Quickfire Q & A: Danny Smith (Mammoth Lifestyle RT)

Quickfire Q & As with Danny Smith (Mammoth Lifestyle RT) whose dream result in 2018 would be winning the regional champs

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Quickfire Q & A: Danny Smith (Mammoth Lifestyle RT)

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The Quickie Primera Sports Warmup Q & A

Favourite Movie? The Hangover
Favourite Food? Pizza
Favourite training session? Long endurance ride with a chop off to The death with the lads on the way home :)
Favourite place to ride? Alton near the Peak District
Pre race meal? Porridge
Post race meal? Anything I can get my hands on!
Train alone or in a group? Alone in the week riding to work, group at weekends
Turbo or road? Road
Strengths? Always put 100% in
Weaknesses? Sprints!
Bar or gel? Bar
Tea or coffee? Coffee…
Long socks or short? Long
Bath or shower? Bath
Dog or cat? Dog
Costa or Starbucks? Starbucks
Guilty pleasure? Mums cake…. could eat it all!
Shaved legs or waxed? Shaved
Prefered discipline? Road

If you could change one thing about the sport, what would it be? Cost of racing.
Best performance in 2017? Tour of Malta Queen stage (2nd)
What is the most valuable thing you learnt from the 2017 season? You only have so many matches… pick when you burn them wisely
Main goal for 2018? To be winning national B races
What will be your club/team for 2018? Mammoth lifestyle RT

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The Main Course Q & A
1. Full time rider or do you have to juggle work with racing?
DS: Juggle work with racing…. racing is more important :)

2. Highlight of 2017 was?
DS: Winning the West Midlands road race league overall.

3. Most difficult moment of 2017?
DS: One of my friends having a bad accident on a local chain gang and getting seriously hurt.

4. Most enjoyable race of 2017
DS: Winning a local road race, two up from a long way out with my team mate Will Corden

5. Toughest race of 2017
DS: West Midlands regional championships 95 miles that went over the stiperstones climb 4 or 5 times which hurt a lot.

6. Typical week training mid season Mon – Fri (summary or detailed)
DS: Main session is the Wednesday night chain gang…. usually some shorter high intensity stuff on a Tuesday, all depends if I’m racing the road race league on Thursday night.

7. Most dreaded drill/session in training
DS: Threshold into vo2 max session (always feels better once your home)

8. Its interval day – turbo or out in the fresh air?
DS: Fresh air!

9. Winter is here – what type of ride do you do for your base rides?
DS: Anything my coach sets me to do, riding to work most days which I extend to 2 hours

10. What bike will you race on in 2018 and why this bike?
DS: I’d imagine it would be the same as this year- Specialized Tarmac

11. Finally, if you could pick one event to win in 2017 which one would it be?
DS: Regional champs




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