Day 3: World Masters Track Cycling Championships

It was a busy day for titles being decided at the Manchester Velodrome on Monday, with no less than thirteen champions being crowned with the Brits winning four, three for the USA, Australia and Poland two and one each for Latvia and Denmark.

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Day 3: World Masters Track Cycling Championships

October 12-19, 2019 | Manchester velodrome

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DAY 3, Monday, OCT 14

It was a busy day for titles being decided at the Manchester Velodrome on Monday, with no less than thirteen champions being crowned. Top nation on the day was Britain with four Gold medals with the USA winning three, Australia and Poland two and one each for Latvia and Denmark. The day was a mix of early sprint rounds, races against the watch (Time Trials and Pursuits) and Scratch races for the men and women.

The Individual Pursuits saw Australian rider Gary Mandy from the Illawarra region of New South Wales where the World Road Championships will be held in 2022, win another Gold medal and add a new World Best record to his name in the 60-64 championship. Larry Nolan of the USA was second and Stephane Le Beau of Canada third.

In the 55-59 age category for the Individual Pursuit for Men, Chris Carlson of the USA was almost three seconds too fast for Brit Mike Twelves with Mark Wiffen, also from Britain, in third.

The two time trials went to Latvia and Poland with Ainars Kiksis of Latvia, a former World Cup/championship rider as a senior winning the 45-49 men’s title and Marek Skorski of Poland winning the 50-54 men’s title.

The day saw three Women’s Scratch races. In the youngest category, WoMens 35-44, Melanie Sneddon was the winner of the race from Carolien V Herrikhuyzen (Netherlands) and British rider Niki Kovacs third. There were two sets of medals awarded from this category; with Anna Rzasowska of Poland winning the Gold for 35-39 and Melanie Sneddon winning the 40-44 age group.

The Women’s 45-54 Scratch Race was won by VC Londres rider from Britain, Catherine Coley with Britain’s Janet Birkmyre second and Kylie Matulick (USA) in third. There were also two sets of medals awarded from this category; with Kylie Matulick of the USA getting the gold for the 45-49 age category and Catherine Coley the 50-54 title.

The third Women’s scratch race was for the 55 plus and that race was won by Denmark’s Janni Bormann from Mindee Stevenson of the USA and British rider Lindsay Clarke. As with the other categories, two sets of medals were awarded from the race with Janni Bormann winning the 55-59 title and Lillian Pfluke of the USA winning the 60-64 title.

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The evening also saw three men’s scratch races. The Mens 65-69 Scratch Race saw a very tactically astute Steele Bishop of Australia putting himself in all the right places and then in the dash for the line, getting to the finish ahead of Charles Hoffman of the USA with Patrick Gellineau, also of the USA, in third.

In the Men’s 70-74 Scratch Race, an audacious solo attack from Britain’s Graham Truelove a long way from home saw him hang on to win in style whilst Aussie Rod Price from New South Wales, sprinted in from the bunch to take the silver medal and Patrick Whelan of the USA, in third.

The final race of the night was the 75 plus Men’s Scratch race and after a while, three riders escaped, sprinter Geoff Cooke, former British pro road champion Geoff Wiles and a legend in Australia, Keith Oliver. The two roadmen, Oliver and Wiles were keen to work and commit to the break but Cooke didn’t want to and with a sprint like his, that was no surprise.

The break stalled because of this and they were caught by other riders but it was still just the three of them who sprinted for the line after 20 laps with Oliver almost nicking the race off Cooke with a demon sprint of his own but the Brit just managed to roll the Aussie on the line to win another title.

Racing recommences at 9am on Tuesday with two sessions, the second one not expected to finish until midnight. With such a schedule, hats off to the volunteers making the racing possible at one of the toughest events for officials with so many races to fit in during the eight days.

– Mens 55/59 Pursuit: Chris Carlson USA
– Mens 60/64 Pursuit: Gary Mandy AUS
– Mens 45/49 TT: Ainars Kiksis LAT
– Mens 50/54 TT: Marek Skorski POL
– Mens 65/69 Scratch Race: Steele Bishop AUS
– Mens 70-74 Scratch Race: Graham Truelove GBR
– Mens 75+ Scratch Race: Geoffrey Cooke GBR
– WoMens 35/39 Scratch Race: Anna Rzasowska POL
– WoMens 40-44 Scratch Race: Melanie Sneddon GBR
– WoMens 45-49 Scratch Race: Kylie Matulick USA
– WoMens 50-54 Scratch Race: Catherine Coley GBR
– WoMens 55-59 Scratch Race: Janni Bormann DEN
– WoMens 60-64 Scratch Race: Lillian Pfluke USA

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Mens 75+ Scratch Race
1. Cooke Geoffrey GBR 7m 40
2. Oliver Keith AUS
3. Wiles Geoff GBR
4. Jenn Peter GBR
5. Pelle Raymond FRA
6. Possee Victor GBR
7. Nicolosi Joseph FRA
8. Mason John GBR
9. Wolstenholme Mike GBR

Mens 55-59 Pursuit
1 Chris Carlson USA 2.18.306
2 Mike Twelves GBR 2.21.124
3 Mark Wiffen GBR 2.20.675
4 Peter Ettles GBR 2.22.679

Mens 60-64 Pursuit
1 Gary Mandy AUS 2.20.573
2 Larry Nolan USA 2.21.550
3 Stephane Le Beau CAN 2.25.605
4 Peter Hine GBR 2.31.756

Womens 45-54 Scratch Race
1. Catherine Coley GBR
2. Janet Birkmyre GBR
3. Kylie Matulick USA
4. Sherrie-Ann Prossalentis AUS
5. Camie Kornely USA
6. Vikki Appel USA
7. Suzannah Doyle GBR
8. Christine D’Ercole USA
9. Lynne Biddulph GBR
10. Karlene Rahn USA
11. Penny Pawson NZL
12. Francine Haas USA
13. Fiona Vescoli AUS

Womens 45-49
1 Kylie Matulick USA
2 Sherrie-Ann Prossalentis AUS
3 Camie Kornely USA

Womens 50-54 Scratch
1 Catherine Coley GBR
2 Janet Birkmyre GBR
3 Lynne Biddulph GBR

Womens 35-44 Scratch Race
1 Melanie Sneddon GBR 6m 40
2 Carolien V Herrikhuyzen NED
3 Niki Kovacs GBR
4 Anna Rzasowska POL
5 Charlotte Roberge CAN
6 Emma Hill GBR
7 Jennifer Gerth CAN
8 Dorota Rajska POL
9 Kirsten Herup Sovang DEN
10 Kaitlyn Mittan USA
11 Jennifer George GBR
12 Louise Ireland GBR
13 Trish Chalk GBR
14 Zosia Martin GBR
15 Joanne Arancibia AUS
16 Monika Skora POL

Womens 35-39
1 Anna Rzasowska POL
2 Emma Hill GBR
3 Kirsten Herup Sovang DEN

Womens 40-44
1 Melanie Sneddon GBR
2 Carolien V Herrikhuyzen NED
3 Niki Kovacs GBR

Womens 55+ Scratch Race
1 Janni Bormann DEN 7m 32
2 Mindee Stevenson USA
3 Lindsay Clarke GBR
4 Janice McWilliam GBR
5 Lillian Pfluke USA
6 Carol Scott GBR
7 Barbara Wiles GBR
8 Lyn Peterken NZL
9 Meg Mautner USA
10 Suzanne Pirio FRA
11 Susan Meinerz USA
12 Valda Scheppel RSA

Womens 55-59 Scratch
1 Janni Bormann DEN
2 Mindee Stevenson USA
3 Lindsay Clarke GBR

Womens 60-64 Scratch Race
1 Lillian Pfluke USA
2 Barbara Wiles GBR
3 Susan Meinerz USA

Mens 65-69 Scratch Race
1. Bishop Steele AUS 6m 33
2. Hoffman Charles USA
3. Gellineau Patrick USA
4. Muselet Christian FRA
5. Worley Steven USA
6. Clasohm Malcolm AUS
7. Cullen Richard USA
8. Fox Shannon USA
9. Humphreys Ian GBR
10. Barber Bob GBR
11. Freeman Malcolm GBR
12. Richefort Jean Michel FRA
13. Cookson Brian GBR
14. Davies Steve GBR
15. Bunn Stephen GBR
16. Forrester Alan GBR
17. Thornhill Walter RSA
18. Wolff Larry USA
19. Skidmore Randolph CAN
20. Litt Graeme NZL
21. Davies Paul GBR @ 1 lap

Mens 70-74 Scratch Race
1. Graham Truelove GBR 6m 55
2. Rod Price AUS
3. Patrick Whelan USA
4. Steffen Munch Hansen DEN
5. Michel Francois FRA
6. David Mulica USA
7. Graham Weigh GBR
8. Bent Christiansen DEN
9. Michel Briat FRA
10. William Cotton GBR
11. Andre Petipas FRA
12. Michael Allen GBR
13. Gordon Smith GBR
14. Patrick Villain FRA
15. Colin Claxton NZL
16. Marcel LeQuere FRA
17. Dennis Knabe GBR
18. Ken Warrillow GBR
19. Enrique E Moyano ARG

Mens 50-54 Time Trial
1. Marek Skorski POL 34.362
2. Andrew Weathers USA 34.451
3. Dirk Engler GER 34.547
4. Brian Abers USA 34.582
5. Franck Calcus FRA 34.862
6. Victor Shapovalov RUS 35.077
7. Christopher Pyatt GBR 35.492
8. Alan Townsend AUS 35.536
9. Sean Tulley USA 35.703
10. Aram Bayzaee USA 35.755
11. Michael Paulin USA 35.858
12. Frank Kovacs CAN 36.191
13. Andre Todd CAN 36.222
14. David Ellis GBR 36.321
15. Paul Turner GBR 36.459
16. Paul Kircher NZL 36.558
17. Gregorz Krejner POL 36.65
18. Liam Collins GBR 36.687
19. Lars Lindemose DEN 36.763
20. Uwe Srecher GER 36.883
21. Geir Robinson GBR 36.974
22. Paul Gittins GBR 37.225
23. Petr Hrdy CZE 37.329
24. Matthew Ferguson RSA 37.441
25. Brian Haas USA 37.444
26. Justin McMullen AUS 37.477
27. Sascha Plasa SUI 37.816
28. Terrence Chioffi USA 38.747
29. Ian Barton GBR 38.821
30. Garry Latimer GBR 39.143
31. Giorgi Mumladze GEO 39.189
32. Siegried Rechberger AUT 39.273
33. Michael Schmitz GER 39.293
34. Charles Kyle USA 39.914
35. Axel Goers GER 40.357
36. Rob Cotton GBR 41.233

Mens 45-49 Time Trial
1. Ainars Kiksis LAT 48.451
2. Marcel Laurenz GER 50.319
3. Daniel Rickard AUS 50.498
4. Michael Smith AUS 51.111
5. Joseph Santaniello USA 51.420
6. Richard Pepper GBR 51.753
7. Drascovich Pablo Martin ARG 51.783
8. Christos Rantos GRE 51.910
9. Luca Stefanelli ITA 52.039
10. Simon Cox GBR 52.639
11. Gavin White AUS 52.668
12. Roman Regino ARG 53.181
13. Leszek Sobieszek POL 53.781
14. John McClelland GBR 53.787
15. Niel Dunnage GBR 53.852
16. Stephen Salzwedel RSA 53.993
17. David Iglewicz USA 54.285
18. Alessandro Picco ITA 54.324
19. Lee Staples GBR 54.330
20. Frederic Coste FRA 54.557
21. Thierry Forler FRA 54.773
22. Leigh Turnbull GBR 55.351
23. Galien Ruddy FRA 55.886
24. Eduard Davydov RUS 57.442

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