Entry List: The Peaks 2 Day (18/19 March)

March 18 & 19 sees the Peaks Two Day National B event for men and women in Derbyshire/Yorkshire with strong lineups in both

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Entry List: The Peaks 2 Day (18/19 March)

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HQ (SATURDAY) 07:30 HQ Opens
Peak Dale Primary School, School Road, Peak Dale, Upper End
Buxton, SK17 8AJ

HQ (SUNDAY) 07:30 HQ Opens
Hade Edge Band Building, 56 Greave Road, Hade Edge, Holmfirth


The day’s racing: 1 stage for the Men(RR), two stages for women (TT/RR)

The same circuit used for Time Trial and Road Races but with different start/finishes

– 9.01 | Women’s Stage 1 – Time Trial: The course is 12km with 200m of elevation
– 11am approx | Men’s Stage 1 (road race): 12.4km lap with 215m of elevation (7 laps)
– 3pm approx | Women’s Stage 2 (road race) 12.4km lap with 215m of elevation (5 laps)

The day’s racing: 2 stages for the Men (TT & RR) & 1 stage for the women (RR)

– 9.01 | Men’s Stage 2 – Time Trial (Holme Moss): The course is 3km with 221m of elevation.
– 11am approx | Stage 3 Women (Road Race) 12 laps of 6.5km course
– 3pm approx | Stage 3 Men (Road Race) 16 laps of 6.5km course

101m of elevation per lap

Above: Mens and Women’s road race course

TT Regulations: The bike for the time trial: All riders competing must use a bike and wheels that conform to what is stated in the British Cycling Technical Regulations governing a Road Race, not a time trial. In summary – the same bike, equipment and helmet
that you will use for the road stages.


1 Katie Archibald Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling Team Elite
2 Daisy Barnes Alba Development Road Team 2nd
3 Sian Botteley Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
4 Lizi Brooke Wahoo – Le Col 2nd
5 Miriam Bullock LDN-Academy 2nd
6 Jessie Carridge Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
7 Robyn Clay Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee 1st
8 Nicole Coates Saint Piran WRT 1st
9 Penny Colloff LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 1st
10 Abigail Cooper Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 3rd
11 Bexy Dew Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee 1st
12 Freya Eccleston Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 2nd
13 Lucy Ellmore Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee Elite
14 Harriet Evans Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 2nd
15 Lizzie Fox FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing 3rd
16 Olivia French StolenGoat Race Team 2nd
17 Vanessa Fursden Wahoo – Le Col 3rd
18 Harriet Graham Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 2nd
19 Laura Gray Wahoo – Le Col 3rd
20 Monica Greenwood DAS – Handsling Bikes Elite
21 Rebecca Hair LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 2nd
22 Francesca Hall Loughborough Lightning Elite
23 Katherine Handy Valley Striders CC 2nd
24 Lucy Harris AWOL- O’Shea Elite
25 Grace Lister DAS – Handsling Bikes Elite
26 Maddie Heywood FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing 2nd
27 Jayati Hine Team Boompods 2nd
28 Jenny Holl TEKKERZ CC 1st
29 Emma Jeffers DAS – Handsling Bikes Elite
30 Amber Junker-Brameld VC Londres 2nd
31 Marie-Louise Kertzman LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 2nd
32 Jacqueline Kinsey AWOL Worx Galliard 3rd
33 Josie Knight Team Spectra Cannondale 2nd
34 Zoe Langham Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee 2nd
35 Lauren Langham Wahoo – Le Col 2nd
36 Lucy Lee DAS – Handsling Bikes Elite
37 Connie Hayes AWOL- O’Shea 1st
38 Beth Maciver Alba Development Road Team 2nd
39 Ella Maclean-Howell Team Inspired 2nd
40 Jordan Matthews FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing 3rd
41 Tuva Mauland Brother UK-Orientation Marketing
42 Ellen McDermott Team Boompods 1st
43 Tamsin Miller Hutchinson-Brother UK 1st
44 Gemma Mitchell Team Boompods 1st
45 Francesca Morgans-Slader AWOL- O’Shea 2nd
46 Lucy Neatham LDN-Academy 2nd
47 Claire Nott FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing 3rd
48 Frances Owen Wahoo – Le Col 2nd
49 Clare Parkin FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing 3rd
50 Mathilde Pauls LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 2nd
51 Abi Plowman Jadan Vive le Velo p/b Glasdon 2nd
52 Jessica Prior LDN-Academy 3rd
53 Laura Senior Team Spectra Cannondale 1st
54 Eilidh Shaw Alba Development Road Team 1st
55 Hayley Simmonds AWOL- O’Shea 2nd
56 Millie Skinner Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee 2nd
57 Sammie Stuart DAS – Handsling Bikes Elite
58 Amelia Tyler Alba Development Road Team 3rd
59 Dannielle Watkinson Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd
60 Evie White Alba Development Road Team 2nd
61 Mary Wilkinson Team Boompods Elite
62 Esther Wong Shibden Hope Tech Apex 2nd
63 Morven Yeoman Torelli 2nd
64 Sannah Zaman Hutchinson-Brother UK 2nd

1 Oliver Akers Albion Cycling Co 2nd
2 Tom Andrews Team Lifting Gear Products 2nd
3 Daniel Barnes Team Spectra Cannondale 1st
4 Toby Barnes AT85 Pro Cycling Elite
5 Tobias Bartlett Doddington Cycling Club 1st
6 Ross Birrell AT85 Pro Cycling 1st
7 Christopher Booth Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk 2nd
8 Harry Macfarlane TAAP Endura 1st
9 Benjamin Bright Wales Racing Academy 2nd
10 Jonny Britton Prologue Racing Team 2nd
11 Huw Buck Jones Wales Racing Academy 2nd
12 Richard Butler Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk 2nd
13 Damien Clayton Embark Spirit BSS Elite
14 Jacques Coates Team PB Performance Elite
15 Peter Cocker Richardsons Trek DAS 1st
16 Matthew Cole Zappi Junior Race Team 1st
17 Joe Coukham Cycling Sheffield 2nd
18 Archie Cross Velo Schils – Interbike RT 1st
19 George Daly YBC Composite Team 3rd
20 Cai Davies Kalas Motip Race Team 1st
21 Spencer Davies Wales Racing Academy 2nd
22 Tobias Edwards Team Lifting Gear Products 2nd
23 Matthew Ellis ROKiT-SRCT 2nd
24 Matthew Ellmore Prologue Racing Team 2nd
25 Liam Flannery Team PB Performance 2nd
26 Jordan Giles Primera-TeamJobs 1st
27 William Harding YBC Composite Team 2nd
28 Finlay Hawker Zappi Junior Race Team 3rd
29 Angus Hawkins Ride Revolution Coaching 1st
30 Taylor Hill Cycling Sheffield 2nd
31 David Hill Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk 2nd
32 Matthew Houlberg Embark Spirit BSS 1st
33 Oscar Hutchings Team Tor 2000 Kalas 1st
34 Lucas Jowett Saint Piran 2nd
35 Adam Kenway Derby CC Webuycycle Huub RT 1st
36 George Kimber Embark Spirit BSS 1st
37 Harvey Lawson Kalas Motip Race Team 2nd
38 Corrin Leeming Cycling Club Isle of Man 2nd
39 Dexter Leeming-Sykes Wold Top The Edge Pactimo 1st
40 Matthew Lock TAAP Endura 1st
41 Joe Boothroyd Giant Kendal-Sidas Uk 2nd
42 Tom Martin Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 2nd
43 James McKay Cycling Sheffield 1st
44 Cameron McLaren Kalas Motip Race Team Elite
45 Fred Meredith Wales Racing Academy 1st
46 Tom Merry Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 1st
47 Sean Mullen Richardsons Trek DAS 2nd
48 Andrew Nichols Team Lifting Gear Products 1st
49 Ben Pease Moonglu Race Team 1st
50 Oliver Peckover trainSharp Elite 1st
51 George Peden Team PB Performance Elite
52 Alex Peters Richardsons Trek DAS 1st
53 Joshua Ravn Wold Top The Edge Pactimo 1st
54 Lee Rosie Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 1st
55 Oliver Sawyer YBC Composite Team 2nd
56 Oliver Sergeant Prologue Racing Team 2nd
57 Joe Shillabeer 05/03 2nd
58 Jacob Smith Wheelbase CabTech Castelli 1st
59 Nathan Smith Team Novo Nordisk Development 2nd
60 Alexander Speirs TAAP Endura 2nd
61 Maximilian Stedman AT85 Pro Cycling 1st
62 Bradley Symonds Saint Piran 1st
63 Oliver Tandy Solihull CC 2nd
64 Jude Taylor Team PB Performance 2nd
65 Timothy Torrie trainSharp Elite 1st
66 Matthew Warhurst ROKiT-SRCT 1st
67 Callum Watson Prologue Racing Team 3rd
68 Joe Wilson Embark Spirit BSS Elite
69 George Wood Cycling Sheffield 1st
70 Jenson Young ROKiT-SRCT 1st


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