TT Result: RCR/TMC Strada Wheels Goodwood 4up TTT

Men’s and womens four up team time trial at Goodwood in the RCR Strada Wheels event on May 28 (Tuesday


Womens 4up TTT
1. Eva Callinan Loughborough Lightning
1. Lucy Harris, Loughborough Lightning
1. Miriam Jessett, Loughborough Lightning
1. Olivia Kelly, Loughborough Students CC

2. Laura Senior, Spectra Racing
2. Elise Sherwell, Blazing Saddles RT
2. Laura Starmer, London Academy
2. Christina Wiejak, Barrow Central Wheelers

3. Caitlin Bower, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
3. Chloe Elvin, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
3. Anouska Greenaway, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
3. Harri Martin, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT

4. Mairi Brookes, Cowley Road Condors
4. Emma Cadoux-Hudson, Cowley Road Condors
4. Laura Ketteringham, Cowley Road Condors
4. Kristen Lovelock, Cowley Road Condors

5. Nici Cahusac, VCGH
5. Lynda Coggins, VCGH
5. Sarah Hollingworth, VCGH
5. Sophie Vallis, VCGH

6. Kate Fairbrass, Southdown Velo
6. Michele Holloway, Chichester City Riders (CCR)
6. Kate McNicol, Southdown Velo

Men’s Team Time Trial 4 up
1. Alex Dowsett, Nopinz Race Team
1. Monte Guerrini, LC Race Team
1. Toby Langstone, LC Race Team
1. George Spooner, LC Race Team

2. Bryce Matthewson, Sigma Sports Race Team
2. Simon McNamara, Sigma Sports Race Team
2. Chris McNamara, Sigma Sports Race Team
2. Barnabas Purbrook, Sigma Sports Race Team

3. Aaron Borrill, GS Mossa
3. Elliott Colyer, University of Exeter Cycling C…
3. Adam Howell, VC Meudon
3. Alexander Stanley, VC Meudon

4. Jacob Arnell, Southborough & District Whls
4. Jack Bartholomew, Southborough & District Whls
4. Daniel Evans, Southborough & District Whls
4. Tom Moss, Southborough & District Whls

5. Frank Bauer, Team Velo Sportif (TVS) CC
5. Alwyn Frank, Brighton Mitre CC
5. Marek Shafer, Brighton Mitre CC
5. Andrew Thomas, Team Velo Sportif (TVS) CC

6. Fletcher Adams, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
6. Patrick Brown, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
6. Russell Speight, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
6. Matthew Webber, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT

7. Paul Barnard, One Resourcing RT
7. Stuart Bettis, One Resourcing RT
7. Mark Gower, One Resourcing RT
7. Jon Mitchell, One Resourcing RT

8. Tom Austin, Racing Club Ravenna
8. David Bone, Racing Club Ravenna
8. Sam Fox Racing, Club Ravenna
8. Billy Williams, Racing Club Ravenna

9. Kevin Chant, Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
9. Jack Davies, Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
9. Christopher Marsh, Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
9. Jason Peach, Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.

10. Adam Coppard, Chichester City Riders (CCR)
10. Sam Hadnett, Chichester City Riders (CCR)
10. James Smee, Chichester City Riders (CCR)
10. Larry Wiltshire, Chichester City Riders (CCR)

11. Nik Allen, Team TMC – Strada Wheels
11. Steve Coomb,s Sussex Revolution Velo Club
11. Martin Gibbs, Team TMC – Strada Wheels
11. Andrew Larking, Sussex Revolution Velo Club

11. Robert Lovett, Team TMC – Strada Wheels
11. Kevin Newlyn , Sussex Revolution Velo Club
11. Oliver Thomas, Sussex Revolution Velo Club
11. Kev Witton, Team TMC – Strada Wheels

13. George Batchelor, Dorking Cycling Club
13. David Farmer, Surrey Hills Cycleworks
13. Andrew Lindsay, Surrey Hills Cycleworks
13. Alastair Read, Cranleigh Cycling Club

14. Paul Dutton, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
14. Jack Ferrell, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
14. Jake Hill, Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT
14. Ben Tamplin, trainSharp Development Team

15. Tom Doran, Waldy Wheelers
15. Frederic Frizzarin
15. Harry Jenner, Waldy Wheelers
15. Stuart Storey, Waldy Wheelers

16. Robert Green, Liss Cycling Club
16. Jim Hamilton, VCGH
16. Rory Plewes, Liss Cycling Club
16. Andrew Plewes, Liss Cycling Club

17. Joseph Bacon, Dorking Cycling Club
17. Michael Faulkner, Dorking Cycling Club
17. Jamie Mackenzie, Dorking Cycling Club
17. Oliver Wilson, Dorking Cycling Club

18. Paul James , Destination Bike RT
18. Richard New,
18. David Pollard,
18. Richard Stern,

19. Simon Baker, Hart Veloce
19. Luke Butler, Hart Veloce
19. Paul Edwards, Hart Veloce
19. Phil Jelly, Hart Veloce

20. Thomas Houghton, Team TMC – Strada Wheels
20. Darren Rawlings, Team TMC – Strada Wheels
20. Roger Smith, Team TMC – Strada Wheels
20. Sam Stewart, Racing Club Ravenna

21. James Ebdon, Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
21. Kevin Foster, Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
21. Charles Orchard, Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.
21. Russell Thomson, Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT.

22. Paul Dyer
22. Simon Harber, Dorking Cycling Club
22. James Knibbs,
22. Nigel Morgan,

23. David Baxter, SO Velo
23. Daniel Hambidge, SO Velo
23. Ben Parnell, SO Velo
23. Oneil Wolfe, Army Cycling Union

24. Abigail Curtis, Hart Veloce
24. Hugh Middleton ,Hart Veloce
24. David Swift
24. Glenn Tomlinson, Hart Veloce

25. Jamie Cartwright, Liss Cycling Club
25. Simon De Gruchy, Liss Cycling Club
25. David Price, Liss Cycling Club
25. Gary Woods

26. Neil Herbert, Charlotteville CC
26. Gary Russell, Farnborough & Camberley CC
26. Mark Rymell, Charlotteville CC
26. Gareth Smith

27. Mark Farrow-Smith, Hart Veloce
27. Keith Millar, Hart Veloce
27. Steve Tomlinson, Hart Veloce
27. Steve Wigmore, Hart Veloce

28. Nick Sturman, Team TMC – Strada Wheels
28. Christopher Wallis, Blazing Saddles RT


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