Result: VC Bristol 10m TT

Jake Sargent fastest in the VC Bristol 10 mile time trial on July 11, Megan Dickerson fastest woman; Tom Burke-Nott fastest on a road bike

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Result: VC Bristol 10m TT

1 Jake Sargent FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 19:37 Male Espoir
2 Jon Woolrich Velo Sport Jersey 20:20 Male Vet
3 Andrew Butcher Cwmcarn Paragon Road Club 21:22 Male Vet
4 David Bolton Bristol South Cycling Club 21:24 Male Vet
5 Jeff Lawrence FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 21:28 Male Vet
6 Henry Higgins Caesarean CC (Jersey) 21:46 Male Junior
7 David Leighton Severn Road Club 22:05 Male Vet
8 Paul Derrick Sodbury Cycle Sport 22:12 Male Senior
9 Luke Smith Bristol South Cycling Club 22:24 Male Vet
10 Megan Dickerson ŠKODA DSI CYCLING ACADEMY 22:25 Female Senior
11 Joshua Porter Haiko Cycling 22:32 Male Espoir
12 Arran Armstrong Velo Club Walcot 23:02 Male Vet
13 Kevin Garland PDQ Cycle Coaching 23:02 Male Vet
14 Aaron Pascovitch Bristol South Cycling Club 23:04 Male Senior
15 Rob Sutton Velo Club Bristol 23:29 Male Vet
16 Daniel Andres FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 23:30 Male Senior
17 James Harrison Sodbury Cycle Sport 23:40 Male Senior
18 Charlotte Davies FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 23:41 Female Senior
19 Chris Francis Velo Club Bristol 24:05:00 Male Vet
20 Christopher Britten Sodbury Cycle Sport 24:07:00 Male Vet
21 Maris Brugis Bristol Road Club 24:08:00 Male Senior
22 Christopher Tatton Thornbury Cycling Club 24:08:00 Male Vet
23 Matthew Norris Sodbury Cycle Sport 24:15:00 Male Senior
24 Chris Truman Velo Club Bristol 24:23:00 Male Vet
25 Nick Hill Bristol Mile Monkeys 24:33:00 Male Vet
26 Jonathan Wilkinson-Lockyer Team Tor 2000 | KALAS 24:36:00 Male Vet
27 Andy Kelly Bristol South Cycling Club 24:41:00 Male Vet
28 Elizabeth Williams Stroud Valley Velos 24:43:00 Female Vet
29 Jon Morris Chepstow Cycling Club 24:43:00 Male Vet
30 Paul Tutton Velo Club Bristol 25:07:00 Male Vet
31 Josie Harcourt Beeston Cycling Club 25:09:00 Female Senior
32 Desmond Green Velo Club Bristol 26:18:00 Male Vet
33 Joanna Knight Bristol South Cycling Club 26:42:00 Female Vet
34 Kate MacTear Bristol South Cycling Club 27:36:00 Female Senior
35 Lisa Cutterham FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 28:05:00 Female Vet
36 Mark Bishton Velo Club Bristol 28:52:00 Male Vet

Road Bikes
1 Tom Burke-Nott Bristol South Cycling Club 23:00 Male Vet
2 Darrell Russell PDQ Cycle Coaching 23:02 Male Vet
3 William Fussell Thornbury Cycling Club 23:04 Male Senior
4 Billy Oliver FTP (Fulfil The Potential) Racing 23:37 Male Vet
5 Benjamin Elkins-Green Velo Club Bristol 24:09:00 Male Senior
6 Christopher Davis Giant CC Halo Films 24:50:00 Male Vet
7 Dan Smith Stroud Valley Velos 25:08:00 Male Vet
8 David Rutty Velo Club Bristol 25:11:00 Male Vet
9 Nicholas Dart Severn Road Club 25:17:00 Male Vet
10 Haydn Davies Giant CC Halo Films 25:19:00 Male Vet
11 Kye Dodson Velo Club Bristol 26:00:00 Male Senior
12 Simon Thomas Bath Cycling Club 27:36:00 Male Vet
13 Rob Swindells Velo Club Bristol 30:55:00 Male Vet
14 Jacqueline Rutty Velo Club Bristol 31:18:00 Female Vet
15 Allen Janes Bristol South Cycling Club 31:45:00 Male Vet



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