Result – Bristol South Road Race


Steven Roach wins the Bristol South Road Race ahead of Peter Giddings in warm and sunny conditions

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Result – Bristol South Road Race

With fantastic weather, warm and sunny and not too much of a breeze; there were perfect conditions for the day and a welcome to summer.

Overall Winner and holder of the Ernest Warbutton Olympic Trophy for 2014.
1. Steven Roach 55-miles in 2 hours, 21 minutes
2. Peter Giddings VC Walcot
3. Alexander Simmons Swinnerton Cycles
4. Frazier Carr AW Cycles
5. Matthew Cryer Army Cycling Union
6. Ed Trotman Bristol South CC
7. Jonathan Gates VC Bristol
8. Greg Lancaster VC Bristol
9. Chris Tomsett Southampton Univ RC
10. George Clews Somerset RC- Bicycle Chain
11. Sam Birkinshaw Exeter Wheelers 1st Junior
12. Tom Leach Gloucester City CC
13. Ben Strain Radeon Cycle Coaching 2nd Junior
14. Tom Bolton Oxford University CC
15. Paul Barratt 1st Chard Wheelers
16. Jamie Penton Radeon Cycle Coaching

Bad luck award goes to No3 Anthony Clark, Bristol South who punctured on a pothole at the final bend before the finish straight.

King of the Mountains – Stowey Hill
1 Jonathan Fowles VC Walcot
2 Brian Glynn Bath University CC
3 Steven Roach
4 Matthew Cryer Army Cycling Union
5 Peter Giddings VC Walcot
6 Mark Thomas Worcester St Johns CC
7 James Whateley Bath University CC
7 Andrew Lockwood Southampton Univ RC
7 Pat Wright Kingston Wheelers CC

See you for next year’s event. If anyone has a decent photo of the finish, let me have a copy please.

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