Results – Meadowbank Track League


Latest results from week 4 of the Meadowbank Track League on July 15 at the velodrome in Edinburgh (Scotland)

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Results – Meadowbank Track League

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July 15 (week 4)

C riders 6 lap scratch
1    Fraser Sharp        2.10.49
2    Warren Crombie    Edinburgh RC
3    Flora Gilles    SPEG-Project 51

A + B riders 12 lap scratch
1    Stuart Balfour    Spokes Racing Team    3.56.80
2    David Martin    The Bicycle works
3    Phil Trodden    Rigmar Racers
4    Nicky Hall    City of Edinburgh Racing Club

C + youth riders double harness pursuit
1    Warren Crombie    Edinburgh RC    1.18.28
Richard Montague    Johnstone Wh
2    Fraser Sharp        1.20.70
Flora Gilles    SPEG-Project 51
3    Ian Barton    VC Glasgow South    1.24.75
James Park    Musselburgh RCC
4    Lulu Bartlett    Rigmar Racers    1.27.07
Emily Ireland
5    Julie Dominguez        1.27.85
Peggy Series    Edinburgh Road Club

Ht 1
1    Jack Carlin    Spokes Racing Team    12.28
2    Stuart Balfour    Spokes Racing Team
3    Phil Trodden    Rigmar Racers

Ht 2
1    Chris Hartley    Edinburgh University CC    13.56
2    Warren Crombie    Edinburgh RC
3    Richard Montague    Johnstone Wh

Ht 3
1    Flora Gilles    SPEG-Project 51    14.55
2    Julie Dominguez
3    Peggy Series    Edinburgh Road Club

C riders de’il
1    Flora Gilles    SPEG-Project 51
2    Warren Crombie    Edinburgh RC
3    Peggy Series    Edinburgh Road Club

A riders de’il
1    Stuart Balfour    Spokes Racing Team
2    Nicky Hall    City of Edinburgh Racing Club
3    David Martin    The Bicycle works

C Riders 12 laps points race
1    Flora Gilles    SPEG-Project 51    4.52.61
2    Peggy Series    Edinburgh Road Club
3    Lulu Bartlett    Rigmar Racers

A riders 10km scratch
1    Phil Trodden    Rigmar Racers    12.41.72
2    Stuart Balfour    Spokes Racing Team
3    Nicky Hall    City of Edinburgh Racing Club
4    David Martin    The Bicycle works

Meadowbank National Track League Positions as at 15 July

Open League
1st    Phil Trodden    Rigmar Racers    60
2nd    David Martin    The Bicycle works    33
3rd    Nicky Hall    City of Edinburgh Racing Club    28
4th    Flora Gilles    SPEG-Project 51    19
5th    Stuart Balfour    Spokes Racing Team    16
6th    Warren Crombie    Edinburgh RC    13

Junior League
1st    Flora Gilles    SPEG-Project 51    23
2nd    Stuart Balfour    Spokes Racing Team    16
3rd    Jack Carlin    Spokes Racing Team    5

Womens League
1st    Flora Gilles    SPEG-Project 51    14
1st=    Peggy Series    Edinburgh Road Club    14
3rd    Alison Chisholm    Edinburgh Road Club    7

Youth League
1st    Alex Ball    West Lothian Clarion    9
2nd    Christopher Hordon    West Lothian Clarion    8
3rd    Emily Ireland        7

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