Quiz Time: Gabriella Homer (Team OnForm)

Q & A with Team Onform’s young under 23 rider Gabriella Homer who has represented her country in World and European championships with a 4th in the Madison at the Euros her best result …

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Quiz Time: Gabriella Homer (Team OnForm)

VeloUK: How did you get into the sport of cycling?
Gabriella: I was not very good at riding a bike, so I went to the local club (Halesowen Athletics & Cycling Club) for help but they turned out to be a racing club. On my first visit there I fell in love with cycling.

VeloUK: Full time rider, student or working?
Gabriella: I am a student, studying Biology, PE and Geography for A Level.

VeloUK: Best result for you in 2018?
Gabriella: Fourth in the Madison at the Junior Track European Championships.

VeloUK: Best organised/fun race you did in 2018?
Gabriella: Dave Creasy Memorial 6.

VeloUK: Toughest race of 2018?
Gabriella: Points Race at the Junior World Track Championships.

VeloUK: Best moment in a race or funniest moment in a race in 2018?
Gabriella: I got sent the wrong way by a marshal in a race in Italy. It was really hard to find my way back to base because none of the residents I asked could speak English!
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VeloUK: Do you train alone or have others to help you get through the ride?
Gabriella: Often when I do longer road rides on the weekends I have groups to ride with.

VeloUK: In the winter, training on the road or indoors?
Gabriella: I use a combination of both. I train on the turbo throughout the week and do outdoor rides at the weekend. If the weather is too bad I do long turbo sessions.

VeloUK: How many hours on the bike can you fit in during an average winter training week?
Gabriella: 8-10 hours a week.

VeloUK: Is there any off the bike training – running/swimming/gym etc?
Gabriella: I usually go to the gym twice a week.

VeloUK: Do you train with any gadgets (heart rate/power) or just go by ‘feel’ of the ride?
Gabriella: When on the turbo I train to power and sometimes I do on the road when riding solo or I have efforts to do.

VeloUK: Are you eager to race again or happy to wait for the first to come along in 2019?
Gabriella: I am really looking forward to the racing season again. I love seeing how rewarding my winter training has been, but also analysing my performance for each race to make improvements.
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VeloUK: Are you doing anything different in training this winter than the last one?
Gabriella: As I am moving up to the Under 23 category, I have been doing longer road rides with higher elevations. I am also doing these at a faster pace.

VeloUK: Which races are you looking forward to most in 2019?
Gabriella: I am hoping to be selected for the Under 23 European Track Championships, which would be an amazing opportunity. I am also looking forward to getting stuck into the Women’s National Road Race Series.

VeloUK: Favourite pre-race meal?
Gabriella: Chicken and rice.

VeloUK: Favourite race drink?
Gabriella: Stealth Energy Drink – Blackcurrant flavoured.

VeloUK: Best thing you learned about racing in 2018?
Gabriella: Positioning is everything in the closing stages of a race, but also important throughout.

VeloUK: Favourite professional to watch on television (male or female) and what is your favourite race(s) you like to watch and inspire you?
Gabriella: I always enjoy watching Peter Sagan as he is very talented and has proven in races such as Paris Roubaix that he can do more than just sprint. Watching the three grand tours always inspires me as the riders gather the courage to continue racing day in day out despite how tired they must feel. It inspires me to put in all of the hard work to see rewards.


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