Result: Brooks Cycles Track League

Results from the final Brooks Cycles Track League meeting at Newcastle Under Lyme on 20th September which took place under sunny skies

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Result: Brooks Cycles Track League

The final league event of this difficult year took place on sunday under sunny skies in conditions more like June. Another great turnout of riders enjoyed the event.

Newcastle Track Cycling Association would like to thank event organiser Alex Webb, all the officials and riders for their support this year in making this event safe for all concerned. Being the one of the few weekly track league to run this year has been a great achievement on the part of everyone.

Hopefully see everyone next year.


Sprinters 500m Handicap
1st – Thomas Alcock ( Lyme RC )
2nd – Dave Hughes ( Beacon RC)
3rd – Julie Cooper ( Born to Bike)

Youth Block Handicap (3 laps):
1st – Tom Jackson ( Newport CC )
2nd – Sophie Griffiths ( Lyme RC )
3rd – Sophia Brandon-Higgs ( Hafren CC)

Endurance A 10 lap Scratch:
1st – Ryan Greaves (Hubb Ribble Performance Academy)
2nd -Josh Marsden ( Innovation RT )
3rd – John McClelland ( QSW Fenwicks)

Endurance B 8 Lap Scratch
1st – Andrew Bonnett ( Uttoxeter CC)
2nd -Daniel Gooding ( Cheshire Mavericks)
3rd -Thomas Wheaver ( Lyme RC)

Endurance C 6 lap scratch
1st – Bob Barber ( Southend CC)
2nd – Adrian Derbyshire ( Leek CC )
3rd – Adrian Trott ( Cheshire Mavericks )

Sprinters Flying 2 -Up Team Sprint
1st – Hayden Norris ( Blackline Sprinting ) Dave Hughes
2nd- Dan Cooper ( Team Terminator ) Julie Cooper
3rd – Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles) Hannah Davis ( Backline Sprinting )

Youth Elimination
1st – Tom Jackson
2nd – Xander Brandon-Higgs ( Hafron CC)
3rd – Sophia Brandon-Higgs

Endurance A Elimination
1st- John McClelland
2nd – Thomas White ( Wolverhampton Wheelers)
3rd – Farley Barber ( Spirit Tifosi Racing Team )

Endurance B Elimination
1st- Andrew Bonnett
2nd- Max Bufton ( Hafren CC)
3rd – Daniel Gooding ( Cheshire Mavericks)

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Endurance C Elimination
1st – Adrian Trott
2nd- Bob Barber
3rd – Adrian Derbyshire

Youth Points
1st – Sophia Brandon-Higgs
2nd- Xander Brandon-Higgs
3rd-Liam Campbell ( Lyme RC)

Endurance A Points
1st- Adam Tonini ( Finchley RT)
2nd – Alex Coates ( Leek CC)
3rd – Ryan Greave

Endurance B Points
1st- Daniel Gooding
2nd- Andrew Bonnett
3rd – Graham Peel ( Crewe Clarion CC)

Endurance C Points
1st- Adrian Trott
2nd- Adrain Derbyshire
3rd – Rachel Crew ( WattBike )

Sprint Final
1st – Hayden Norris
2nd – Dan Cooper
3rd – Josh Spendelow

Minor Final
1st- Josh Spendelow
2nd – Chris Pyatt
3rd – Tom Alcock

Minor Minor Final
1st- Julie Cooper
2nd- Hannah Davis
3rd- Dave Hughes

Youth 6 Laps Scratch
1st- Sofia Brandon-Higgs
2nd – Xander Brandon-Higgs
3rd- Aofie Lynch ( Newport CC)

Endurance C 8 Laps Scratch
1st- Adrian Trott
2nd – Bob Barber
3rd- Phil Powell

Endurance B 16 laps Scratch
1st – Daniel Gooding
2nd- Tom Wheaver
3rd- Andrew Bonnett

Endurance A 26 laps
1st- Farley Barber
2nd- Ryan Greave
3rd- John McClelland.

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