Result: Litherland Circuit League

Thomas Ashcroft and Jake Makin among the winners at the Litherland Circuit Race League in Liverpool on July 7

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Result: Litherland Circuit League


1 Thomas Ashcroft Dolan Elllesse Race Team
2 William Abbott Inflite-Dynamic Rides Race Team
3 Conor McKinnon Dolan Elllesse Race Team
4 Richard Evans Birkenhead North End Cycling Club
5 Samuel Holder Liverpool Century Road Club
6 Joseph Wilson Cog Set Papyrus Racing Club
7 Sam Slough FTP-Fulfil The Potential Racing

1 Jake Makin Windle Race Team 3rd.
2 Luke Jackson Harry Middleton Cycling Club 3rd.
3 Tom Leigh Windle Race Team 3rd.
4 Ryan Gordon Windle Race Team 3rd.
5 Joseph Allen Kingud Factory Racing 3rd.
6 Joshus Morris Liverpool Phoenix C.C. Aintree 3rd.
7 Mark Black Crewe Clarion Wheelers 3rd.
8 Ben Singer JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team 3rd.
9 David Cuthill 3rd.
10 Ryan McDonough Harry Middleton Cycling Club 4th.
11 Richard Gadsden L’pool Braveheart Bicycle Club 4th.
12 Joseph Niven Southport Cycling Club 3rd.
13 Alex Wallace Liverpool Century Road Club 4th.
14 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century Road Club 3rd.
15 Peter Higgins 4th.
16 Terry Bolland Harry Middleton Cycling Club 3rd.
17 Tom Green Ludlow Cycling Club 4th.
18 Matthew Williams Harry Middleton Cycling Club 4th.

1 Issy McKinnon Team 22
2 Lynsey Whitley Chester Road Club

Youth A – Boys Laps:15
1 Harry Roberts Liverpool Century Road Club 25m. 08s.
2 Arthur Yates Dolan Ellesse Race Team st.
3 James Clinton L’pool Braveheart Bicycle Club @1 Lap

Youth A – Girls Laps: 15
1 Evelyn Field Liverpool Century Cycling Academty 25m. 08s.
2 Jamie Leigh Lloyd L’pool Braveheart Bicycle Club st.

Youth B – Boys Laps: 15
1 Tyler Jackson North Cheshire Clarion 25m. 26s.
2 Matthew Hill North Cheshire Clarion @ 17 Secs.
3 Tom Murphy Dolan Ellesse Race Team @ 31 Secs.
4 Kaden Williams Harry Mddleton Cycling Club @ 1 Lap

Youth B – Girls Laps: 12
1 Molly Linford Liverpool Century Cycling Academty 25m. 45s.
2 Magdalena Buchwald Liverpool Century Road Club @ 1 Lap

Youth C – Boys Laps: 15
1 Freddie Winkley Eastlands Velo 25m. 43s.
2 Sebastian Howley Harry Middleton Cycling Club @ 1 Lap
@ 3 Laps

Youth C – Girls Laps: 14
1 Melissa Moscrop Southport Cycling Club 26m. 48s..
2 Lexi Webb North Cheshire Clarion @ 3 Laps
3 Ava Faragher-Ginn High on Bikes @ 4 Laps

Youth D – Boys (Small Circuit) Laps: 9
1 Frank White North Cheshire Clarion 7m. 46s.
2 Albert Winkley Eastlands Velo ‘@ 3 Secs.
3 Alexander Faragher-Ginn High on Bikes @ 2 Laps

Youth D – Girls (Small Circuit) Laps: 9
1 Seraphina Clegg North Cheshire Clarion 7m. 49s

Youth E – Boys (Small Circuit) Laps: 8
1 Nathaniel Clegg North Cheshire Clarion 7m 32s.
2 Victor Bettany L’pool Century Cycling Academy @ 1 Lap

Youth E – Girls (Small Circuit) Laps: 7
1 Libby Winkley Red Rose Olympic Cycling Club 7m. 27s.
2 Faye Curran Harry Middleton Cycling Club @ 1 Lap


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