Q&A: Chris Durham (Saint Piran RT)

First cat rider Christopher Durham who rode for Lincsquad this year joins Saint Piran for 2019 – he takes his seat in the question time chair….

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Q&A: Chris Durham (Saint Piran RT)

Chris Durham alongside his new boss for 2019 Steve Lampier at the British Circuit Race championships in Stockton in 2018

VeloUK: How did you get into the sport of cycling?
Chris: I began cycling competitively at around the age of 11, competing in local time trial and MTB events held by Lincsquad. I found particular interest in road time-trialling, and following my age-group win (12 yrs old) in the GHS National TT Champs, I pursued the discipline. My passion for circuit, road and track-racing originates from the encouraging and engaging sessions put on by the coaches at Lincsquad.

VeloUK: Full time rider, student or working?
Chris: I’m a full time student, studying an MEng in Electrical Engineering (Power and Energy) at the University of Lincoln.

VeloUK: Best result for you in 2018?
Chris: Placing 3rd overall in the British Cycling Men’s National Hard Track Endurance League. I am also stoked to have ended the year ranked No.1 Cat. 1 Road and Track cyclist in Britain, according to British Cycling points-rankings!

VeloUK: Best organised/fun race you did in 2018?
Chris: The Newport Nocturne. The 10,000+ crowd, photographers, race organisers and sponsors made for one epic evening – we should have more races like this in the UK!

VeloUK: Toughest race of 2018?
Chris: Sheffield Grand Prix.

VeloUK: Best moment in a race or funniest moment in a race in 2018?
Chris: Hyping up the crowd at the Ilkley Town Centre Crit!

VeloUK: Do you train alone or have others to help you get through the ride?
Chris: I often train alone. However, I occasionally join the Donny Chaingang (my local chainy) and take part in Zwift group rides and Zwift races.

VeloUK: In the winter, training on the road or indoors?
Chris: Training indoors. I hate the cold, wet, rain and dirt ??

VeloUK: How many hours on the bike can you fit in during an average winter training week?
Chris: I typically clock in around 12 hours on the bike, during an average winter training week.
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VeloUK: Is there any off the bike training (running/swimming/gym etc)?
Chris: I go to the gym once a week, where I focus on leg-stuff. I will do several core sessions per week, and stretch regularly too.

VeloUK: Do you train with any gadgets (Heart rate/power) or just go on ‘feel’ of the ride?
Chris: I train with power, heart rate and cadence. I monitor my fitness, freshness and form (training stress) and always listen to my body.

VeloUK: Are you eager to race again or happy to wait for the first to come along in 2019?
Chris: I’m eager to get racing again – I’m really looking forward to 2019!

VeloUK: Are you doing anything different in training this winter than last one?
Chris: More gym sessions, and plenty of Zwift races; I will race on Zwift a couple of times a week. I know some of you will think Zwift is for softies, but I can tell you now, pushing 5+w/kg for over an hour is hard work!
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VeloUK: Which races are you looking forward to most in 2019?
Chris: If my team select me, Lincoln Grand Prix! The circuit is awesome, and the crowds are always impressive. My uni mates are based in/around Lincoln – I hopefully look forward to seeing them at the roadside!

VeloUK: Favourite pre race meal?
Chris: Lasagna, along with a Veloforte bar.

VeloUK: . Favourite race drink?
Chris: Orange squash.

VeloUK: Best one thing you learned about racing in 2018?
Chris: Riders who I have admired for years are beatable.

VeloUK: Favourite professional to watch on tele (male or female) and favourite race(s) you like to watch and inspire you?
Chris: Peter Sagan, for his personality both on and off the bike. I enjoy watching the Six Day Cycling Series and the Tour de France – watching the world’s finest compete for 21 days makes for some great television!

VeloUK: Bike for 2019 is – and the best bit about it will be …
Chris: My bike for 2019 will be the Colnago Concept, and the best bit about it will be the fact that I’ll be riding one!


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