Result: 7th Junior CiCLE Classic

After a very powerful race when he spent many a kilometre off the front going solo, Joshua Tarling won the the Junior Men’s CiCLE Classic ahead of Finlay Pickering and Zachary Walker. King of the Bergs was Zachary Walker

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Junior CiCLE Classic 2021 – No UCI CiCLE Classic this year but we did get two bites of the cherry with the Junior and Women’s version and both were a spectacular success! The Junior one saw the peloton thin out with a lot of crashes, so much so that when Josh Tarling came up the Somer ‘Berg’ the race was stopped because there was no medical cover at that moment. I even managed an mid race interview with Josh – a first for me! Josh was then given his gap and the race restarted before he was joined by Finlay Pickering and Zach Walker. The three stayed together to the line where Josh won the race in a three up sprint.

Result: 7th Junior CiCLE Classic

1 Joshua Tarling FlandersColor Galloo 2:32:44
2 Finlay Pickering Fensham Howes – MAS Design +st
3 Zachary Walker Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team +st
4 Ben Askey Backstedt Bike Performance RC +1:29
5 Callum Thornley Scotland +st
6 Noah Hobbs Backstedt Bike Performance RC +st
7 Josh Giddings Z Junior Race Team +st
8 Aidan Lawrence Fensham Howes – MAS Design +st
9 Max Poole Fensham Howes – MAS Design +st
10 Josh Charlton Fensham Howes – MAS Design +st
11 Jake Crossley Tofauti Everyone Active +st
12 Griff Lewis Ystwyth CC +st
13 Dylan Hicks Isorex +st
14 Ben Chilton East Midlands Region +st
15 Tyler Hannay Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team +st
16 Matthew Lord Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club +st
17 Jack Brough Cero – Cycle Division Racing Te +st
18 Owen Lightfoot Z Junior Race Team +st
19 Alex Gibb Spokes Racing Team +st
20 Ross Birrell Spokes Racing Team +st
21 Adam Bent Wheelbase CabTech Castelli +st
22 Euan Woodliffe Backstedt Bike Performance RC +st
23 Jude Chamberlain Central Region +26
24 Benjamin Bright Tofauti Everyone Active +2:42
25 James Satoor Cero – Cycle Division Racing Te +21
26 Daniel Kain Spokes Racing Team +st
27 Callum laborde Tofauti Everyone Active +st
28 Callum Twelves East Midlands Region +st
29 Mattie Dodd South East Region +st
30 Dexter Leeming-Sykes Tofauti Everyone Active +st
31 Spencer Davies CC Abergavenny – JP Signs & Pri +5
32 Benjamin Tuchner South East Region +16
33 Jamie Maxen Verulam – +2:54
34 Ryan Greaves HUUB Ribble Performance Academy +1
35 George Radcliffe Otley CC +st
36 Bryn Richards East Midlands Region +st
37 Jack Pearson Beeston Cycling Club +st
38 Fraser Gault Spokes Racing Team +st
39 Taylor Hill JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team +st
40 Harry Jordan Backstedt Bike Performance RC +st
41 Ben Iddon Identity Racing +st
42 Michael Newall HUUB Ribble Performance Academy +st
43 Sam Hollis Prologue Racing Team +st
44 Murray Lawson Spokes Racing Team +st
45 James Hawkins JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team +st
46 Jamie Gostick Banjo Cycles – Raceware – Speci +st
47 William Smith Central Region +st
48 Joshua Clough Wheelbase CabTech Castelli +9
49 Ben Houlihan Wheelbase CabTech Castelli +2
50 Alfie Aldridge Eastern Region +1
51 Hamish Forsyth trainSharp Development team +st
52 Fred Meredith Hafren CC +st
53 Finn McHenry The Cycling Academy +3
54 Cameron Brown Spokes Racing Team +11
55 Archie Ellen The Cycling Academy +1
56 Jack Ramsbottom Caffi Gruff +14
57 James Ashcroft Nopinz Motip Race Team +1:45
58 Harry Paveley Identity Racing +st
59 Quentin Cowan Z Junior Race Team +1
60 Dan Galpin Bourne Wheelers +st
61 Josh Marsden Innovation Racing +st
62 Elijah Kwon The Cycling Academy +st
63 Bjoern Koerdt All Terrain Cycles Ride In Peac +st
64 Christopher Hilbert Sherwood Pines +st
65 Sam Holwill trainSharp Development team +st
66 Conal Davidson Edinburgh RC +st
67 Lucas Jowett Beeston Cycling Club +st
68 Alfie Salmon Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club +st
69 Keiran Riley Cero – Cycle Division Racing Te +st
70 Louie Urquhart-Dixon trainSharp Development team +st
71 Conor Williams VC Londres +st
72 Jacob James trainSharp Development team +7
73 John Roberts Identity Racing +3
74 Matthew Whitehouse Maindy Flyers CC +5
75 Joseph Smith Tofauti Everyone Active +17
76 Luke Prenelle VC Londres +40
77 William Dykes Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club +11
78 Angus Lawrence Eastern Region +17

King of the Bergs – Overall
1 Zachary Walker Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team 5
2 Joshua Tarling FlandersColor Galloo 4
3 Josh Charlton Fensham Howes – MAS Design 3
4 Finlay Pickering Fensham Howes – MAS Design 2
5 Jack Brough Cero – Cycle Division Racing Te 2
6 Tyler Hannay Utmost IOM Junior Cycling Team 1
7 Owen Lightfoot Z Junior Race Team 1

Borough on the Hill
1 Josh Charlton 3
2 Zachary Walker 2
3 0 Tyler Hannay 1

Cold Overton
1 Joshua Tarling 3
2 Jack Brough 2
3 Owen Lightfoot 1
Cuckoo Hill
1 Zachary Walker 3
2 Finlay Pickering 2
3 Joshua Tarling 1



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