Games – Men’s Time Trial


Alex Dowsett is the 2014 Commonwealth Games Champion after a scintillating ride to beat the Commonwealth and Worlds best testers

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Games – Men’s Time Trial

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The Movistar rider, wearing a skinsuit made appropriately enough in Scotland by his team sponsor Endura, rode a scintillating time trial to defeat his nearest rival by almost 10 seconds

Considering he was down by five seconds or so at the third time check, it was a brilliantly timed effort by the rider who holds comp record for the 10 and is a tester through and through. One of the Worlds best with a Grand Tour time trial victory to his name, Dowsett beat Rohan Dennis and Geraint Thomas.

On a very much drier course than the one for the women in the morning, Dowsett averaged near enough 50k an hour on a course that was said to have a little bit of everything. Climbing on the way out, undulating in the middle section to a fast run back to Glasgow, Dowsett managed to pace his effort well to get it all out and go one up on the last Games where he was second.

Over the final third of the race, it was a three way battle between Dennis, Thomas and Dowsett who led through the first two time checks. At the third check, Dennis led however from Thomas with Dowsett third but it was Dowsett who got to the park for the finish quickest and went some way to making up for being left out of the Tour de France by his pro team.

The new champion said afterwards to the BBC “Nobody wanted that more than I did, after the disappointment of not being picked for the Tour de France and the silver in Delhi in 2010”.

“Nobody wanted that more than I did after the disappointment of not making it into the Tour de France selection and the silver in Delhi in 2010. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been able to pull something really big out of the bag when I’m really angry. I spent the whole month fairly angry, not at anyone in particular, just angry at the situation. I had a point to prove to myself. I know I was worthy of that Tour place, I was unlucky in when I got ill. Commonwealth Games was a big target for me anyway but it suddenly became a huge target.

“I was getting time checks the whole way around. I think I was three seconds up at the first, seven seconds up at the second but then I was down at the third check point. I thought it was all over to be honest and I was struggling over the last 10km, but obviously everyone was struggling. Gladly everyone was struggling a little more than I was at the end.

“I can’t describe just how happy I am. It goes a lot deeper than simply winning the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games, it’s like a personal victory for me. It’s a thank you. I’ve been working a lot harder this year and it’s testament to my whole support team, family and coaches, Movistar as well have been massively supportive.”

I’ve been angry all this month, ever since I was a kid I have pulled something out of the bag when I have been really angry. It’s pretty special that.”

Geraint Thomas, 3rd, had a plan for next time to slow Dowsett down as he spoke to the BBC afterwards “I was bit unsure what to expect in terms of my fitness. I just felt strong. I didn’t feel fresh or zippy as such but felt I could just smash it”.

“Before the next time trial I do I’m going to send Alex Dowsett some flowers. Make sure he is happy, and maybe we will have a chat.”

David Millar, the defending champion, told the BBC “It was like a Tour de France stage out there with all the Scottish flags and everyone cheering my name. I knew it wasn’t my day when I saw the television motorbike go on ahead!”

“I might have been stronger if I’d have ridden the Tour, but maybe not as fresh. You can’t really tell, because you look at Geraint Thomas who gave everything today and got bronze. I was realistic about today because my time trial isn’t what it was . It’s a young man’s game!”

1. Alex Dowsett (England) 47:41.78
2. Rohan Dennis (Australia) 47:51.08
3. Geraint Thomas (Wales) 47:55.82
4. Svein Tuft (Canada) 48:33.24
5. Jesse Sergent (New Zealand) 48:33.73
6. Michael Hepburn (Australia) 49:10.83
7. Stephen Cummings (England) 49:14.86
8. Dave Millar (Scotland) 49:56.23
9. Luke Durbridge (Australia) 49:57.73
10. James McLaughlin (Guernsey 50:39.64
11. Mark Christian (Isle of Man) 50:50.54
12. Michael Hutchinson Northern Irleand 52:05.64
13. M Christie (Northern Ireland) 52:12.68
14. Zach Bell (Canada)
15. Andrew Roche (Isle of Man 52:33.61
16. Scott Davies (Wales) 52:33.90
17. Luke Rowe (Wales) 52:47.97

18 NAM T. DROBISCH 54:20.04
19 RWA J. HADI 54:44.18
20 MAS M.F. AHMAD LUTFI 54:55.64
21 MRI Y. LINCOLN 55:08.31
22 GGY A. BAILEY 55:52.17
23 RWA V. NDAYISENGA 56:38.87
24 NAM G. MANS 56:47.02
25 KEN J. MUYA 56:47.69
26 BER D. MAYHO 56:54.73
27 KEN D. NJAU 57:10.11
28 IND A. PANWAR 57:21.52
29 BIZ G. LOVELL 58:21.13
30 GUY R. JEFFREY 58:27.76
31 JEY C. SPENCE 58:29.27
32 GGY M. OSBORN 58:40.72
33 GIB L. CALDERON 58:48.36
34 ANT A. SIMON 58:49.06
35 GIB J. BELLIDO 58:49.28
36 CAY M. SMITH 58:49.64
37 IND SOMBIR 59:10.76
38 GUY M. WILLIAMS 59:19.97
39 MRI M. CHONG CHIN 59:23.11
40 AIA D. LAUD 59:50.44
41 BIZ J. BORLAND 59:58.98
43 GIB M. FRANCIS 1:00:07.38
44 GHA S. ANIM 1:00:48.00
45 SEY A. ARRISOL 1:01:09.58
46 GHA C. SYMONDS 1:01:12.56
47 ANT J. BRIDGES 1:01:15.52
48 SEY E. POTHIN 1:01:27.19
49 ANT M. SPENCER 1:01:30.09
50 BAH C. ALBURY 1:02:42.43
51 AIA K. PRADEL 1:03:19.89
52 AIA S. OSBORNE 1:03:34.60
53 MAW L. TSOYO 1:05:07.13
54 MAW M. KATHUMBA 1:05:35.36
55 BAH J. MAJOR 1:06:21.32
56 SLE M. SESAY 1:11:00.11

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