Result: Velo Club Venta Crit Series 2

Matea Deliu, James Bevan, Thomas Caine, and Sam Fisher among the winners at the second round of the VC Venta Crit Series at Winchester Park & Ride on June 6

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Result: Velo Club Venta Crit Series 2

Women (2/3/4)
1 Matea Deliu Team Watto-LDN 3rd
2 Rebecca Seal Saint Piran WRT 4th
3 Bexy Dew Saint Piran WRT 2nd
4 Lena Kane Paceline RT 4th
5 Tamsin Miller Avid Sport 4th
6 Joanne Clarke Velo Club Venta 4th
7 Izzy Wild Velo Club Venta 3rd
8 Laura Paine Thames Valley Triathletes (TVT… 4th
9 Sarah Hickman Nova Race Team 3rd
10 Jessica Holloway Velociposse 4th
11 Gemma Wilks Sotonia CC 4th
12 Elena Day Montezuma’s Race Team 4th
13 Leah Moorman 4th
14 Marnie Wilson Charlotteville CC 4th

2nd/3rd Cat only
1 James Bevan Saint Piran Development 2nd
2 Matthew Dennis Salisbury Road and Mountain CC 2nd
3 Daniel Rees Momentum Cycles RC 3rd
4 Mattie Dodd Backstedt Bike Performance RC 3rd
5 Brandon Baldacci Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
6 Andrew Rigg Foran CCC 3rd
7 Cameron Preece Precise Performance RT 2nd
8 Finn Dunton Elitecycling Junior Team 3rd
9 Ben Barnett 3rd
10 Monte Guerrini Onyx Racing Team 3rd
11 Oscar Pratt Velo Club Venta 3rd
12 Cameron Foster Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club 2nd
13 Kenneth Henning SD Cycling Club 2nd
14 Dean Hendry GS Mossa 3rd
15 Charlie Abel Poole Wheelers CC 3rd
16 James Norris Cinnamon Cafe-Contour Cycles S… 2nd

4th Cat only
1 Thomas Caine VC Meudon 4th
2 Tom Lightfoot Reading CC 4th
3 Charles Hill New Forest CC 4th
4 Matthew Peberdy GS Mossa 4th
5 Christian Neal Southborough & District Whls 4th
6 Jack Reid Velo Club Venta 4th
7 Joseph Shepherd New Forest CC 4th
8 Oliver Pickering Velo Club Venta 4th
9 Benjamin Gibbs Velo Club Venta 4th
10 David Mattingley GS Mossa 4th
11 Youssef Glover Devizes Town Cycling Club 4th
12 Leighton Jones 4th
13 Andy Watkins Velo Club Venta 4th
14 Keith Rawlings Swindon Wheelers 4th
15 James Scrivener Reading CC 4th
16 James Cole 4th
17 Doug McGuire Army Cycling Union 4th

Youth A Boys (Under 16)
1 Sam Fisher Backstedt Bike Performance RC A
2 Matthew Gilmour Velo Club Venta A
3 Benjamin Neal Southborough & District Whls A
4 Pedro Hutchinson Velo Club Venta A
5 William Munday 4T+ Cyclopark A
6 Bobby Buenfeld New Forest CC A
7 Jack Wilson Wheal Velocity A
8 Thomas Coomber Bristol Cycling Development Sq… A
9 Louis Kirk Sotonia CC A
10 William Hart Velo Club Venta A
11 Daniel Lean Velo Club Venta
12 Joseph Eversden Poole Wheelers CC A

Youth A Girls- Under 16
1 Ellie Wallbaum Avid Sport A
2 Georgina Pasmore Velo Club Venta A

Youth B Girls Under 14
1 Emma Harrison Sotonia CC B

Youth B Boys (Under 14)
1 Oliver Gill Poole Wheelers CC B
2 Daniel Phillips WORX Factory Racing B
3 Oscar Pasmore Velo Club Venta B
4 Miles Horner Sotonia CC B
5 Oscar Lawrence Velo Club Venta B
6 Lewis Ridge Palmer Park Velo RT B
7 Niclas Olley Sotonia CC B
8 Seth Payne Palmer Park Velo RT B
9 Samuel Hughes Velo Club Venta B
10 George Sleight Charlotteville CC B
11 Luca Day-Borloz Velo Club Venta B

Youth C (Under 12)
1 Noah Smith Southborough & District Whls C
2 Grace Upshall Poole Wheelers CC C
3 Thomas Allen Sotonia CC C
4 Thomas Wilks Sotonia CC C
5 Sammy Baker Palmer Park Velo RT C
6 Skye Martingale Sotonia CC C
7 Jacob Payne Palmer Park Velo RT C
8 Monty Wilden Velo Club Venta C
9 Rosie Wingate Solent Pirates C
10 Georgia Lovett Palmer Park Velo RT C
11 Drew Southan
12 Grace Hughes Velo Club Venta C
13 Evelyn Sleight Charlotteville CC C
14 Jenson Haase

Youth D- Under 10
1 Barnaby Smith Southborough & District Whls D
2 Maximillian Atkins Cotswold Veldrijden D
3 Isaac Barral D
4 Giulio Scarponi Sotonia CC D
5 Jess Duffield Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club D
6 Ben Phillips
7 Lorenzo Scarponi Sotonia CC D
8 Jaya Martingale Sotonia CC D
9 Matilda Wilks Sotonia CC D
10 Fred Kelsall-Joel Sotonia CC D
11 William Purver

Youth E- Under 8
1 William Dyer Sotonia CC E
2 Daisy Duffield Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club E
3 Henry Phillips


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