Startlists: Tour Series Wembley

The official startlists for the penultimate round of the Tour Series, at Wembley, are now out

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Startlists: Tour Series Wembley

1 Ed Clancy GBR JLT Condor
3 Graham Briggs GBR JLT Condor
4 Germain Burton GBR JLT Condor
7 Tom Moses GBR JLT Condor
8 Jon Mould GBR JLT Condor
20 Connor Swift GBR Madison Genesis
24 Richard Handley GBR Madison Genesis
26 Tobyn Horton GBR Madison Genesis
27 Jonathan McEvoy GBR Madison Genesis
31 Neil van der Ploeg AUS Madison Genesis
40 Andy Tennant GBR Canyon Eisberg
42 James Lowsley-Williams GBR Canyon Eisberg
45 Alex Paton GBR Canyon Eisberg
46 Charles Page GBR Canyon Eisberg
49 Charlie Tanfield GBR Canyon Eisberg
60 Emils Liepins LAT ONE Pro Cycling
61 Tom Baylis GBR ONE Pro Cycling
64 Chris Latham GBR ONE Pro Cycling
65 Hayden McCormick NZL ONE Pro Cycling
67 Jacob Scott GBR ONE Pro Cycling
80 Julio Alberto Amores ESP Vitus Pro Cycling
81 Liam Davies GBR Vitus Pro Cycling
84 Harrison Jones GBR Vitus Pro Cycling
87 Grant Martin GBR Vitus Pro Cycling
102 Leon Mazzone GBR Holdsworth Pro Racing
110 Jake Womersley GBR Holdsworth Pro Racing
111 Nick Yallouris AUS Holdsworth Pro Racing
120 Stephen Bradbury GBR Morvelo Basso
122 Dante Carpenter GBR Morvelo Basso
125 Benjamin Marks GBR Morvelo Basso
126 Adam Moore GBR Morvelo Basso
129 Will Ranoe GBR Morvelo Basso
140 Tom Pidcock GBR Team WIGGINS
142 Nathan Draper GBR Team WIGGINS
147 Jaques Sauvagnargues GBR Team WIGGINS
148 Robert Scott GBR Team WIGGINS
149 Campbell Stewart NZL Team WIGGINS
300 Anthony Anderson GBR Nuun Sigma Sports – London
304 Richard Mardle GBR Nuun Sigma Sports – London
305 James Moss GBR Nuun Sigma Sports – London
306 Lee Smith GBR Nuun Sigma Sports – London
307 Dylan Thomas GBR Nuun Sigma Sports – London
320 Simon Alexander GBR Richardsons Trek
324 James Jenkins GBR Richardsons Trek
326 Ollie Maxwell GBR Richardsons Trek
329 Luke Ryan GBR Richardsons Trek
331 George Wood GBR Richardsons Trek
340 Marcus Burnett GBR Spirit Tifosi RT
342 Jake Hales GBR Spirit Tifosi RT
343 Stanley Kennett GBR Spirit Tifosi RT
345 Jordan Peacock GBR Spirit Tifosi RT
346 Mike Smith GBR Spirit Tifosi RT
360 Alec Briggs GBR TEKKERZ
362 Neil Phillips GBR TEKKERZ
363 Stefan Schafer GER TEKKERZ
365 Ben Tulett GBR TEKKERZ
366 Dan Tulett GBR TEKKERZ

1 Annie Simpson GBR Trek-Drops
3 Lizzie Holden GBR Trek-Drops
4 Manon Lloyd GBR Trek-Drops
7 Lucy Shaw GBR Trek-Drops
20 Jess Roberts GBR Team Breeze
21 Megan Barker GBR Team Breeze
22 Rhona Callander GBR Team Breeze
23 Abbie Dentus GBR Team Breeze
25 Jenny Holl GBR Team Breeze
41 Rebecca Durrell GBR Storey Racing
42 Beth Crumpton GBR Storey Racing
44 Neah Evans GBR Storey Racing
45 Ejay Harris GBR Storey Racing
50 Emily Nelson GBR Storey Racing
62 Jessica Finney GBR Team OnForm
63 Anna Henderson GBR Team OnForm
65 Ione Johnson NZL Team OnForm
67 Charmaine Porter GBR Team OnForm
71 Jessica Woodworth GBR Team OnForm
80 Nikki Juniper GBR NJC-Biemme-Echelon
82 Madelaine Gammons GBR NJC-Biemme-Echelon
83 Jennifer Powell GBR NJC-Biemme-Echelon
84 Gabriella Shaw GBR NJC-Biemme-Echelon
85 Jo Tindley GBR NJC-Biemme-Echelon
100 Emily Kay GBR Torelli-Brother
103 Nikki Kovacs AUS Torelli-Brother
108 Laura Massey GBR Torelli-Brother
109 Alice Sharpe IRL Torelli-Brother
121 Elizabeth Bennett GBR Jadan – Weldtite Vive Le Velo
122 Olivia Bent GBR Jadan – Weldtite Vive Le Velo
123 Georgia Bullard GBR Jadan – Weldtite Vive Le Velo
130 Christine Robson GBR Jadan – Weldtite Vive Le Velo
132 Emily Wadsworth GBR Jadan – Weldtite Vive Le Velo
140 Charlotte Broughton GBR Admiral LIV AWOL
142 Emily Bridson GBR Admiral LIV AWOL
143 Zoe Brookes GBR Admiral LIV AWOL
144 Hannah Graveney GBR Admiral LIV AWOL
148 Clover Murray GBR Admiral LIV AWOL
162 Lauren Humphreys GBR Boompods EDCO NRG
163 Rachel Jary GBR Boompods EDCO NRG
166 Ellen McDermott IRL Boompods EDCO NRG
170 Sarah Walker GBR Boompods EDCO NRG
171 Rosie Walsh GBR Boompods EDCO NRG
182 Illi Gardner GBR YRDP
186 Olha Kulynych UKR YRDP
188 Savannah Morgan GBR YRDP
189 Hannah Righini-Brand GBR YRDP
190 Poppy Thompson GBR YRDP
220 Jenny Holden GBR Fusion RT Veloperformance
221 Josie Knight IRL Fusion RT Veloperformance
222 Emma Lewis GBR Fusion RT Veloperformance
223 Emily Meakin GBR Fusion RT Veloperformance
224 Molly Patch GBR Fusion RT Veloperformance
227 Ashia Fenwick GBR VC Venta
228 Laura Fenwick GBR VC Venta
229 Imogen Hutchings GBR VC Venta
230 Elizabeth Pressage GBR VC Venta
241 Isabel Darvill GBR VeloSchils Interbike
242 Sophie Holmes GBR VeloSchils Interbike
243 Sandra MacKay GBR VeloSchils Interbike
244 Natasha Smith GBR VeloSchils Interbike






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