News: The World is coming to Suffolk

On December 3rd and 4th, riders from around the world are heading for the World Masters Cyclocross Championships like Rich and Maurine Sweeney from Colorado in the USA

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News: The World is coming to Ipswich

On December 3rd and 4th, riders from around the world are heading for the UCI World Masters Cyclocross Championships in Suffolk, riders like Rich and Maurine Sweeney from Colorado in the USA. They will be coming to the UK so Maurine can compete in the Women’s 70-74 title race as well as do some sight seeing and see their favourite football team.

Maurine and the rest of the competitors will be racing a course very similar to the last National Trophy held at Trinity Park (Suffolk) with the steps and bridges and a nice looooong straight on a course that organiser Steve Grimwood of Elmy Cycles says he’s created which is raceable by all the age groups.

Rich and Maurine Sweeney are both retired physicians from Highlands Ranch, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) and say they are looking forward to traveling to the UK in November to leave plenty of time to be ready for the racing at Trinity Park which will see the UCI Master’s rainbow bands handed out to the winners of the events.

Although Rich will not be competing in the championships due to some nagging injuries, Maurine will be competing in the Masters Women’s 70-74 age group. Maurine took up cyclo-cross about 11 years ago and since that time has won five USA Championships and one World Championship in Mol in 2016. Maurine is the current USA National Champion both in cyclo-cross and mountain Biking.

On their trip across the water to Britain, they say “we are looking forward to our holiday in the UK as we will be arriving on the 21st November and doing a bit of touring before coming to Ipswich. We are both huge Liverpool fans and will be attending the Liverpool-Southhampton match on the 27th at Anfield.”

Rich and Maurine Sweeney tell us that Colorado is a hot-bed of cyclo-cross in the United States and they are looking forward to seeing how their cyclocross scene compares with cyclo-cross in the UK adding “we would love to host fellow cyclo-crossers in the UK to come to Colorado to race!”


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