Result: Team LDN – Brother UK Crit Series 1

Tim Allen and Lucy Lee of Team LDN – Brother UK, winners in their team’s Crit Series on Saturday at Redbridge (NE London); Heather Mayer, Louis Digance and Craig McLean winners also

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Result: Team LDN – Brother UK Crit Series 1

1 Tim Allen Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
2 Edmund Bradbury Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT Elite
3 Clay Davies Spirit Racing Team 1st
4 Samuel Painter TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 2nd
5 Max Bolton QSW Fenwicks 2nd
6 James Jenkins Richardsons-Trek RT Elite
7 Joshua Avery Brother U.K – Cycle Team OnFor… 1st
8 Cai Davies BIKESTRONG-KTM 2nd
9 Jake Crossley Tofauti Everyone Active 2nd
10 George Nemilostivijs GFTL 2nd
11 James Moss Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT 1st

Womens E/1/2/3
1 Lucy Lee Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
2 Charlotte Berry Pro-Noctis – Redchilli Bikes -… 1st
3 Flora Perkins VC Londres 2nd
4 Connie Hayes AWOL- O’Shea 2nd
5 Sarah King The 5th Floor Cycle Club 2nd
6 Harriet Dodd Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
7 Polly Mason Belori Vipeq Team 2nd
8 Ruth Shier Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
9 Mathilde Pauls 1904 RT 1st
10 Jo Tindley CAMS-Basso Elite
11 Olivia Bentley Natural Greatness – Vib Sports 2nd
13 Danielle Shrosbree Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
14 Bethany Barnett Awol 3rd
15 Amber Junker-Brameld VC Londres 3rd
16 Sannah Zaman Panagua CC 3rd
17 Ellen Bennett VC Londres 3rd
18 Hannah Graveney AWOL- O’Shea 2nd
19 Lauren Higham Team LDN – Brother UK 4th
20 Jennifer Andrews 1904 RT 2nd
21 Amy Marks Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
22 Emma Jane Hornsby VC Londres 3rd
23 Ella Coleman Awol 3rd
24 Isla Rush Awol 3rd
25 Katherine Dennis NLTCBMBC 3rd
26 Joanna Smith Thanet RC Race Team 1st
27 Hannah Kitchen VC Meudon 3rd
28 Suzannah Doyle PMR 2nd
29 Francesca Cutts Team LDN – Brother UK 1st

Womens 3/4
1 Heather Mayer Team Watto-LDN 3rd
2 Feodora Rayner Team Watto-LDN 4th
3 Debra Kelsall Team Watto-LDN 3rd
4 Jennifer Millmore Islington Cycling Club 4th
5 Lizzie Jenkins Islington Cycling Club 3rd
6 Rebecca Hair Magspeed Racing 3rd
7 Baiba Fogele CC London 4th
8 Emily Chilton Lea Valley CC 4th
9 Rosie Day Brixton Cycles Club 3rd
10 Emma Andrews CC London 4th
11 Laura Lawson 3rd
12 Ellie Lewis CC London 4th
13 Georgia Doolan CC London 4th
14 Sarah Collins CC London
15 Ella Cope CC London N/A
16 Jamie-Lee Wright CC London 3rd
17 Amy Harvey Verulam – 3rd
18 Audrey Pirot Islington Cycling Club
19 Rachel Brown CC London 4th
20 Phoebe Perry TRASH MILE 4th
21 Linda Wijlaars Dulwich Paragon CC 3rd
22 Gonca Ulku Velociposse 4th
23 Samantha Curry Dirty Wknd N/A
24 Jade Bogart CC London N/A
25 Mollie Bilner Fast Test Racing Team 3rd
26 Sonya Hurtado N/A
27 Emma Naylor Brixton Cycles Club 4th
28 Harriet Ashworth 4th
29 Mona Chammas CC London 4th
30 Marissa Beatty Dirty Wknd

4th Only
1 Louis Digance Essex Roads CC 4th
2 Rob O’Grady Hub Vélo 4th
3 Joe Champness Hadleigh MTB Club 4th
4 Mike McGinn Brockley Cycling Club 4th
5 David Ferguson Lea Valley CC 4th
6 Charles Cook 4th
7 Oliver Bates 4th
8 Mark Kendernay Bath Cycling Club 4th
9 Ben Wheeler Brixton Cycles Club 4th
10 Florian Holstein 4th
11 Alex Rhodes 4th

Masters 40+
1 Craig McLean Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT 1st
2 Simon Norman Beds Road Race Team 2nd
3 Emmeric Hurault 4T+ Cyclopark 3rd
4 Ross Courtnell Essex Roads CC 2nd
5 Charles Kennedy-Scott Cycling Club Hackney 2nd
6 Valentino Fontana Gemini BC 2nd
7 Gary Bull Elitecycling 3rd
8 Cameron Fraser Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT 2nd
9 Robert Warren CC London N/A
10 Paul Butler PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team 3rd
11 Martin Lawless Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 2nd


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