Day 8: World Masters Track Championships

The final day of competition at the UCI World Masters Track Championships at Manchester saw thirteen rainbow jerseys awarded during a day of Women’s sprinting, Men’s pursuiting and a Points race.

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Day 8: World Masters Track Championships
October 12-19, 2019 | Manchester velodrome


DAY 8, Saturday, OCT 19

The final day of competition at the UCI World Masters Track Championships at Manchester saw thirteen rainbow jerseys awarded during a day of Women’s sprinting, Men’s pursuiting and a Points race. Overall, the day saw four Gold medals for the British riders as well as those from the USA with one Gold medal each for Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Denmark and Canada plus a special victory for Switzerland in the Brian Cossavella Memorial Scratch race.

In the only Men’s Points race of the day for riders in the 40-44 age category, Scotland’s Martin Lonie showed just how much he wanted it, dominating the sprints so much that he was able to chase down a possible rival over the final laps before being able to sit up as he approached the finish line and celebrate a very good victory indeed as the other riders contested the final sprint.

In the Women’s sprint, Camie Kornely of the USA won her deciding match race for the Gold medal against Valle Perino of Argentina after a very high speed and heavy fall just after she crossed the finish line and where later, her rival was relegated for entering the sprinters lane whilst her opponent was already in there.

After being stretchered off, the rider from the USA, too much applause in the velodrome, was able to receive her rainbow jersey before getting back on the stretcher to be looked at by the ambulance service medics.

Other Gold medal winners in the Women’s sprint included Barbara Wiles (Gbr), Janni Bormann (Den), Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen (Ned), Lan Tran (USA), Bonnie Woodbury (USA) and Rachel McKinnon (Can).

In the Men’s Pursuit, a former World professional champion from 1983 in this event, Australia’s Steele Bishop, showed just why he won that title with another victory in the event in the 65 to 69 age category, beating Kent Bostick of the USA.

In the 70-74 age category, New Zealand’s Colin Claxton completed a double for the riders from Down Under with victory in the 70-74 whilst in the 75 plus age category, the ever popular former British road race champion Geoff Wiles beat another legend in the sport from the other side of the world, Keith Oliver.

The win by Geoff meant that both he and his wife Barbara stood on the top step of the podium with rainbow jerseys that evening.
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There was more Gold for Britain in an all British final of the Men’s 45-54 Team Pursuit where Antony Wallis, Richard Oakes, Rob Muzio, Mike Twelves caught their rivals in the closing stages of the race off for Gold.

The final race of the evening was the Brian Cossavella Memorial Scratch race won by Switzerland’s Martin Ruepp from Scotland’s Andrew Bruce and Jason Roberts.

Dates Oct 3rd to Oct 10 for the 2020 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Champion are to be submitted to the UCI and confirmation of them will be announced as and when the UCI agrees the dates for next year.

On behalf of Ian Emmerson OBE and the Organisation Committee of the Masters Track Cycling World Championships, a heartfelt thankyou to everyone who supported this event. To the 570 riders (from 36 different countries), race officials, volunteers, presentation team, technical & results team, velodrome staff – you are all a key part of making the championships happen. We wish you all safe journeys home and we’ll see you in 2020.

The Golden couple, Geoff and Barbara Wiles, both world champions on the final day

– Men’s 40/44 Points Race: Martin Lonie GBR
– Men’s 65/69 Pursuit: Steele Bishop AUS
– Men’s 70-74 Pursuit: Colin Claxton NZL
– Men’s 75+ Pursuit: Geoff Wiles GBR
– Women’s 55+ Sprint: Janni Bormann DEN
– Women’s 50/54 Sprint: . Kira Maximovich USA
– Women’s 45/49 Sprint: . Camie Kornely USA
– Women’s 40/44 Sprint: Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen NED
– Womens 60+ Sprint: Barbara Wiles GBR
– Womens 65-69: Lan Tran USA
– Women’s 75+ Bonnie Woodbury USA
– Women’s 35/39 Sprint: Rachel McKinnon CAN
– Men’s 45/54 Team Pursuit: Antony Wallis, Richard Oakes, Rob Muzio, Mike Twelves

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Full results on the championship website:

Men’s 75+ Pursuit
1. Geoff Wiles GBR
2. Keith Oliver AUS caught in 1.58.316
3. John Mason GBR 3.09.106
4. Barry Ferguson GBR 3.06.075

Men’s 40-44 Points Race
1. Martin Lonie GBR 23 25m 26
2. Jonathan Harris GBR 19
3. Dario Pagliaricci ARG 11
4. Krzystof Wolski POL 10
5. Justin McKie GBR 10
6. Michael Kirkland GBR 7
7. David Woodhouse GBR 6
8. Sam Alison AUS 5
9. Rolando Horacio Ahumada ARG 4
10. Olivier Peuvrier FRA 3
11. Adam Bidwell GBR 1
12. John Hollier GBR 0
13. Robert West GBR 0
14. Leandro Emilio Lopez ARG 0

Womens 60+ SPRINT
1. Barbara Wiles GBR 14.461 14.708
2. Lan Tran USA
3. Lillian Pfluke USA 15.607 15.304
4 Kathleen McCormac GBR

Women’s 45-49 SPRINT
1. Camie Kornely USA – 12.489 13.001
2. Valle Perino ARG 12.267 – Rel
3. Janelle Smith AUS 12.728 13.132
4. Sherrie-Ann Prossalentis AUS

Women’s 40-44 SPRINT
1. Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen NED – 13.092 12.943
2. Rebecca Wheadon AUS 12.875

3. Jaana Hyvarinen FIN 13.845 13.529
4. Melanie Dobbins GBR

Women’s 55-59 SPRINT
1. Janni Bormann DEN 12.629 12.128
2. Julie Barnett AUS
3. Anna Whitten AUS

Women’s 50-54 SPRINT – Final – Result
1. Kira Maximovich USA 12.475 12.323
2. Debbie Capewell GBR
3. Megan Stevens AUS 13.873 13.480
4. Fiona Vescoli AUS

Women’s 35-39 SPRINT
1. Rachel McKinnon CAN 12.506 12.325
2. Dawn Orwick USA
3. Kirsten Herup Sovang DEN 12.818 12.296
4. Amber Walsh AUS

Men’s 65-69 Pursuit
1. Steele Bishop AUS 2.25.950
2. Kent Bostick USA 2.29.681

3. Richard Cullen USA 2.32.111
4. Steven Worley USA 2.31.507

Mens 70-74 Pursuit
1. Colin Claxton NZL 2.38.241
2. Graham Truelove GBR 2.42.999

3. Andre Petipas FRA 2.38.517
4. Bent Christiansen DEN 2.43.376

Men’s 45-54 Team Pursuit
1. Team Jewson MI Racing GBR
Antony Wallis, Richard Oakes, Rob Muzio, Mike Twelves

2. Derby Barbarians caught in 3.22.241 GBR
Jason Kierman, David Ellis, Martin Perrett, Wayne Smith

3 OTE Sports 4.27.656 (Gbr)
Steven Freear, Stephen Feeney, Andrew Turner, Andy Bond GBR

4. Timmer and Friends 4.31.314 USA
Daniel Casper, Kevin Nicol, Heath Dotson, David Clipper

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