Team News: Joshua Hunt (Vitus Pro Cycling)

A rider in the mix a lot at the front of British races with experience in Belgian classics, Joshua Hunt will be a very valuable addition to the Vitus Pro Cycling Team. We chat …

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Team News: Joshua Hunt (Vitus Pro Cycling)

One of the most experienced riders in the team for 2018 is Joshua Hunt. Racing a bike began for him as a junior (under 19), so relatively late to the party compared to many riders who come into the sport as youth riders but as he explained to the team, he got stuck in straight away and spent time in Belgium as a junior hacking it out in the ‘gutter of death’ as he calls it.

“Career highlights for me so far, are mainly from 2016, merely down to the level of races that we were doing” explains Joshua. “Racing in events like Het Nieuwsblad (big Belgium classic), are memories I will never forget. The Tour de Yorkshire in 2015, going over many of my training roads, was also a big highlight for me, even if I did lose a few KOM’s along the way!”

For many riders in the peloton, doing a job for a team leader means they rarely get a chance to shine themselves. Is that something we asked, he is looking forward to in 2018 with Vitus Pro Cycling?

“This is a year I see as opportunity” he replies “and a big chance to show my potential. I’ve had a few years of ‘close but no cigar’ so I think, in a good positive environment, and within a team that want to win and be successful, which we have, who knows what we can do. It’s a great bunch of guys, who all want to show themselves and prove they are worthy to be at the top. I’m very excited to see what we can achieve. I’m really looking forward to turning a few heads, with the team”.

“We have a very young team overall, so I’ll be giving as much help and support to the young guys, but I’m sure it won’t take them long to settle in. Everyone in the team, staff and riders, are all very motivated and passionate about being the best we can be. The environment is very positive. There’s a lot of riders who are straight out of junior racing, so I’m excited to see the riders progress, and I’ll be there to help them along the way as much as I can.”
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Being such an experienced rider who has rubbed shoulders with the best in the world in the pro races in Europe, what does Joshua think the key things the first year seniors will need to learn? “My role will certainly involve supporting the young guys. I’m still only 26, but I feel I have a lot of experience that I can pass on. I’ve always seen myself as that kind of character, helping and giving the knowledge that I’ve learnt, over the past few years”.

“Apart from the race strategy advice, which a lot needs to be learnt from racing, one of the best pieces of advice I can give, is to enjoy riding your bike, and appreciate what you have.”

“There will be many times you’ll have personal failures, but it’s about how you come back from them defeats, that determines the rider or person you become. Fail forward, as they say. Being patient, recognising opportunities, and knowing when to act on them in races, are important things to learn quickly when you want to be a good rider”.

“When a young rider has an experience, good or bad, and doesn’t know what to do, the chances are pretty high that I’ve had the same experience myself, so I’ll certainly be able to give wisdom on things like that. I’m a big fan of the positive effect of motivation, so I’ll certainly be getting the guys pumped up as much as I can throughout the year.”

It isn’t just the experience that Joshua has had himself he can call upon but brother Jeremy, a former double British Road Race Champion, has even more! “Jez has helped me a lot over the years. He’s a man of few words, but when I’ve been in need, them words have always made a difference.”

“I learnt a lot from him, especially when I was out in France and Belgium as an 18/19 year old. Any advice from a rider like him is very valuable, and I’ve certainly soaked up as much as I can. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today, without his advice, as well as a few other individuals who have helped me along the way, so I’m very grateful to all the help I’ve received”.

Over the years, Joshua has had many a good result, and when asked what his strengths are as a rider, he explains “my biggest strength I would say, is ‘versatility’. I’ve been thrown into many different types of races in the past, at all levels, and have always been able to do the job asked of me, and be at the front end of the bike race.”

“I have a very methodical approach to racing, and I like to think I’m relaxed in stressful situations, so that will be key this year I think. Making big decisions in races mid race isn’t an easy thing to do, so I hope to be able to make these decisions for the team when required, and use my experience to make sure it’s the right choice.”

Looking back at 2017 and his toughest races, Joshua says “I think Tour de Yorkshire stage 3 was probably the hardest single day of racing of 2017. I didn’t race as much as I’d have liked to throughout the year, but that race certainly stands out as a hard day on the bike. The prems are never easy though, especially the Chorley GP, which I’m sure everyone would agree.”
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Having spoken to riders down south of England and up north, I don’t think there is a place a rider can go to in order to get away from the weather so how has Joshua coped with the British winter? “Winter training has been going well. I had a good long break after the 2017 season, as I feel it’s important mentally to take a step back and go away from the bike”.

“I made sure I was ready and raring to go when I got back on it in November. I spent a couple of weeks before Xmas in Gran Canaria building up some endurance, but mostly I’ve been toughing it out in the good old north. I spent the winter in Italy last year, and I think it made me a bit soft, so I’m looking at the cold winter training as a good thing. Saying that though, I’m looking forward to getting down to Spain for the team camp in a few weeks!”

Asked about goals for 2018 with Vitus Pro Cycling, he says “The main goals for 2018 with the team will be the national series races, and qualification for the Tour of Britain. It is also important for us to give our sponsors what they deserve in the top UK road races and crits.

“The team calendar isn’t finalised just yet, so more specific goals for the team and individual riders is still to be decided. The first major objectives will be the April races, with a few prems there, as well as the Rutland”.

“For me, I will always look forward to Chorley GP as it’s pretty local to me, so there is some big motivation there. I’ve not been in real top shape at that race before, so I’ll be looking forward to that one this year definitely. The Tour de Yorkshire is also a race I always look forward to. Whether we get invited or not, is yet to be decided, but regardless, it’s a great race, and I’d certainly grab the opportunity to give it 100% if the chance arises”.

Thank you Joshua for the chat and we look forward to seeing you on the road soon.



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