BikeP0RN: Custom Dolan DF3


Fitted with over 4k of Mavic wheels, this custom painted Dolan DF3 track bike is seriously kitted out for racing at the highest level

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Sitting in the showroom at Dolan Bikes recently was a seriously trick track bike that Terry Dolan was appropriately proud of and getting ready to send to a customer in Wales. The lucky recipent was getting a custom painted DF3 frame that is designed for serious track racing. Made from uni directional carbon fibre and available in 5 sizes, the DF3 is used mainly for sprinting but also used widely for omnium racing disciplines.


The bike had some serious top end wheels from Mavic that purchased separately would cost almost as much as the bike and on them were Vittoria Piste Evo CL 22 tubulars. To help the rider steer the bike around the velodrome were some equally top end Scatto 3T bars with the 3T ARX stem. The power to propel the bike forward goes through Sugino 75 cranks with a Zen solid chain ring (not pictured).






Customer paint work on this DF3



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