RTTC Hill Climb Championships 2017

Two of the favourites indeed lived up to their tag and won the Mens (Dan Evans) and Womens (Joscelin Lowden) Hill Climb Championships at Hedley on the Hill on Sunday

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RTTC Hill Climb Championships 2017

Two of the favourites indeed lived up to their tag and won the Mens (Dan Evans) and Womens (Joscelin Lowden) Hill Climb Championships at Hedley on the Hill on Sunday. On a cold but fairly calm day with the sun bursting through from time to time, there was a good sized crowd providing a brilliant atmosphere for the event organised by Ben Lane and GS Metro.

Dan Evans was well pleased with the second championship win

Joscelin Lowden won her first Hill Climb Championship in some style

The North East supporters were certainly in great form with costumes and it would not be a hill climb without a shameless bloke in a mankini!

We were there though for the Hill Climb Championships and 240 riders were entered to race up the hill to Hedley on the Hill on a closed road. Opposite where we were taking pics were result updates from time time with the long long time leader Cameron Biddle sitting close to by waiting for some one to beat his time of 4.13.

He had a long time to wait and in the meantime, the Women’s title was settled with ‘Southerner’ in the green and gold of Lewes Wanderers (Joscelin Lowden) doing her coach Sean Yates at Trainsharp proud by winning the womens title in what was a close battle. Joscelin crossed the line in 4.53, a second faster than Mary Wilkinson and two seconds quicker than Hayley Simmonds.

Adam Kenway of Raleigh GAC second in the mens race

A surprise name in the womens, second placed Mary Wilkinson

In the men’s, the course was said to favour former champion Dan Evans and so it did, with the Assos man going under 4 minutes to set a new course record and beat defending champion Adam Kenway (Raleigh)  who afterwards admitted he was disappointed not to win but also happy to have done so well in defending his title and finishing second in a strong field of riders.

In the coming week, we’ll have the interviews from the day …

After a long year, Hayley Simmonds was still able to push the pedals round quickly to finish third in the Womens championships

A pleased Kieran Savage was third for his team which also won the team award
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Results (Provisional) 

Men’s Team Award: B38-Underpin Racing (K. Savage, P. Clark, Andy Nichols) 12:31.7

Women’s Team Award: Racing Chance Foundation (Corinne Side, Tamsin Vicary, Heather Bamforth)


1 Joscelin Lowden Lewes Wanderers CC 04:53.4 Female Senior
2 Mary Wilkinson Yorkshire Road Club 04:54.5 Female Senior
3 Hayley Simmonds Team WNT Pro Cycling 04:55.6 Female Senior
4 Fiona Burnie GS Metro 05:03.9 Female Senior
5 Jessica Evans ASSOS Equipe UK 05:11.6 Female Senior
6 Rebecca Goodson Velo Schils Interbike RT 05:13.2 Female Senior
7 Elizabeth Banks Storey Racing 05:16.1 Female Senior
8 Jacintha Hamilton-Love Dulwich Paragon CC 05:20.6 Female Senior
9 Alice Lethbridge DRAG2ZERO 05:21.4 Female Senior
10 Hannah Slade Chippenham & District Wheelers 05:23.7 Female Senior
11 Rebecca Johnson XRT Elmy Cycles 05:27.1 Female Senior
12 Joanne Jago Performance Cycles CC 05:27.1 Female Senior
13 Henrietta Colborne Swabo Ladies 05:29.1 Female Espoir
14 Tamsin Vicary The Racing Chance Foundation 05:32.7 Female Senior
15 Gemma Frost Muckle Cycle Club 05:34.1 Female Senior
16 Anabell Orenz North Cotswold CC 05:36.4 Female Senior
17 Emilie Verroken Maxx R. T. 05:40.2 Female Senior
18 Susan Paterson Honister 92 05:42.9 Female Vet
19 Helen Aldred Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree) 05:49.1 Female Senior
20 Joanne Rea Blaydon CC 05:53.8 Female Senior
21 Hannah Farran EDCO Continental 06:02.9 Female Senior
22 Alice Thomson DRK Racing 06:04.4 Female Senior
23 Jo Holden Macclesfield Wheelers 06:07.0 Female Vet
24 Gemma Hobson Sussex Nomads CC 06:08.5 Female Senior
25 Kristin Stolpe Lovelo Cinelli RT 06:15.0 Female Senior
26 Gemma Hutchins Blaydon CC 06:18.9 Female Senior
27 Jennifer Andrews CC Ashwell 06:26.0 Female Senior
28 Kate Lucas Norwich A B C 06:27.9 Female Vet
29 Charlotte Gorman Team Lusso 06:37.5 Female Senior
30 Wiebke Rietz 1st Chard Wheelers 06:38.9 Female Vet
31 Jen McMahon Muckle Cycle Club 06:40.1 Female Senior
32 Alice Earle VeloVitesse/ALLCAP/James Barry/Johnson Controls 06:47.7 Female Senior
33 Angela McGurk Blaydon CC 07:02.4 Female Senior
34 Lisa Baker Muckle Cycle Club 07:03.4 Female Vet
35 Michelle Highfield Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club 07:14.0 Female Vet
36 Karen Taylor Vertex Biemme RT 07:14.3 Female Vet
37 Heather Bamforth The Racing Chance Foundation 07:16.8 Female Senior
38 Victoria Curry Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club 07:35.9 Female Vet
39 Rachel Crowe Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club 07:43.6 Female Senior
40 Gemma Herbertson Salisbury Road and Mountain CC 07:44.3 Female Vet
41 Sharon Clifford SheHair Racing Team 08:26.7 Female Vet


1 Dan Evans ASSOS Equipe UK 03:54.3 Male Senior
2 Adam Kenway Team Raleigh GAC 03:59.5 Male Senior
3 Kieran Savage Team B38/Underpin Racing 04:03.1 Male Espoir
4 Joseph Clark CYCLING SHEFFIELD GIANT 04:04.9 Male Senior
5 Leon Wright Race Hub 04:05.3 Male Senior
6 Mike Morris NFTO Race Club 04:05.6 Male Senior
7 Andy Cunningham All Terrain Cycles 04:08.1 Male Senior
8 Zeb Kyffin GS Metro 04:09.9 Male Espoir
9 Kieran Wynne-Cattanach Maxxis 4 Racing Team 04:10.6 Male Espoir
10 Patrick Clark Team B38/Underpin Racing 04:11.2 Male Espoir
11 Richard Gildea Didcot Phoenix CC 04:11.5 Male Senior
12 Andrew Feather Bike Chain Ricci 04:13.0 Male Senior
13 Cameron Biddle Rivet Racing 04:13.1 Male Espoir
14 Tim Wilcock GS Metro 04:13.9 Male Espoir
15 James Hayward Woolwich CC 04:14.8 Male Senior
16 David Huck Barrow Central Wheelers 04:16.4 Male Senior
17 Andy Nichols Team B38/Underpin Racing 04:17.4 Male Senior
17 Joe Norledge Bristol South Cycling Club 04:17.4 Male Senior
19 Niall Paterson Velo Club Cumbria 04:20.3 Male Vet
20 Robert Williams bike4health 04:21.5 Male Senior
21 David Griffiths Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 04:23.1 Male Senior
22 Thomas Hanlon Harry Middleton CC 04:23.6 Male Senior
23 James Hill RST Racing Team 04:24.4 Male Espoir
24 Lewis Timmins Muckle Cycle Club 04:25.1 Male Senior
25 Matthew Smith Muckle Cycle Club 04:25.9 Male Senior
26 Daniel Watts Royal Air Force Cycling Association 04:27.5 Male Senior
27 Freddie Jagger York Cycleworks 04:27.8 Male Espoir
28 Eugene Cross Team KTM 04:27.9 Male Espoir
29 Chris Newberry Redhill CC 04:28.0 Male Senior
30 Josh Coyne Okehampton CC 04:30.2 Male Espoir
31 Jonathan Bridge Zappi Racing Team 04:30.3 Male Espoir
31 Jonathan Bayley Gosforth RC 04:30.3 Male Senior
31 Joshua Aiken Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich 04:30.3 Male Senior
34 Andrew Kirby University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 04:30.7 Male Senior
35 Oliver Hayward Rhino Velo Race Team 04:31.1 Male Espoir
35 David Ross LFGSS CC 04:31.1 Male Senior
37 Ross Fawcett Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich 04:31.3 Male Senior
38 Ryan Kenworthy LeisureLakesBikes.com 04:31.6 Male Espoir
39 Nick Spencer Blumilk.com 04:32.8 Male Senior
41 John Hunt Beacon Roads CC 04:33.7 Male Senior
42 Joe Hawksworth Bristol South Cycling Club 04:34.1 Male Senior
43 Michael Openshaw Cestria C.C. 04:34.8 Male Vet
44 Will Powell University of Sheffield Cycling Club 04:35.0 Male Espoir
45 John Bowman Muckle Cycle Club 04:35.2 Male Senior
46 Zak Walker Honister 92 04:35.3 Male Senior
46 Colin Sturgess Madison Genesis 04:35.3 Male Vet
47 Nick Martin East Grinstead CC 04:35.5 Male Espoir
49 Marcus Cram Castle Tri 04:36.0 Male Senior
50 Alistair Merry Dundee Thistle 04:36.4 Male Espoir
50 Colin Atkinson Muckle Cycle Club 04:36.9 Male Vet
51 Dave Hopper Newcastle Cheviot CC 04:36.9 Male Vet
53 Jacob Vezey Harrogate Nova CC 04:37.1 Male Senior
53 Sion Harlow VELOFLOW CC 04:37.1 Male Espoir
54 Ben Norbury Congleton CC 04:37.7 Male Senior
56 Laurie Lambeth Beacon Wheelers 04:38.0 Male Senior
56 Graham Kemp Team Bottrill / HSS Hire 04:38.2 Male Senior
58 Tony Fawcett Newcastle Cheviot CC 04:38.3 Male Senior
59 Reuben Bakker-Dyos BikeRadar 04:38.4 Male Senior
60 Tavis Walker DRK Racing 04:38.5 Male Senior
60 Angus Fisk Oxford University CC 04:38.8 Male Senior
62 David Pearson Oxford University CC 04:39.2 Male Espoir
63 Hugh Smith Woolwich CC 04:40.6 Male Senior
64 Joe Agnew Edinburgh Road Club 04:40.7 Male Espoir
64 Hamish Mcdougall Leicester Forest CC 04:41.4 Male Senior
66 Dominic Munnelly Newcastle Cheviot CC 04:41.8 Male Vet
67 Lee Carter Ribble Valley C&RC 04:41.9 Male Senior
67 Carl Donaldson GS Metro 04:42.8 Male Senior
69 Thomas Potter All Terrain Cycles 04:43.2 Male Espoir
70 Ted Cross University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 04:43.4 Male Espoir
70 Nick Badcock Allen Valley Velo 04:43.4 Male Senior
71 Daniel Nieto Wigmore CC 04:45.0 Male Espoir
73 Samuel Davies Muckle Cycle Club 04:46.4 Male Senior
73 Philip Jones Bella in Sella 04:46.5 Male Senior
75 James Ward Cambridge CC 04:46.6 Male Vet
76 Alex Reid Kingston Wheelers CC 04:47.2 Male Senior
76 Alex Platt Bike Chain Ricci 04:47.7 Male Espoir
78 Hugh Brashaw University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 04:47.8 Male Espoir
79 James King OVB 04:47.9 Male Senior
80 Lee Ager Blaydon CC 04:48.3 Male Senior
81 Matthew Brown University of Sheffield Cycling Club 04:49.7 Male Senior
82 Paul Nelson Ribble Valley C&RC 04:50.0 Male Senior
82 Jack Phillips Salt and Sham Cycle Club 04:50.0 Male Senior
84 Chris Edmondson Velotik Racing Team 04:50.1 Male Vet
84 Rick Bailey Team B38/Underpin Racing 04:50.5 Male Senior
86 Dion Jones Rhyl CC 04:50.7 Male Senior
87 Paul Armstrong Sheffrec CC 04:51.1 Male Senior
88 Oliver Walker-Hayes University of Bristol Cycling Club (UOBCC) 04:51.7 Male Espoir
89 Tom Haines East London Velo 04:53.1 Male Vet
90 Shaun Tyson Adept Precision RT 04:53.3 Male Vet
91 Eoin Gormley Blaydon CC 04:53.7 Male Senior
92 Mj Todd Derwentside CC 04:54.7 Male Senior
93 Toby Williams Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree) 04:55.2 Male Senior
93 Scott McCance Derwentside CC 04:55.8 Male Senior
94 Jon Wild Veloviewer 04:56.1 Male Vet
95 Paul Hague Gosforth RC 04:56.1 Male Vet
97 Francis Chesters Matlock CC 04:56.2 Male Senior
98 Tom Andrews University of Sheffield Cycling Club 04:56.4 Male Senior
99 Nicholas Després Guernsey Velo Club 04:57.6 Male Vet
100 Callum Dixon NFTO Race Club 04:57.8 Male Senior
101 Tom Fricker Farnham RC 04:58.1 Male Senior
102 Aaron Denver BodyTorq Racing 04:58.7 Male Espoir
103 Simon Froberg Dinnington Racing Club 04:59.0 Male Vet
104 Dominic Cordner Bike Chain Ricci 04:59.1 Male Senior
105 Ian Taylor Blumilk.com 04:59.8 Male Vet
106 Graeme Wardale South Shields Velo Cycling Club 05:01.4 Male Vet
107 Graeme Kirton South Shields Velo Cycling Club 05:01.6 Male Senior
108 Karl Juan Denton Newcastle Cheviot CC 05:02.0 Male Vet
109 Richard Lilleker Cleveland Wheelers CC 05:03.9 Male Senior
110 David Murphy Liverpool Mercury Dolan CC 05:04.9 Male Unknown
111 Ross Gray Allen Valley Velo 05:05.1 Male Senior
112 Tim Jude Andover Wheelers 05:08.0 Male Senior
113 Joe Stringer Muckle Cycle Club 05:10.0 Male Senior
114 Alex Byrne-Smith LFGSS CC 05:10.5 Male Senior
115 Tim Glenie Belper BC 05:10.6 Male Vet
116 Ben Keeley Team Velovelocity 05:12.0 Male Senior
116 Cameron Taylor Sotonia CC 05:12.5 Male Senior
118 Nicholas Martin EMC Cycling 05:13.9 Male Senior
118 Chris Mather Derwentside CC 05:14.1 Male Vet
119 Thomas Robb Bedfordshire Road RT 05:14.1 Male Vet
121 Dan Robinson Manchester Wheelers 05:14.4 Male Senior
122 Jonathan Groves Rapha Cycling Club 05:15.7 Male Vet
123 Christopher Beaty Allen Valley Velo 05:17.1 Male Senior
124 Micky Mallen GS Metro 05:18.1 Male Vet
125 Julian MacBride Blaydon CC 05:18.2 Male Senior
126 Andrew Pearson Wakefield Tri Club 05:18.7 Male Vet
127 Craig Deacon South Shields Velo Cycling Club 05:19.5 Male Senior
128 John Sample Durham City Velo RT 05:20.6 Male Senior
128 Mark Armstrong Muckle Cycle Club 05:22.9 Male Senior
130 Lewis McEvoy Sunderland Clarion 05:23.8 Male Senior
131 Clive Upton Hambleton RC 05:23.8 Male Senior
131 Paul Wright Blaydon CC 05:33.6 Male Senior
132 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC 05:36.3 Male Vet
134 John Hind Bolsover and District CC 05:40.6 Male Vet
135 Cameron Turner Malton Whs 05:42.2 Male Vet
136 Craig Berry GS Metro 05:44.3 Male Vet
137 Michael Stanley Port Sunlight Wheelers 05:49.7 Male Vet
138 Josh Reid Gosforth RC 05:49.8 Male Espoir
139 David Wells CC Ashwell 05:49.9 Male Vet
140 James Molony Adalta Cycling Club 05:50.0 Male Espoir
140 Tim Nichol Derwentside CC 05:51.1 Male Senior
142 John Hatton Lancaster CC 05:53.1 Male Vet
143 Rapid Rich Stoodley 3 RT 05:56.0 Male Vet
143 Tom Guy Sunderland Clarion 05:58.3 Male Vet
145 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC 06:03.9 Male Vet
145 Neil Foster Adept Precision RT 06:13.7 Male Vet
146 Ian Hutchinson Cleveland Wheelers CC 06:18.8 Male Vet
148 Andrew Newey Ribble Valley C&RC 06:22.9 Male Senior
149 Andrew Bolton Otley CC 06:27.2 Male Vet
149 Huw Parry Anglesey Cycling Group 06:47.0 Male Vet
151 Richard Burt Solihull CC 07:03.3 Male Vet


1 George Kimber CS Dynamo 04:13.9 Male Junior
2 Thomas Prentice GS Metro 04:23.5 Male Junior
3 Alex Raynard Matlock CC 04:26.8 Male Junior
4 James Noonan Hoppers Rollers 04:30.0 Male Junior
5 Adam Jarps Manilla Cycling 04:32.1 Male Junior
6 Chris Mann Marsh Tracks Race Team 04:33.4 Male Junior
7 Dylan Hughes Hetton Hawks CC 04:35.8 Male Junior
8 OLLIE MORGAN Worcester St. Johns CC 04:36.0 Male Junior
9 Luke Hind Team Jewson – MI Racing ~Poly Pipe~McCann 04:36.8 Male Junior
10 Alexander Dent Nevis Cycles Racing Team 04:38.0 Male Junior
11 Joe Baker Zappi Racing Team 04:40.5 Male Juvenile
12 Rhys Evans Mid Devon CC 04:40.9 Male Junior
13 Huw Owen Energy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni 04:41.8 Male Junior
14 Ash Coning Identity Racing 04:42.9 Male Junior
15 Josh Charlton Hetton Hawks CC 04:44.7 Male Juvenile
16 Cavan Walker Prologue Race Team 04:45.2 Male Junior
17 James Corfield Gosforth RC 04:45.4 Male Junior
18 Will Beech Team Jewson – MI Racing ~Poly Pipe~McCann 04:46.5 Male Junior
19 Francis Woodcock Bury Clarion CC 04:47.0 Male Juvenile
20 Dan Charlton Hetton Hawks CC 04:47.6 Male Junior
21 Kieran Smith Bolsover and District CC 04:49.2 Male Juvenile
22 Tristan Davies Mid Devon CC 04:51.2 Male Juvenile
23 Tommy Dawson Yorkshire Road Club 04:51.7 Male Juvenile
24 Nathan Woodhouse Leighton Buzzard Road Cycling Club 04:53.3 Male Juvenile
25 Jack Rutland Beacon Wheelers 04:57.1 Male Juvenile
26 Daniel Dixon Gosforth RC 04:59.2 Male Juvenile
27 Elliot Reed Identity Racing 05:01.7 Male Junior
28 Archie Irving Beacon Wheelers 05:05.1 Male Juvenile
29 Bevan Jones Manilla Cycling 05:05.9 Male Junior
30 Ewan Mackie Matlock CC 05:07.2 Male Juvenile
31 Deio Garton Jones Energy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni 05:08.5 Male Junior
32 Cai Edwards Energy Cycling Club/Clwb Beicio Egni 05:08.7 Male Junior
33 James Storey SportCity Velo 05:09.1 Male Junior
34 Euan Backus Zappi Racing Team 05:48.1 Male Juvenile
35 Joshua Keers Mossley Cycle Racing Team 05:57.6 Male Junior
36 Lewis Dolan Cleveland Wheelers CC 05:57.7 Male Juvenile
37 Morgan LLOYD Towy Riders 05:58.1 Male Juvenile
38 Charlie Knowler West Suffolk Whs & Triathlon Club 06:01.9 Male Juvenile
39 Thomas Heighton Stockton Wheelers CC 06:14.1 Male Juvenile


1 Corinne Side The Racing Chance Foundation 05:19.0 Female Junior
2 Lily Greenhalgh Team 22 05:28.7 Female Junior
3 Jasmine Gray VCUK Velochampion Racing Team 06:29.0 Female Junior
4 Roisin Lally Derwentside CC 06:31.1 Female Juvenile
5 Freja Smith RacingMetro15 07:33.0 Female Juvenile




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