Result: Chippenham & District Wheelers Hardriders

Jake Sargent fastest in the Chippenham & District Wheelers Hardriders time trial on February 26; Celia Brown fastest woman

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Result: Chippenham & District Wheelers Hardriders

PLEASE HELP VELOUK SERVE THE SPORT OF CYCLING – THANK YOU – and just in case anyone thinks everything is looking rosy with donations, so far, not one. So  the budget for going to events very tight so travel will be very restricted. ;-( 


1 Jake Sargent Team Bottrill 00:29:39 Male Senior
2 Robert Francis Pronto Bikes 00:31:39 Male Senior
3 James Pittard Didcot Phoenix CC 00:32:16 Male Senior
4 Pete Dyson East London Velo 00:32:34 Male Senior
5 Tony Chapman Frome and District Wheelers 00:33:30 Male Vet
6 Theo Anderson Chippenham & District Wheelers 00:34:16 Male Junior
7 Daniel Colman Pronto Bikes 00:34:38 Male Senior
8 Karl Norris 360VRT 00:34:52 Male Vet
9 Matthew Chapple Chippenham & District Wheelers 00:35:09 Male Senior
10 Crispin Doyle VTTA (Wessex Group) 00:35:13 Male Vet
11 Daniel Kelly Gloucester City Cycling Club 00:35:33 Male Senior
12 Nick Creed Somer Valley Cycling Club 00:36:10 Male Vet
13 David Tucker Cheltenham & County Cycling Club 00:36:16 Male Vet
14 Andrew Metherell Salt and Sham Cycle Club 00:36:20 Male Vet
15 Tim Radley Gloucester City Cycling Club 00:36:39 Male Vet
16 Mark Bradley Bristol South Cycling Club 00:37:12 Male Vet
17 Arran Armstrong FTP ( Fulfil The Potential ) Race Team 00:37:20 Male Vet
18 Vincent Douglas Gloucester City Cycling Club 00:37:39 Male Vet
19 Paul Winchcombe Chippenham & District Wheelers 00:37:42 Male Vet
20 Allan Hodgson Newport Phoenix CC 00:37:58 Male Vet
21 Matt Dlae Velo Club Bristol 00:38:02 Male Vet
22 Celia Brown Beacon Roads CC 00:38:42 Female Vet
23 Josie Harcourt Avid Sport 00:39:13 Female Senior
24 David Rutty Velo Club Bristol 00:39:19 Male Vet
25 Corinne Clark Swindon Wheelers 00:39:36 Female Senior
26 Daryl Stroud Gloucester City Cycling Club 00:39:40 Male Vet
27 Liz Kemp Pronto Bikes 00:41:25 Female Vet
28 Richard Emery Severn Road Club 00:42:02 Male Vet
29 Emily Kate Walton Bristol South Cycling Club 00:42:57 Female Senior
30 Chris Lowe Swindon Road Club 00:45:03 Male Vet
31 Joanna Knight Bristol South Cycling Club 00:46:35 Female Vet


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