Result: Clarion Circuit Championships

David Norman among the winners at the National Clarion Circuit Race Championships in Wakefield, Saturday August 14

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Result: Clarion Circuit Championships

1. David Norman Fenland Clarion CC
2. Lewis Smith Calder Clarion CC (Junior)
3. Joseph Cadwallader Bury Clarion CC
4. Oliver Humphries National Clarion CC
5. James Duffy Bury Clarion CC
6. Declan Brady Bury Clarion CC
7. Neil Swithenbank Bury Clarion CC
8. Simon Diggins Bury Clarion CC
9. Mark Jones Bury Clarion CC
10. Matt Cooke Calder Clarion CC

1. Lindsay Clarke Fenland Clarion CC
2. Katherine Swithenbank Bury Clarion CC

U8 Boys
1. Jacob Richardson Bury Clarion CC

U8 Girls
1. Charlotte Brighouse North Cheshire Clarion CC

U10 Boys
1. Theo Stanley Calder Clarion CC
2. Ben Richardson Bury Clarion CC
3. Dylan Cadwallader Bury Clarion CC

U10 Girls
1. Jenny Clarke Tuxford Clarion CC

U12 Boys
1. Alexander Barrington-Crowe North Cheshire CC
2. Toby Diggins Bury Clarion CC
3. Robin Stanley Calder Clarion CC
4. Monty Clarke Tuxford Clarion CC

U14 Boys
1. Fynn Smith Calder Clarion CC
2. Euan Cooke Calder Clarion CC

U14 Girls
1. Aoiffe Byrne Calder Clarion CC

U16 Boys
1. Jack Cooke Calder Clarion CC


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