Result: Lincoln Grand Prix 2019

Both Tom Stewart and Rebecca Durrell (Brother UK/Tifosi) win the Lincoln GP for the second time on Sunday (May 12)

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Result: Lincoln Grand Prix 2019

Press Release

History repeated itself at the Chestnut Homes Lincoln Grand Prix today, as two previous winners of the event, Rebecca Durrell and Tom Stewart, both claimed victory at round two of this year’s National Road Series. Durrell (Brother UK – Tifosi p/b OnForm) claimed her second consecutive win in Lincoln after winning a thrilling sprint finish against national road champion Jess Roberts (Team Breeze).

Durrell showed her class over the early laps, consistently reaching the top of the iconic Michaelgate climb at the head of the race. However, the peloton stayed together until an injection of pace from Joscelin Lowden ( Fusion RT) began to string the pack out in the closing laps. Lowden led a strong group of seven across the line for the penultimate time, before mounting a solo attack in the early stages of the eighth and final lap. However, the bunch came back together as the lap progressed, and Durrell’s strength on the climb edged her into the lead.

Although Roberts mounted a strong challenge, Durrell crossed the line in first to secure her team’s second victory in two national series races, following Anna Henderson’s win at the East Cleveland Klondike. Lowden finished third, with Pfeiffer Georgi (Team Sunweb) and Alicia Speake (Campinense – Velo Performance) completing the top five.

Afterwards, Durrell said: “I could hear Jess breathing right next to me on the way up the last climb! It was a really strong ride by her, and so close on the line. I had so many family members here today and they gave me that extra 0.1 per cent that I needed. That last time up Michaelgate, you’re already digging the dregs of energy from the bottom of the barrel, but they gave me that extra boost to keep on going.

“The girls rode brilliantly. We had a plan going into the race and we executed it perfectly. Anna and I got our heads together in the break at the end and she said she wasn’t feeling great but that she would lead me out. It just shows that if you work as a team you can succeed. It’s a win for the whole team, not just for me.”

Tom Stewart (Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes) – the 2016 winner – proved the strongest in the final stages of the 13-lap men’s race, after the peloton had come back together to ensure a thrilling finale. After a threatening-looking break – dominated by Stewart’s Canyon DHB p/b Bloor Homes team-mates – was reeled in by the rest of the field, a strong lead group of over 20 riders were all in contention going into the final lap.

Last year’s winner Alex Richardson was among those to mount an attack, however it was Stewart who judged the final Michaelgate climb to perfection, finishing ahead of Tom Pidcock (Team Wiggins Le Col) and team-mate Andy Tennant to take victory. After the race, Stewart said: “It’s a tough race, but I’ve learnt how to ride it over the years, I think. You have to prepare yourself to go extremely deep – you know it’s going to hurt. You have moments where you doubt yourself, and I had that today, but I just identified the biggest threats and started watching each one of those riders, picking them off one by one and gradually thinking ‘I can do this’.”

“The last time I won here I came into the finish with three extremely strong guys and I managed to beat them, and that gave me some confidence – this finish obviously suits me. I took a different line to previous years, but still managed to do the trick.”

The next round of the men’s series is the Lancaster Grand Prix, while the women’s series now moves on to the CiCle Classic – both races take place on June 9. Taking the respective series leader jerseys into those races will be Durrell and Matt Holmes (Madison Genesis).

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1 Thomas Stewart Canyon dhb P / B Bloor Homes 3:47:29
2 Thomas Pidcock Team Wiggins Le Col +2
3 Andrew Tennant Canyon dhb P / B Bloor Homes +4
4 Matthew Holmes Madison Genesis +9
5 Steve Lampier Saint Piran +st
6 Ethan Hayter VC Londres +14
7 Alistair Slater Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother +st
8 Jacob Scott SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling +17
9 Isaac Mundy SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling +st
10 Kieran Savage Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffie +20
11 Ian Bibby Madison Genesis +23
12 Jacob Hennessy Canyon dhb P / B Bloor Homes +st
13 Russell Downing Giordana Racing +st
14 Joseph Sutton Richardsons-Trek RT +25
15 Joe Evans Saint Piran +st
16 Oliver Maxwell Saint Piran +st
17 Matthew Walls Team Inspired +st
18 Joey Walker Madison Genesis +st
19 Rupert Graham Spirit Tifosi Racing Team +st
20 Mark Stewart Ribble Pro Cycling +32
21 Alex Paton Canyon dhb P / B Bloor Homes +33
22 Scott Auld Ribble Pro Cycling +39
23 Ben Healy Team Wiggins Le Col +40
24 Alexandar Richardson Canyon dhb P / B Bloor Homes +56
25 Lawrence Carpenter Team Wiggins Le Col +1:04
26 Alex Luhrs Ribble Pro Cycling +1:15
27 Michael OLoughlin Team Wiggins Le Col +1:21
28 Louis Szymanski Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffie +1:33
29 Theo Modell Richardsons-Trek RT +2:04
30 Andrew Nichols Team B38 / Cycles In Motion +2:14
31 Jonathan Fowles Crimson Orientation Marketing R +2:16
32 Rhys Howells Richardsons-Trek RT +2:17
33 Harry Hardcastle Wheelbase CabTech Castelli +2:19
34 Peter Cocker Richardsons-Trek RT +2:21
35 William Perrett Leisure Lakes +st
36 Jonathan Bridge Crimson Orientation Marketing R +2:23
37 Scott Thwaites Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother +2:31
38 Oliver W Bates Flamme Rouge Cycling Team +2:32
39 Lindsay Watson Cycling Ulster +2:36
40 Felix Barker ActiveEdge Race Team +st
41 Rory Townsend Canyon dhb P / B Bloor Homes +st
42 Christopher McGlinchey Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother +st
43 Bradley Symonds Team PB Performance +st
44 Jacques Sauvagnargues Team Wiggins Le Col +st
45 Charlie Tanfield Canyon dhb P / B Bloor Homes +st
46 Oliver Peckover ActiveEdge Race Team +st
47 Joe Holt Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother +st
48 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother +st
49 William Scott Flamme Rouge Cycling Team +st
50 Dillon Corkery Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services +st
51 Darnell Moore Cycling Ulster +st
52 Matthew Clarke Wheelbase CabTech Castelli +st
53 Cameron Jeffers Saint Piran +st
54 John Archibald Ribble Pro Cycling +st
55 Christopher Latham Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother +2:42
56 Matthew Nowell Saint Piran +2:44
57 Matthew Clements Richardsons-Trek RT +st
58 Gruffudd Lewis Ribble Pro Cycling +st
59 Corentin Navarro Team Wiggins Le Col +2:49
60 Leon Mazzone Spirit Tifosi Racing Team +st
61 Richard Handley Madison Genesis +2:51
62 Luke Ryan Richardsons-Trek RT +st
63 Frederik Scheske Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother +3:40
64 Damien Clayton Andy Moore Autocentres Racing +4:33
65 James Curry Cycling Ulster +4:37
66 Andrew Turner SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling +5:03
67 James Ireson Morvelo Basso +6:21
68 David Bolland Team Bioracer-DHL-FR Services +6:22
69 Alex Dalton Ribble Pro Cycling +6:27
70 Josh Housley Team PB Performance +6:32
71 George Evans ActiveEdge Race Team +6:38
72 Jake Womersley Crimson Orientation Marketing R +6:43
73 Ben Joughin Pro Vision Race Team +st
74 Ben Hardy SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling +6:48
75 Edward Laverack SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling +6:51
76 Matthew Exley Flamme Rouge Cycling Team +7:00

The Brian Cossavella Michaelgate Trophy
1 Thomas Stewart Canyon dhb P / B Bloor Homes 12
2 Alexandar Richardson Canyon dhb P / B Bloor Homes 7
3 Matthew Nowell Saint Piran 7

The Under 23 Competition
1 Thomas Pidcock Team Wiggins Le Col
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1 Rebecca Durrell Brother UK – Tifosi p/b OnForm 2:35:54
2 Jessica Roberts Team Breeze +st
3 Joscelin Lowden Fusion RT +9
4 Pfeiffer Georgi Team Sunweb +12
5 Alicia Speake Campinense – Velo Performance +16
6 Elizabeth Holden Drops +21
7 Josie Knight Team Breeze +26
8 Anna Henderson Brother UK – Tifosi p/b OnForm +31
9 Emma Lewis Brother UK Fusion RT +36
10 Eluned King Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles +1:05
11 Abi Smith RFDA +st
12 Jennifer Powell Bianchi Dama +1:08
13 Emily Wadsworth Brother UK – Tifosi p/b OnForm +1:11
14 Elizabeth Bennett Campinense – Velo Performance +st
15 Abigail Dentus Brother UK – Tifosi p/b OnForm +1:12
16 Claire Steels Brother UK Fusion RT +st
17 Illi Gardener Brother UK – Tifosi p/b OnForm +1:14
18 Anna Docherty Team Breeze +1:19
19 Rebecca Raybould Team Breeze +1:22
20 Jenny Holl Team Breeze +1:25
21 Rhona Callander Team Breeze +st
22 Caitlin Peters Storey Racing +1:28
23 Rebecca Richardson Brother UK Fusion RT +st
24 Jo Tindley Campinense – Velo Performance +1:34
25 Jayati Hine University of Sheffield CC +st
26 Helen Ralston Team LDN +st
27 Beth Harley-Jepson Edinburgh RC +st
28 Bethany Taylor Bianchi Dama +1:37
29 Florence Cox Campinense – Velo Performance +st
30 Jennifer Holden Campinense – Velo Performance +st
31 Dame Sarah Storey Storey Racing +st
32 Kate Wootton Cycle Team OnForm +1:44
33 Francesca Cutts Team LDN +st
34 Dannielle Khan BC Private member +st
35 April Tacey Brother UK Fusion RT +st
36 Charlotte Berry Campinense – Velo Performance +1:46
37 Annabel Simpson Brother UK – Tifosi p/b OnForm +st
38 Sophie Lankford Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Vel +st
39 Abbie Manley Hargroves-Montezumas +st
40 Chanel Mason Storey Racing +st
41 Soraia Silva Campinense – Velo Performance +1:49
42 Katharine Smyth Cycling Ulster +1:51
43 Holly MacMahon Bianchi Dama +1:56
44 Gwenno Hughes Westland Wil Vooruit +st
45 Lucy Gadd Storey Racing +1:58
46 Eileen Burns Cycling Ulster +2:04
47 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team +2:08
48 Jennifer Batey Team Boompods +2:11
49 Fiona Hunter Johnston Campinense – Velo Performance +st
50 Molly Patch Brother UK Fusion RT +2:29
51 Christina Wiejak Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Vel +7:40
52 Hannah Larbalestier Team Boompods +7:51
53 Polly Mason DAP Cycling Club +7:53
54 Marie Lynn Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Vel +7:57

The Ian Emmerson Michaelgate Trophy
1 Rebecca Durrell Brother UK – Tifosi p/b OnForm 12
2 Joscelin Lowden Brother UK Fusion RT 10
3 Abi Smith RFDA 9
4 Eluned King Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles 7
5 Pfeiffer Georgi Team Sunweb 6
6 Jessica Roberts Team Breeze 5

The Under 23 Competition
1 Jessica Roberts Team Breeze

The Junior Competition
1 Eluned King Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles


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