STARTLIST: Sloan Trophy Road Race 2024

A race with a long history in the North East sees the 2024 Edition of the category 2/3/4 Sloan Trophy race on May 12 at Stamfordham in Northumberland

STARTLIST: Sloan Trophy Road Race 2024

When: May 12, 10.30am
Where: Stamfordham Village Hall, Northumberland
Distance: 106km / 66 miles
Event promoted by: Gosforth Road Club

Start List
1. Liam Slinn 2nd, Prologue Racing Team
2. Charles Harrison 2nd, Prologue Racing Team
3. Joel Hurt 2nd, Prologue Racing Team
4. Jimmy Parvin 3rd, Prologue Racing Team
5. Matthew Ellmore 3rd, Prologue Racing Team
6. Joseph Turnbull 2nd, Prologue Racing Team
7. Daniel Hepton 2nd, Team Judge Tyrekey
8. Thomas Hepton 2nd, Team Judge Tyrekey
9. Rafe Williams 3rd, Team Judge Tyrekey
10. Tom Harcourt 3rd, Team Judge Tyrekey
11. David Judge 3rd , Team Judge Tyrekey
12. Marcin Benisz 3rd, Muckle Cycle Club
13. Ryan Parkinson 3rd, Muckle Cycle Club
14. Lee Cuthbertson 3rd, Muckle Cycle Club
15. Richard Davidson 4th, Muckle Cycle Club
16. Mateusz Mazik 3rd, Muckle Cycle Club
17. Max Lutz-Atkinson 2nd, Ribble rechrg Race
18. Daniel Saba 2nd, Ribble rechrg Race
19. Fergus Robinson 2nd, Ribble rechrg Race
20. Carrick Hewing 2nd, Ribble rechrg Race
21. Daniel Cutler 3rd, Ribble rechrg Race
22. Tom Cullen 2nd,Otley CC
23. Alex Hodgkins 3rd, Otley CC
24. James Luxton 2nd, Otley CC
25. Michael Smith 3rd, Endurance Academy
26. Thomas Fletcher 4th, Endurance Academy
27. Jon Bateman 4th, Endurance Academy
28. Matthew Jones, Spectrum Racing
29. Ben Harrison, Spectrum Racing
30. Craig Summersgill 3rd, Wolf Cycles
31. James Parkin 2nd, Wolf Cycles
32. Edward Moss 3rd, Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk
33. David Hill 3rd, Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk
34. Daniel Smith 2nd, Leadout Performance
35. Sean Dodsworth 2nd, Leadout Performance
36. Charlie Thorpe 3rd, Clifton CC
37. Oliver Moss 2nd, Clifton CC
38. Ben Etherington 2nd, 360cycling
39. Elliot Fraser 2nd, 360cycling
40. Keir Gaffney 2nd, Vanelli-Project Go
41. Ben Gibson 3rd, Vanelli-Project Go
42. Liam Scott Douglas 2nd, JG Cycles CC
43. Tarn Fynn 2nd, JG Cycles CC
44. Josef Murray 4th, Protech Velo
45. Paul Cottrell 3rd, Sunderland Clarion CC
46. James Elves 4th, Reifen Racing
47. Elliot Bain 3rd, Glasgow University Cycling Club
48. Cillian Lewis 2nd, Shibden Apex RT
49. Roy Long 4th, Beacon Wheelers
50. Lewis Johnson 4th,
51. Alan Dean 2nd, Edinburgh RC
52. James Ingham 2nd, The Green Jersey CC
53. Richard Jones 3rd HUUB WattShop
54. Niall Quiggin 2nd, Cycling Club Isle of Man
55. Frank Montague 3rd, TS Racing
56. Jake Speed 2nd, The Cycling Academy
57. Charles Kenny 4th, Bootleggers Cycle Club
58. Frank Moore 3rd, GS Metro
59. Toby Simpson 3rd, Fietsen Tempo
60. Russell Crowley 2nd, Addform – Vive le Velo
61. Thomas Moody 3rd, Yomp Bonk Crew
62. Stephen Boxall 3rd, Houghton Cycling Club
63. Glen Hale 3rd, Trek Sheffield Fox Valley
64. James Sawyers 2nd, trainSharp Development Team
65. Jonny Britton 2nd, Moonglu Race Team
66. Curtis Green 3rd, Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy
67. Conal Davidson 2nd, Spokes Racing Team
68. Charlie Thew 3rd, Racing Metro 15
69. Jack Lucas 2nd, Shibden-A.Fawcett RT
70. George Daly 2nd, Geared Up RT
71. Andrew Markham 3rd
72. Chris Peareth 3rd
73. Robert Armstrong 3rd
74. Oliver Halliday 3rd
75. Lewis Dolan 3rd
76. Hitoshi Inoue 4th
77. Wouter Peeters 4th
78. Ryan Hogg 3rd


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