Live! Eddie Soens Memorial


Bertie Newey of Catford CC wins the Eddie Soens Memorial ahead of Ian Wilkinson and Jack Pullar

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Live! Eddie Soens Memorial


Winner, the first 3rd cat ever to win the Eddie Soens, Bertie Newey


Jack Pullar, after an attack on the back straight is fighting for his life as he’s caught in the sprint for the win in the 2015 Eddie Soens


But the win went to Newey (right) who just got the better of former winner Ian Wilkinson (Pedal Heaven. Pullar (out of shot) was third.


Early on in the race and Bertie is getting itchy to get going out of the group he was in.


An hour or so into the race and the final two groups come together 


And then the attacking began with Pedal Heaven (James Gullen pictured),  giving it some off the front.


Simon Wilson having a big go off the front.


Ian Wilkinson ( Pedal Heaven) having a look to make sure nothing escapes off the front.


Jake Womersley of Pedal Heaven in a three up break in the final quarter of the race.


Another move, this time with Harry Hardcastle and Harry Tanfield (Pedal Heaven)


But it was this move of a dozen or so riders that gapped the peloton and soon raced away to contest the race for the win


They were chased down by this small group though led by James Gullen and they made contact on the final lap.


The podium for the 2o16 Eddie Soens, Jack Pullar (Pedal Heaven), Bertie Newey and Ian Wilkinson (Pedal Heaven).

Video Interview of the winner Bertie Newey


Big front group for the Eddie Soens including the biggest ever Women’s entry with some star names from the world of Women’s racing


The scratch group meanwhile was a little light on numbers but they still got to the front of the race by halfway and then started to attack ….

FULL RESULT (thanks Mark Young of myeventtiming)  

1 Bertie NEWEY Catford CC Equipe/Banks 1h40’47”,00″”
2 Ian WILKINSON Pedal Heaven 1h40’47”,’ ‘”
3 Jack PULLAR Pedal Heaven 1h40’47”,’ ‘”
4 Jacob TIPPER Pedal Heaven 1h40’47”,’ ‘”
5 David MCGOWAN Pedal Heaven 1h40’47”,’ ‘”
6 Matthew NOWELL Wheelbase Altura MGD 1h40’47”,’ ‘”
7 Simon WILSON The Nab Racing 1h40’48”,’ ‘”
8 Ben JOUGHIN Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 1h40’48”,’ ‘”
9 Fraser ROUNDS BC PM 1h40’48”,’ ‘”
10 Benjamin MANFIELD-YORKE The Nab Racing 1h40’48”,’ ‘”
11 Christopher QUIN Macclesfield Wheelers 1h40’49”,’ ‘”
12 Robert WATSON Prologue 1h40’52”,05″”
13 Harry TANFIELD Pedal Heaven 1h40’53”,’ ‘”
14 James IRESON The Nab Racing 1h40’53”,’ ‘”
15 James GULLEN Pedal Heaven 1h40’53”,’ ‘”
16 Jake WOMERSLEY Pedal Heaven 1h40’53”,’ ‘”
17 Tom MAZZONE Pedal Heaven Excel Academy 1h40’53”,’ ‘”
18 Chris FALLON Kuota – Spinergy – GSG 1h40’53”,’ ‘”
19 Fabian BRENNAN North City Velo Cycling Team 1h42’39”,01’47″”
20 Mark DAVIES Team Cystic Fibrosis 1h42’39”,’ ‘”
21 Harry HARDCASTLE VCUK PH-MAS Cycling Team 1h42’39”,’ ‘”
22 Christopher SIEPEN Seamons CC 1h42’39”,’ ‘”
23 Richard MOORE Squadra RT 1h42’39”,’ ‘”
24 Will KING Prologue Racing Team 1h42’39”,’ ‘”
25 Grace GARNER Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa 1h42’39”,’ ‘”
26 Alice BARNES 100% ME 1h42’39”,’ ‘”
27 Karl SMITH Bott Cycle Team 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
28 Chris HOOLE FTR Race Club 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
29 Martin DAINTY Team Cystic Fibrosis 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
30 Evie RICHARDS 100% ME 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
31 Stephen BURNS North Cheshire Clarion 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
32 Iain PATON 100% ME 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
33 Matthew MILDON Mud Sweat n Gears CC 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
34 Liam GILPIN Bike Box Alan 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
35 Melissa LOWTHER Team Breeze 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
36 Simon PRICE Graham Weigh Racing 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
37 David BREARLEY The Nab Racing 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
38 James FARRINGTON Sportcity Velo 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
39 Gabriella SHAW Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
40 Steve WHITTINGTON ABC Centreville 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
41 Chris SOUTHWORTH The Nab Racing 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
42 Nick SWEETING 3RT 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
43 Nicholas PILLING Team Chronomaster 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
44 David MICKLETHWAITE 3RT 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
45 David REECE Xeltextiel-VDBG Steenhouwerij 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
46 Daniel SMITH TS Racing Team – OTR 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
47 Elizabeth-Jane HARRIS Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
48 Philip WILLIAMS Liverpool Phoenix CC Aintree 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
49 Lauren CREAMER Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
50 Gary BROOKS Kenilworth Wheelers CC 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
51 Simon DEPLITCH Team Chronomaster 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
52 Matt LIMACHER KTM Impsport RT 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
53 Ben WHITEHEAD ABC Centreville 1h42’40”,’ ‘”
54 Patrick FOTHERINGHAM Halesowen A 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
55 Peter BOYES TS Racing Team – OTR 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
56 Richard TAYLOR Harry Middleton Cycling Club 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
57 George BOARDMAN Birkenhead North End CC 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
58 Harrison COOPER-OLDROYD 3RT 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
59 Claire ROSE Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
60 Ben MANNING 3RT 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
61 Thomas MCROYALL North Cheshire Clarion 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
62 Thomas HANLON Harry Middleton Cycling Club 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
63 Lewis BALL Birkenhead North End CC 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
64 James HELSBY Sportcity Velo 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
65 Danielle KHAN Team Breeze 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
66 Matthew KELLETT 3RT 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
67 Barry JAMES Frodsham Wheelers/Twelve50 Bikes 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
68 Stephen STONEMAN Bott Cycle Team 1h42’41”,’ ‘”
69 Ross PRESCOTT Wigan Wheelers CC 1h42’42”,’ ‘”
70 Paul CUTLER 3RT 1h42’42”,’ ‘”
71 Calvert CHURCHILL KWC Heist Zuiderkempen VZW 1h42’42”,’ ‘”
72 David PARRINGTON Ribble Valley CRC 1h42’42”,’ ‘”
73 Adam WILKINSON North Cheshire Clarion 1h42’42”,’ ‘”
74 Joseph CLIFFORD Dulwich Paragon CC 1h42’42”,’ ‘”
75 Samuel WILSON East Lancashire RC 1h42’42”,’ ‘”
76 Sara HEADLEY Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa 1h42’42”,’ ‘”
77 Joshua CUTLER 3RT 1h42’42”,’ ‘”
78 Paul BRIDGEN Albarosa Cycling Club 1h42’43”,’ ‘”
79 Abigail DENTUS Team Breeze 1h42’43”,’ ‘”
80 Karl FREEMAN Team Wheelguru 1h42’43”,’ ‘”
81 Isaac APPLEBY BC PM 1h42’43”,’ ‘”
82 David MCKAY L’Equipe 1h42’43”,’ ‘”
83 Brett LOWNDES Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 1h42’43”,’ ‘”
84 Anthony BARRETT 3RT 1h42’43”,’ ‘”
85 Ronnie COLEMAN TS Racing Team – OTR 1h42’43”,’ ‘”
86 Emily KAY Team Breeze 1h42’43”,’ ‘”
87 Mark ALLEN Congleton CC 1h42’44”,’ ‘”
88 Aaron TONKS THR Racing 1h42’44”,’ ‘”
89 Tim THARRATT Squadra RT 1h42’44”,’ ‘”
90 Emily NELSON Team Breeze 1h42’44”,’ ‘”
91 Harry MYERS 3RT 1h42’44”,’ ‘”
92 Thomas HUMPHREY Carnac-Planet X 1h42’44”,’ ‘”
93 Manon LLOYD Team Breeze 1h42’45”,’ ‘”
94 James DYSON 3RT 1h42’45”,’ ‘”
95 Joseph ELLWOOD Langsett Cycles RT 1h42’45”,’ ‘”
96 Ian LAWTON THR Racing 1h42’45”,’ ‘”
97 Mathew LYTHGOE The Nab Racing 1h42’46”,’ ‘”
98 Amy GORNALL Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa 1h42’46”,’ ‘”
99 Danny SMITH Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 1h42’48”,09″”
100 Steven HOWE Rutland CC 1h42’57”,09″”
101 Samuel PICKERING THR Racing 1h43’10”,13″”

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