike Wardle Biketreks Racing S
7 Adam Betts RT-Lazer
8 Stuart Reid Wheelbase Altura MGD S
9 Cory Edmondson Inspire VCUK Racing Team
10 Matt Lawton Macclesfield Wheelers
11 Andy Porter Horwich CC V45
12 Dan Wells Cube Bikes S
13 Iain Young Weaver Valley CC S
14 Robert Armstrong Barrow Central Wheelers U23
15 Steven Henshall St Helens CRC V45
16 Ian Rutherford Edge Cycleworks S
17 Alex McNicol Velo Club Moulin S
18 Paul Upton Private Member S
19 Tyla Loftus Wheelbase Altura MGD J
20 Stephen Burns North Cheshire Clarion S
21 Neil Upton S 6
22 James Bailey S
23 Keith Fowles Port Sunlight Whls CC
24 Stephen Fisher Chinley Churners Cycling V40
25 Adam Newall Horwich CC S
26 Charlie Evans Congleton CC
27 Alex Smith Port Sunlight Whls CC S
28 Edward Hibbert Private Member S
29 Joshua HartleyLakes RC
30 Marc Heuston LJMU Cycling Team S
31 Chris Donnelly Salford Cycling Club S
32 Adam Webster S 6
33 Michael Sayle S
34 Geoff Burgess Stockport Clarion
35 Dan Prescott Private Member
36 Tom Clarke Red Rose Olympic U23
37 Rob Coppock Private Member S
38 Malcolm Neil Salt Ayre Cog Set J
39 Neil Bradley Port Sunlight Whls CC S
40 Christopher Port Sunlight Whls CC S
41 Gareth Brookes Rapha Cycling Club S
42 Steve Bowman Private Member S
43 Doug Arnold Liverpool Century RC S
44 Tom Bolton Cambridge CC S
45 Andrew Laffan Ribble Valley S
46 Thomas Longden North Cheshire Clarion J
47 Christopher Private Member S
48 Robert Morris S 5
49 James Hibbert S 4
50 James Muscart Mersey Tri S
51 Paul Savage Furness Future Flyers S

1 Andrew Brindle Horwich CC V45
2 Nicholas Whitley Chester RC V45
3 David Haygarth Carnac-Planet X V45
4 Paul Mashiter Biketreks V45
5 Mick Style Manchester Wheelers Club V50
6 John Wood Ilkley CC V50
7 Paul Marshall Private Member V45
8 Steffan Chandler Horwich CC V45
9 Philip Simcock Private Member V40
10 Adrian Dalgleish Lune RCC V45
11 Mathew Livesey Private Member V40
12 Anthony Morris Private Member V40
13 Mark Laidlaw Kendal Cycle Club V45
14* Rebecca Preece Leisure Lakes
15 Simon Pateman Saddleworth Clarion V45
16 Paul Colling Ribble Valley Juniors V40
17 Nigel Wood Kendal Cycle Club V40
18 David Smith Kendal Cycle Club V50
19 Jan Kardasz North Wales Cyclocross V55
20 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century RC V45
21 Brian GoughPrivate Member V60
22 Graham Bryce Private Member V45
23 David Headon Horwich CC V50
24 Andrew Unsworth Private Member V40
25 Rob Watson Wills Wheels Cycling Club V50
26 Richard Baker Audlem Cycling Club V40
27 Keith Law Lakes Road Club V45
28 Nick Taylor Chipping Muddies V40
29 David Ryder High Peak Cycles RT V40
30 Stephen Bradbrook MTRT V40
31 Konrad Manning V50 6
32 Michael Greaney Stockport Clarion CC V40
33 Ray Pugh Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) V60
34 Alison Rushton Ribble Valley Juniors WV40
35 David Owen Bolton Clarion CC V40
36 Nigel Dykes Lancaster CC V45
37 Colin Humphreys Red Rose Olympic CC V50
38 Tom Fordyce V40 5
39 Chris Dwyer Lancashire RC V50
40 Robert Allen Leisure Lakes
41 David Jones St Helens CRC V50
42 Adam Godwin High Peak Cycles RT V40
43 Michael Taylor Rossendale RC V50
44 John Green Private Member V40
45 Derrick Watson Manchester Wheelers Club V45
46 Martin Horrobin Horwich CC V45
47 Kevin Larmer Port Sunlight Wheelers V45
48 Derek Schofield Rossendale RC V60
49 David Whittaker V40 5
50 Paul Julien FITT V45
51 Gary Jackson hsw V45
52 Michael Rushton Private Member V40
53 Paul Hesketh V50 5
54 Charles Gray Manchester Wheelers Club V50
55 Stuart Hannah Birkenhead North End CC V45
56 Clive Wilkinson Birkenhead North End CC V50
57 Jan Shearsmith Manchester Wheelers Club V55
58 Neil WhitworthPrivate Member V40
59 Dave HortonLancaster CC V45
60 Simon Barker Red Rose Olympic CC V40
61 Stuart Brooks Port Sunlight Whls CC V50
62 Geoffrey Garnham Private Member V50
63 Simon Bold V40 5
64 Jamie Duffy Manchester BMX Club V40
65 Paul McClorey North Cheshire Clarion V45
66 Andy Ross St Helens CRC V55
67 Ian McKinley Lancashire RC V40
68 Simon Locke Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle V50
69 Mike Lees Red Rose Olympic CC V45
70 Mark McPhillips Stockport Clarion CC V40
71 Andrew Burgess Team JMC V50
72 Jon Lowe V40 5 0:51:48.4
73 Adrian Watts Rossendale RC V55
74 Peter Leadbeater Liverpool Century RC V50
75 Stephen Williams Private Member V45 5
76 Nigel Edwards V45
77 Emma Knight Evans Cycles Race Team WS
78 Paul Kennings V40 5
79 Guy Groves Private Member V40
80 Nicholas Lloyd Harry Middleton Cycling V45
81 Paul Glossop Bolton Hot Wheels CC V45
82 John Oliver V40 5
83 Alistair McAdam Macclesfield Wheelers V55
84 Ken Williams Salt Ayre Cog Set V60
85 Stuart Hadwin Port Sunlight Wheelers V50
86 Mark Almond Private Member V45
87 Peter Payton Private Member V55
88 Stuart Woolland North Cheshire Clarion V40
89 Jeremy Eastham Red Rose Olympic CC V45
90 Julia Behnsen Private Member WS
91 Fiona Mashiter UTC WV45
92 Dave Topping North Lancashire RC V50
93 Jim Treasure V40 5
94 Mark Howlett BVCC V40
95 David Slater Bolton Hot Wheels CC V45
96 Sue Fisher Chinley Churners Cycling WV40
97 Edward Baldwin Seamons CC V45
98 Sarah Grimshaw Horwich CC WV40
99 Naomi WrightManchester Triathlon Club WS
100 Marianne Williams Salt Ayre Cog Set WV45
101 Joseph Cowell Furness Future Flyers V45
102 Chris Bujac V40 4
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1 Isaac Peatfield Green Jersey RT U16B
2 Bobby Horton Green Jersey RT U16B
3 Charles Paige Green Jersey RT U16B
4 Oliver Mashiter Furness Future Flyers U16B
5 benjamin Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC U14B
6 Tyler Koch Mossley CRT U16B
7 Robert Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers U16B
8 Daniel Vincent Eastlands Velo U14B
9 Thomas Rushton Ribble Valley Juniors U16B
10 Matthew Toman Rossendale RC U16B
11 Alfie Savage Furness Future Flyers U14B
12 William Dykes Salt Ayre Cog Set U14B
13 Thomas Stewart Liverpool Century RC U16B
14 Joe Thorp Macclesfield Wheelers U14B 5
15 John Roberts Salt Ayre Cog Set U14B 5
16 Matthew Baptista Nutcracker Racing U14B
17 Niamha Albones Liverpool Century RC U14G 5
18 Tom Lees Red Rose Olympic CC U14B
19 Ben Iddon Salt Ayre Cog Set U14B
20 Olivia Ingham Pedalsport U16G
21 James Wright Birkenhead North End CC U16B
22 Kate Taylor Cycle Sport Pendle U16G 5
23 Eve Barrow Salt Ayre Cog Set U16G 5
24 Ethan Cuerden Eastlands Velo U14B
25 Jake Edwards Salt Ayre Cog Set U14B 5
26 Rhys Davies Red Rose Olympic CC U14B
27 Ross Hooley Lyme RC U14B 5
28 Tilly Percy Salt Ayre Cog Set U14G
29 Holly Bradbrook MTRT U14G
30 Callum Williams Salt Ayre Cog Set U14B
31 Jacob Rushton Ribble Valley Juniors U14B
32 Ethan Griffiths Red Rose Olympic CC U14B
33 Lucy Dagleish Salt Ayre Cog Set U14G
34 Adam McClorey North Cheshire Clarion U14B
35 Leo Law Furness Future Flyers U14B
36 Samuel Kendall Liverpool Century RC U14B
37 Isabelle McKinnon Southport CC U14G
38 Nancye Roberts Salt Ayre Cog Set U14G 3

1 Scott Fisher Furness Future Flyers U12B
2 Daniel Porter Bolton Hot Wheels CC U12B
3 Alex Poulston Birkenhead North End CC U12B
4 Benjamin Mashiter Furness Future Flyers U12B
5 Sebastian Grindley North Cheshire Clarion U12B 5
6 Morgan Williams Salt Ayre Cog Set U12B
7 Joseph Cosgrove Southport CC U12B
8 Joe Watkins-Wilson Bolton Hot Wheels CC U12B
9 Eva Newby Furness Future Flyers U12G
10 Benjamin Livesey Private Member U12B
11 Henry Cowell Furness Future Flyers U12B
12 Ethan Grimshaw North Cheshire Clarion U12B
13 Dan Eastham Red Rose Olympic CC U12B 5
14 Raph Tabiner Wildbikes U12B
15 Owen Woolland North Cheshire Clarion U12B 4
16 Sam Slater Bolton Hot Wheels CC U12B
17 Gareth McClorey North Cheshire Clarion U12B
18 Kitt Heywod Bolton Hot Wheels CC U12B 4
19 John White North Cheshire Clarion U12B4
20 Harry Clegg Bolton Hot Wheels CC U12B 4
21 Aidan Worden Red Rose Olympic CC U12B
22 Imogen Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC U12G
23 Hannah McClorey North Cheshire Clarion U12G
24 Alice Colling Ribble Valley Juniors U12G 4
25 Riley Bolton Hot Wheels CC U12B
26 Neve Laycock Bolton Hot Wheels CC U12G 4
27 Emelia Barker Red Rose Olympic CC U12G 3
28 Isla Newsham Chester Go-Ride Cycling U12G 3
29 Charlotte Kendall Liverpool Century RC U12G
30 Isla Glossop Bolton Hot Wheels CC U12G
31 Hannah Dykes Salt Ayre Cog Set U12G
32 Ciara Simcock Private Member U12G
33 Shaun Laycock Bolton Hot Wheels CC U12B

1 Daniel Cosgrove Southport CC U10B
2 Fraser Cummings Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles U10B
3 felix Cuerden Bolton Hot Wheels CC U10B
4 Jack Livesey Private Member U10B
5 Alexander Sutton Bolton Hot Wheels CC U10B
6 Josh Watson Manchester Wheelers U10B
7 Felix Cooper Furness Future Flyers U10B 3
8 Megan Lloyd Harry Middleton Cycling Club U10G
9 Emma PoulstonBirkenhead North End CC U10G
10 Elsie Haygarth Carnac-Planet X U10G
11 Zack Watson Manchester Wheelers U10B
12 Jeol Lingard Rhyl CC U10B
13 Solomon Binns U10B 3 0:11:58.8
14 Abram Binns U10B 3
15 Emilia Shuttleworth Bolton Hot Wheels CC U10G
16 Anna Sneddon Harry Middleton Cycling Club U10G
17 James Turner North Cheshire Clarion U10B
18 Albie Jones North Cheshire Clarion U10B
19 Iona Simcock Private Member U10G
20 Esme Glossop Bolton Hot Wheels CC U10G 2
21 Jessica Kitson U10G 2 0:13:13.9
22 Olivia Howard Liverpool Braveheart 10B
23 Dylan Simpson U10B 2

1 Arthur Fisher Chinley Churners Cycling Club U8B
2 Dominic Poulston Private Member U8B
3 Barney Watson Manchester Wheelers U8B
4 Millie Baptista Mid Lancs BMX U8G
5 Sam Oldham Furness Future Flyers U8B
6 Ben Bradley Port Sunlight Wheelers U8B
7 Edward Black Eastlands Velo U8B
8 James Sutton Bolton Hot Wheels CC U8B
9 Stanley Fisher Chinley Churners Cycling Club U8B
10 Phoebe Taylor Chipping Muddies U8G
11 Samuel Williams U8B 3
12 Joe Watson Manchester Wheelers U8B
13 Ben Slater Bolton Hot Wheels CC U8B 3
14 Katie Lawson Secret Training CC U8G
15 Robyn Fisher Chinley Churners Cycling Club U8G
16 Frank White North Cheshire Clarion U8B
17 Oscar Booth Preston Pirates BMX Club U8B 3
18 Tommy Bowman Private Member U8B
19 Jemima Binns U8G 3
20 Abbie Slater Bolton Hot Wheels CC U8G
21 Fiona Greaney Stockport Clarion U8G
22 Michael McEvoy Urban CC U8B




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