Result: Abellio-SFA RT Spring Crit

Timothy Lynch, Flora Perkins, Rowan Fuss, and Lance Childs winners at the Abellio-SFA RT Spring Crits on March 7 at Kent Cyclopark

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Result: Abellio-SFA RT Spring Crit

Men E/1/2
1 Timothy Lynch London Dynamo Elite
2 Richmond Rogers Arctic Aircon RT 1st
3 Will Auty 4T+ Cyclopark 2nd
4 Matt Holmes Arctic Aircon RT Elite
5 Billy Whisman
6 Rory Barrett Southborough & District Whls 1st
7 Craig Cole Wolfe RT 1st
8 Andrew Hastings Haste cc 2nd
9 Ray Foames
10 Keith Henderson Southborough & District Whls 1st
11 Gareth Turner VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propu… 1st
12 Sam Hodges Verulam – 2nd
13 Tim Allen Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
14 Peter Merritt TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling 2nd
15 Joe Baker Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 2nd

Women (2/3/4)
1 Flora Perkins VC Londres 2nd
2 Polly Burge Tofauti Everyone Active 2nd
3 Elizabeth Hughes Team LDN – Brother UK 2nd
4 Rosina Digne-Malcolm CC London 3rd
5 Ella Baker Tofauti Everyone Active 3rd
6 Toni Wilkes Project 51 3rd
7 Ellen Inglis JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team 3rd
8 Emma Keiller Tofauti Everyone Active 3rd
9 Grace Dent Project 51 2nd
10 Charlotte Jackson URDT 2nd

Men 4th Cat only
1 Rowan Fuss Elitecycling Junior Team 4th
2 Spencer Hadaway Elitecycling Junior Team 4th
3 Stephen Dawes Guernsey Velo Club (LBG) 4th
4 Scott Davies Hub VĂ©lo 4th
5 Frederick Paxton Rapha Cycling Club 4th
6 William Thomasson Dulwich Paragon CC 4th
7 Shea Connell UEA Velo 4th
8 Craig Kingham Southborough & District Whls 4th
9 Michael Rammell ORIEN.CC 4th
10 Dru Dennis trainSharp Development team 4th
11 Matts Latham 4th
12 David Wilson Rapha Cycling Club 4th
13 Marco Daiola
14 Elwyn Powell Twickenham CC 4th
15 Liam McLaughlin Woolwich CC N/A
16 Alex Warburton Velo Schils – Interbike RT 4th
17 Ben Marchant Clapham Chasers Run & Tri Club 4th

Men 3rd Cat only
1 Lance Childs trainSharp Development team 3rd
2 Matthew Lord Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
3 Neil Harrigan Gemini BC 3rd
4 Ian Franklin Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team 3rd
5 Andrew Griffiths Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team 3rd
6 Arthur Hitchen Orwell Velo 3rd
7 Luke Alexandre Abellio – SFA Racing Team 3rd
8 Jack Lear ROTOR Race Team 3rd
9 Samuel Thienel Momentum Cycles RC 3rd
10 Andrew Jewell Full Gas Racing Team 3rd
11 Anthony Attwood Project 51 3rd
12 Harry Ives trainSharp Development team 3rd
13 Myles Brown 4T+ Cyclopark 3rd
14 Lee Messenger Project 51 3rd
15 Iain McNaught CC London 3rd
16 Nathan Delaney Project 51 3rd
17 John Kidd Hart Performance Coaching 3rd
18 Colin Ballbach 3rd
19 Nick Howick Momentum Cycles RC 3rd
20 David Hawes Clapham Chasers Run & Tri Club 3rd
21 Seun Aderibigbe 3rd
22 Matthew Drown Orwell Velo 3rd
23 Thomas Rowing Abellio – SFA Racing Team 3rd
24 Duke Agyapong Stayer Racing 3rd
25 Kai Watts Team Type 1 3rd
26 Charlie Marshall Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 3rd
27 Giovanni Luongo London Dynamo 3rd
28 Robert Dickinson Army Cycling Union 3rd
29 John Cockrill Abellio – SFA Racing Team 3rd
30 George Sales Project 51 3rd

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