Review – Pebble Battery Pack


When you need to recharge your iPhone or other types of phones & devices, then this power pack will keep you going on and on and on …

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Review – Pebble Battery Pack

There will be many of you who have seen me at races with a load of ‘stuff’ taped to the top of a flashgun on my camera. That stuff happens to be a ThreeUK MiFi broadband dongle and a Peeble battery pack. Images go from the camera to the MiFi and onto Flickr and into the website.

It has been a few years now since I started sending out live photos on and to do that I needed to keep that ThreeUK MiFi unit from dying as its battery is pitiful. Fine if you don’t put any data through it but sending photos out sees the battery last 15 minutes or less!

The solution was the Veho Peeble battery pack. Until now, that is all I have used it for but on receiving a new one from Raleigh, distributors of the product, they encouraged me to try it with different gadgets.

So I charged my iPhone (4s) with it using one of the many connectors it comes with and right now, its keeping my iPod from running out of juice as it keeps the music flowing at VeloUK HQ.


The VCC-A008-XT – PEBBLEâ„¢ XT Portable Battery Pack Charger (5000mAh) at work for me

Its small, roughly the size of the Ipod its charging at the moment so will go in a coat pocket and is ideal I found for taking with me to races where the iPhone and all its ‘tools’ get lots of use.

Using the battery pack is two steps. First, using a supplied lead with lots of different ‘tips’, charge it by plugging into a USB port in the car or computer for example.

Secondly, to charge a device, using the correct attachment for your gadget, attach to the power pack’s usb port and turn on and charge the device until ready to use.

It comes with 10 charging tips that will says the blurb charge all popular mobile phones, including the iPhone as well as digital cameras, camcorders, GPS, Nintendo DS, PSP plus many more (according to the product website).

I have tested it with iPhone, the 3UK MiFi, iPod, and iPad. Raleigh state on their website that it is also ideal for charging the Muvi range of camcorders.

It’s small and light enough to carry around and not be a burden, big enough to provide plenty of recharging juice and versatile enough to charge lots of different devices. I wouldn’t be without mine because getting access to mains power on the move is never easy. Everyone though will have different needs and different gadgets so you may need to do some checking to see if it works with your gadgets.

Peeble_Battery VC19

The Peeble battery and all the tips. The sample I had (and others I have) did not have a retractable lead which for me was a good thing!

Key features (from product website)
– Capacity 5000mAH, (about 400% of 3Gs iPhone battery life capacity)
– Pocket size
– Adapters for most popular devices
– Auto shut off power saving mode
– Includes neoprene carry pouch with pocket for tips/leads etc
– Charges your device giving you up to 1200 hours standby (Depending on device)


Charging my MiFi unit (broadband internet)

What’s Included:
1x Pebble External Battery Pack in tacton rubber touch housing
1x USB to DC Cable
1x Deluxe neoprene carry pouch (with pocket for charging tips)
10x Charging tips for various devices
1x User Manual


Charging the battery pack from the laptops USB port.

Raleigh stockists.

Product on Raleigh’s Website:  Click here 

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