BMCR Result: BMCR Circuit Championships (E/F/G/H & W)

The Milton Keynes Bowl was filled with talented and enthusiastic BMCR racers today for the National Criterium Championships 60+ & Women categories.

BMCR Result: BMCR Circuit Championships (E/F/G/H & W)

The Milton Keynes Bowl was filled with talented and enthusiastic BMCR racers today for the National Criterium Championships 60+ & Women categories. Under sunny skies, over a hundred riders across E, F, G, H & W age groups clipped into their pedals, with jerseys up for grabs.

The E race started fast, but it didn’t split until around the halfway point when 18 riders formed a lead group that pushed on and soon gained a lead of around a minute. The second group of 12 was ultimately caught but rode sensibly on the back of what was now one big group. As the final laps approached lapped riders dropped back and allowed the gallopers to charge. Paul James timed his sprint perfectly from the bottom of the hill to take the Championship. Mike Twelves 2ndand Deano Sibthorpe 3rd.

The F race fragmented early with a few unable to hold the pace as temperatures rose. The race remained one large group and came down to a bunch sprint. Costa Pierides took the Championship, with Rob O’Connor 2nd and Brian Pearson 3rd.
(Special mention to Martin Fisher too, who technically finished second in the bunch sprint but had to miss 4 laps at the start to repair a puncture so was relegated down to 20th).

The G, H & Women (U55s & Over 55s), all started together in the midday sun when once again, the hard racing saw riders dropping off the back early. The lead group was made up of 7 or 8 riders with Helen-Taylor Carter (Mim) driving the pace on the front. With around 5 minutes to go 4 G category riders and Helen got away to duke out the sprint.

Champion woman U55 was Helen-Taylor Carter, 2nd Alexandra Hamilton & 3rd was Elaine Simpson.
Champion woman over 55 was Janet Birkmyre, 2nd Linda Dewhurst and 3rd Clare E Belle Simon.

Men’s G Champion was Andrew Donaldson, 2nd Tony Carter & Stephen Bunn 3rd. Men’s H Champion was Olivier McPherson, 2nd Don Parry & 3rd Bill Cotton.

Well done to all the riders for participating and making it a great day of racing.


Category E
1. Paul James, BMCR
2. Mike Twelves, Team Ohten Aveas
3. Deano Sibthorpe, Echelon Race Team
4. Tim Costello, GS Vecchi
5. John Crook, Bott Cycle Team
6. Rob Pears, Bath CC
7. Barry Bonnett, BMCR
8. David Smith, Solihull CC
9. Chris Beales, ViCiOUS VELO
10. Steve Davies, Bioracer uk RT
11. Richard New, BMCR
12. Ken Knight, PM
13. Nigel Langridge, Crawley Wheelers Race Team
14. Lee Rowe, Team Terminator
15. Martin Norris, Warwick Lanterne Rouge CC
16. Adrian Dent, Team Ohten Aveas
17. Peter Boyce, Team Senza Limiti
18. James Stewart, QN Racing
19. Paul Walsingham, Reflex Racing
20. Peter Phillips, Bath CC
21. Colin Chambers, Crawley Wheelers Race Team
22. Robert Blackburn, Nigel Smith Racing
23. Paul Stewart, API-Angliasport
24. Stephen Piper, Velo Schils Interbike RT
25. Robert Tillott, St.Ives CC
26. Dean Cummings, Acme Wheelers (Rhondda)
27. Richard Blackman, Solihull CC
28. Jeff Baird, GS Metro
29. Gary Hetrick, Velo Schils Interbike RT
30. Mario Manelfi, BMCR
31. Paul Mann, Solihull CC

Category F
1. Costa Pierides, Finchley RT
2. Rob O’ CONNOR, Team Enable-MI Racing-Townsend Vehicle Hire
3. Brian Pearson, Lakes RC
4. Steve Dunton, Team Enable-MI Racing-Townsend Vehicle Hire
5. Alan Vallance, Coalville Wheelers CC
6. Ian Moore, Ruthin Cycling Club
7. Ian Cowan, Solihull CC
8. Vince Ellis, Velo Schils Interbike RT
9. Geoff Rawlinson, Manchester Bicycle Club
10. Keith Middleton, Velo Club Lincoln
11. Jeremy Adamson, BMCR
12. Geoff Saxon, Pro Vision Race Team
13. Chris Dunn, API-Angliasport
14. Steven Wade-Jones, Bishops Stortford CC
15. Chris Danby, Seamons CC
16. Kevin Hickman, API-Angliasport
17. John Phillips, Sotonia CC
18. J Paul Bird, Velo Schils Interbike RT
19. Phill Harding, Gregarios
20. Martin Fisher, BMCR
21. Steve Cronshaw, Brooks Cycles – Cronshaw coaching
22. Jonathan Davies, Stourbridge Velo

Category G/H/W
1. Andrew Donaldson, BMCR G 1
2. Janet Birkmyre, TORQ Performance W>55 1
3. Helen Taylor-Carter, Bedfordshire Road Race Team W<55 1
4. Tony Carter, BMCR G 2
5. stephen Bunn, Wensum Valley CC G 3
6. Haydn Davies, Giant CC Halo Films G 4
7. Patrick Ellerbeck, VeloElite RC G 5
8. ralph keeler, St.Ives CC G 6
9. olivier macpherson, Kingsnorth International H 1
10. Peter Chapman, VPPN G 7
11. Don Parry, Corley Cycles RC H 2
12. Linda Dewhurst, Ride Revolution RT W>55 2
13. Malcolm Freeman, GS Vecchi G 8
14. Alexandra Hamilton, London Dynamo W<55 2
15. Terry Meechan, Coventry Road Club G 9
16. Brian Burgess, GS Vecchi G 10
17. Tom Wilson, GS Invicta / Eyelevel Optical. G 11
18. Clare E Belle Simon, Racer Nan W>55 3
19. Elaine Simpson, Nottingham Clarion CC W<55 3
20. Bill Cotton, Belper Bicycle Club H 3
21. DAVE BURTON, Sussex nomads cc H 4
22. Ken Bradbury, Team Echelon G 12
23. ian cooper, Bossard Wheelers G 13
24. Elizabeth Halliday, Sussex nomads cc W>55 4
25. Jeff Hathaway, North Bucks Road Club H 5
26. Kate Churchill, VCB W>55 5
27. Bob Barber, Southend Wheelers G 14
28. Mike Allen, Team Enable-MI Racing-Townsend Vehicle Hire H 6
29. CLAIRE LEE, Shaftesbury cc W<55 4


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