Result: ART Summer Series 1

Lydia Watts, Thomas Hogan, Jonathan Hitch, and Matt Bailey winners at the first round of the ART Summer Series at Abingdon on Saturday, June 12

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Result: ART Summer Series 1

Womens 2/3/4 Cat Race
1 Lydia Watts Awol 2nd
2 Ella Roper Abingdon Race Team 3rd
3 Abbie Manley Montezuma’s Race Team 2nd
4 Lena Kane Paceline RT 4th
5 Katie Scott CAMS-Basso 2nd
5 Katrina Tse Oxford University Cycling Club 4th
7 Stephanie Foster Mickey Cranks CC 3rd
8 Georgina Paul Ross On Wye & District CC 3rd
9 Rose McGovern Cowley Road Condors 2nd
10 Francesca Derbyshire Army Cycling Union 2nd
11 Mairi Brookes Cowley Road Condors 4th
12 Elizabeth Haskins Cowley Road Condors 4th
13 Rachel Jenkins Cowley Road Condors 3rd
14 Laura Powell Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC… 4th
15 Emma Cadoux-Hudson Cowley Road Condors 4th
16 Eleanor Straughan GS Henley
17 Judith Burne GS Henley 4th
18 Elizabeth Hodges Cowley Road Condors
19 Sinead Hayes Cowley Road Condors 4th
20 Katherine Tidmarsh Oxford University Cycling Club

Mens E/1/2/3 Race
1 Thomas Hogan VeloVitesse 3rd
2 Matthew Coulson Oxford University Cycling Club 3rd
3 Charles Ager Vredestein Basso 2nd
4 Greg Simmonds Abingdon Race Team 2nd
5 Cameron Preece Precise Performance RT 2nd
6 Bob McGlue High Wycombe Cycling Club 3rd
7 Oliver Pennington 1st Chard Whls 2nd
8 Callum Slade Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC 2nd
9 Ben Stockdale Cotswold Cycles-TREK -RT 2nd
10 Andrew Rigg Foran CCC 3rd
11 Conor McGoldrick Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
12 Matt Witts Nopinz Motip Race Team 1st
13 Alexander Bosley Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor… 2nd
14 Angus Hawkins Spirit Bontrager BSS Rotor 1st
15 James Chapman Team PB Performance 1st
16 Roman Piotrowski 1st
17 Daniel Shoobridge Nopinz Motip Race Team 1st
18 Matthew Conner Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC 1st
19 Nicholas Richards GS Mossa 3rd
20 Henry Eve Cotswold Cycles-TREK -RT 3rd
21 Jamie Parkinson GS Mossa 2nd

Mens 3rd Cat Race
1 Jonathan Hitch Army Cycling Union 3rd
2 Robert McPherson Saint Piran Development 3rd
3 Timothy Jones Cycle Sport Pendle 3rd
4 Freddie Loveday Team Surrey Cycling 3rd
5 James Mason Inflite-Dynamic Rides Race Tea… 3rd
6 Emile Glorieux Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC… 3rd
7 Steven Brierley VĂ©loElite RC 3rd
8 James Gill 360VRT 3rd
9 David Tuttle VĂ©loElite RC 3rd
10 Gerard Scott Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC… 3rd
11 Jack Tomlinson DHC (DistrictsofHamwicCyclespo… 3rd
12 Jack Churchill Oxford University Cycling Club 3rd
13 Elliot Tappin Nopinz Motip Development Team 3rd
14 Cameron Tappin Saint Piran Development 3rd
15 Peter Holloway Didcot Phoenix CC 3rd
16 Dean Hendry GS Mossa 3rd
16 Myles Thwaites Team Swindon Cycles 3rd
18 Stephen West Cowley Road Condors 3rd
19 Stuart Gough Beds Road Race Team 3rd
20 Kenneth Knight 3rd
21 Ben Barnett 3rd
22 Mark Hughes GS Henley 3rd
23 Martin Prior Vector Cycling Race Team 3rd
24 Stuart Alford Warwick Lanterne Rouge C.C 3rd
25 Ryan Palmer Inflite-Dynamic Rides Race Tea… 3rd
26 Adam Frewin 3rd
27 Tim Doole Cowley Road Condors 3rd
28 Frazer Glew Team Signum 3rd
29 Thomas Clarke Will Houghton Racing Team 3rd
30 Ben Voller Ex Machina 3rd
31 Peter Smith Cowley Road Condors 3rd
32 Freddie Paling Vector Cycling Race Team 3rd
33 James Osborn Army Cycling Union 3rd
34 David Beesley Inflite-Dynamic Rides Race Tea… 3rd
35 Mariusz Langner Rapha Cycling Club 3rd
36 Jack Smy Army Cycling Union 3rd
37 Henry Knott High Wycombe Cycling Club 3rd
38 James Jones Oxford Cycling Club 3rd
39 Oscar Clark Vector Cycling Race Team 3rd
40 Jason Baran TMG Horizon Cycling Team 3rd
41 Daniel West GS Mossa 3rd
42 Jeremy Bishop VCEquipe-FlixOralHygiene-Propu… 3rd
43 Jasper Threadingham Oxford University Cycling Club 3rd

Mens 4th Cat Race
1 Matt Bailey High Wycombe Cycling Club 4th
2 Arron Rankin Inflite-Dynamic Rides Race Tea… 4th
3 Thomas McLoughlin Didcot Phoenix CC 4th
4 Oliver Morgan Cowley Road Condors 4th
5 Mark Peters 360VRT 4th
6 Huw Riley Swindon Wheelers 4th
7 Mark Willis North Cotswold CC 4th
8 Tom Lightfoot Reading CC 4th
9 Joseph Bearman Recycles RCC 4th
10 Kieran Boyd Reading CC 4th
10 James Sellick 4th
12 Thomas Lattimore Vector Cycling Race Team 4th
13 Nathan Buck 360VRT 4th
14 Fin Allen Cambridge CC 4th
15 Adam Wylie
16 Gary Paddon 360VRT 4th
17 Ben Walter Swindon Wheelers
18 Patrick Dawson Cowley Road Condors 4th
19 Matthew Jarvis Cowley Road Condors 4th
20 David Mattingley GS Mossa 4th
21 Robert Strachan VC Jericho 4th
22 Andrew Parsons Cowley Road Condors 4th
23 Unknown Rider
24 Will Deakin GS Henley
25 Angus Phillips
26 Luke Clogher Vector Cycling Race Team 4th
27 Ben Peters North Cotswold CC 4th
28 Danny Goggin Swindon Wheelers 4th
29 Karl Norris 360VRT 4th
30 Harold Manansala Reading CC
31 Ed Stivala Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club
32 George Stanford


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