Report – Welwyn Friday Night Track League


An excellent evenings racing with a large number of riders in both the Senior and Youth categories .

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Report – Welwyn Friday Night Track League

from Peter Waghorn

Tom Neal won the opening event in the senior group and added the 10 lap Points in a close fought competition. Andrew Elderfield took the 10 lap Handicap where the limit group held off the scratch group chasers with some good positive riding.

The closing 10 mile was run at a fast and consistent pace making breakaways hard to establish. The field was increased to include a number of Youth A riders who enlivened the proceedings and a number of them were always visible at the front of the bunch. As the 30 up bunch went into the final lap Ross Edgar used his experience and sprint to take a comfortable victory from Tom Neale and Mitch Powell in a time of just over 21 minutes.

Mitch Powell promoted to the senior B group opened his account in the 10 lap scratch and added League points in the rest of the events. Almost 50 riders participated in the three youth age related groups which resulted in a series of good hard fought events.

Adam Looker continued his good form in the Youth A series along with Will Raymond. Ethan Vernon won the first three events in Youth B but Emilly Sinclair was the victor in the 6 lap Handicap where the limit group worked hard together to hold off the scratch group for a well deserved win.

Scratch man Ollie Stockwell did well in the large CDE youth group winning the 3 lap scratch and finding a way through the 18 strong field to pick up minor places in the various handicap events.

Senior A
10 lap scratch –
1. Tom Neal (Corley Cycles)
2. Cameron Gutteridge (Welwyn)
3. George Farrell (CSE)

10 lap Block Handicap –
1. Andrew Elderfield (VC Revolution)
2. George Farrell (CSE)
3. Ben Smith (Welwyn)

10 lap Points –
1. Tom Neal (Corley Cycles)
2. George Farrell (CSE)
3. Andy Hastings (Richardson Trek)

10 mile –
1. Ross Edgar (West Suffolk)
2. Tom Neal (Corley Cycles)
3. Mitch Powell (Team Terminator)

Senior B
10 lap scratch –
1. Mitch Powell (Team Terminator)
2. Roger Woodford (Willesden)
3. Carl Jolly (Hillingdon)

10 Lap Hare and Hounds –
1. Roger Woodford (Willesden)
2. Mitch Powell (Team Terminator)
3. James McKay (Finchley RT)

Devil –
1. James Mc Kay (Finchley RT)
2. Mostyn Crockett (Lea Valley)
3. Mitch Powell (Team Terminator)

Youth A
8 lap scratch –
1. Glen Dossett (Welwyn)
2. Will Raymond (Welwyn)
3. Adam Looker (Colchester)

Devil –
1. Adam Looker (Colchester)
2. Toby Miles (Welwyn)
3. Josh Roberts (Welwyn)

6 lap Points –
1. Adam Looker (Colchester)
2. Josh Roberts (Welwyn)
3. Michael Parry (Welwyn)

8 lap Handicap –
1. Will Raymond (Welwyn)
2. Glen Dossett (Welwyn)
3. Adam Looker (Colchester)

Youth B
6 lap scratch –
1. Ethan Vernon (Welwyn)
2. Alexi Edwards (Welwyn)
3. Louis Bilyard (Lea Valley)

Devil –
1. Ethan Vernon,
2. Christian Manzi,
3. Nathan Blackmore (all Welwyn)

6 lap Points –
1. Ethan Vernon ,
2. Alexi Edwards,
3. Emily Sinclair (all Welwyn)

6 lap Handicap –
1. Emily Sinclair (Welwyn)
2. Ethan Vernon (Welwyn)
3. Sophie Saberton (St Ives)
Youth CDE

3 lap Scratch –
1. Ollie Stockwell ,
2. Joe Latham,
3. Jenna Miles (all Welwyn)

3 lap handicap A –
1. Rudy Knight (Lea Valley)
2. Jenna Miles (Welwyn)
3. Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn)

3 lap Handicap B –
1. Adam Lightfoot (CC Ashwell)
2. Ollie Stockwell (Welwyn)
3. Joe Latham (Welwyn)

4 lap Handicap –
1. Ollie Stockwell ,
2. Jenna Miles,
3. Imogen Chastell (all Welwyn)



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