Crit Result: PDQ Race Series #1 (Bath)

Miriam Whitehurst and Deacon Cutterham winners at round 1 of the PDQ Race Series in Bath on May 28

Crit Result: PDQ Race Series #1 (Bath)
Women 2/3/4/J
1. Miriam Whitehurst, Reflex Racing
2. Louise Hart, Royal Dean Forest CC
3. Jennifer Lemen, PDQ Cycle Coaching Property El…
4. Vivienne Tomlin, FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…
5. Ashia Reeder, Pronto Bikes
6. Alexandra Palotai-Avella, Poole Wheelers CC
7.Ester Frawley
8. India Landy, NLTCBMBC
Masters 40+
1. Deacon Cutterham, CGC Velo Club Bristol
2. Oliver Brand, Pronto Bikes
3. Steven Whitehurst, Reflex Racing
4. Simon Ker, Bath Cycling Club
5. Tristan Stevens, PDQ Cycle Coaching Property El…
6. Gavin Lancaster, PDQ Cycle Coaching Property El…
7. Nicholas Beale, Pronto Bikes
8. Rupert Beale, Pronto Bikes
9. Robert Pears, Bath Cycling Club
10. Gerry Bowditch, Reflex Racing
11. Charles Thibault, Bath Cycling Club
12. Steven Cottington, Bath Cycling Club
13. Jason Streather, PDQ Cycle Coaching Property El…
14. Paul Wilkinson, Pronto Bikes
15. Peter Phillips, Bath Cycling Club
16.Andrew Henderson
17. Adrian Riddleston, Gillingham and District Wheele…
18. Mark Ashurst, Reflex Racing
19. Dave Turton, Pronto Bikes
20. David Stoyle, Bath Cycling Club
21. Donald MacGregor, Reflex Racing
22. Christopher Crowther, Army Cycling Union
23. Vincent Ellis, Schils – Doltcini Racing Team
23.Christopher Phibben


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