Q & A: Debbie Moss (Merlin Cycles)

A former swimmer, Debbie Moss who works and rides for Merlin Cycles had a good year in time trials, getting a PB in the 25 (55.39) on her very aero Ridley Dean Fast TT weapon and  her big milestone in 2020 is to continue enjoying the racing and doing her best

Q & A: Debbie Moss (Merlin Cycles)

– How long have you been racing?
Debbie: I first raced in the early 90`s and started again in 2014 doing inter-club time trials on local courses. I then got brave and entered an open time trial in 2016 which I won.

– What brought you into the sport? –
Debbie: I was a swimmer when I was a kid and competed at National level. When I stopped doing that, I had a go at cycling and joined the local cycling club.

– Is time trialling the main focus and has that always been the case?
Debbie: I really enjoy time trialling. I did have a go at road racing when I raced first time around, but for now time trialling is the main focus. I also did triathlon for a couple of years from 2014-16 but decided I wanted to focus completely on cycling for 2017.

Debbie’s Ridley Dean Fast bike at the 2019 ’10’ mile time trial championship

– When choosing a bike to go fast on, what do you look for in the bike and what was the one you chose to race on in 2019?
Debbie: In 2019 I rode a Ridley Dean Fast. I believe this frame has been tested as one of the most aerodynamic in wind tunnel tests, and it seems to go fast enough for me!

– Is equipment for a time trial bike changing a lot or do you keep using what works well for you?
Debbie: I think it is changing a lot and it has certainly changed massively since the early 90`s that`s for sure! but to be honest, I have stuck with what I have because it is working well for me.

– What part of the TT bike for you is the key to going to quick … the tri bars, the disc wheel, frame ….
Debbie: Hmmmmm, probably a combination of all that and then a whole pile of training on top of that!

– What was the big highlight for 2019 and why?
Debbie: Difficult one. Probably the main one was the National 25; finishing 6th overall (best ever in a Senior Nationals), setting a new PB of 55-39 and also winning my age group and being fastest vet.

– What is your favourite distance and why?
Debbie: 10 miles, they are over and done with quicker than all the others!

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– Do you have a favourite type of course?
Debbie: I am not a fan of drag strips, though I will make an exception for National events. I tend to stick to the local courses which are `L` courses and I also like riding the Spoco`s in the early season.

– Is there an event during a season that is a must ride event for you?
Debbie: Not really. I tend to look at the calendar in January and decided which races I will do.

– How often do you like to race?
Debbie: I tend to race most weekends with the odd weekend off here and there during the season.

– Do you train on a TT bike or both a road bike and TT bike?
Debbie: I train on a road bike. It’s a bit difficult where I live to train on a TT bike due to idiot motorists. I`d probably have been in a ditch several times by now if I trained on the TT bike and I prefer to ride on the road rather than on the turbo.

– How many hours a week do you dedicate to training during the season?
Debbie: Roughly 8 hours, a bit more in the run up to a 100.

– With the championships over halfway through the year, does that mean the winter isn’t so important training wise and you can leave the hard work until spring?
Debbie: I do take some down time at the end of the season to let my body recover as its getting a bit old now!

– When do you expect to start your racing in 2020 and are there key goals or just one big one – ie, to enjoy the racing?
Debbie: I always have a plan and then I panic and think I am not ready and put it off! I take each year as it comes and I will decide which races I want to do and give them all my best shot. Overall, I will be 50 next year, it is my hobby and I’m not setting the world on fire so ultimately, I want to enjoy the races, give it my best, then go back to the HQ for coffee and cake!

My thanks to Debbie for that insight into her racing! Good luck for 2020 ;-)

Pic: UCI Tour of Cambridgeshire.


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