Result: AndCC Open 23.5


Ryan Perry fastest from Matt Bottrill in the AndCC Open 23.5 mile time trial on the A25/2 on September 18

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Result: AndCC Open 23.5

Matt Bottrill Report
After a year away from not haven ridden a time trial, I decided a few weeks ago it was about time I entered one to see if I still had it in me to ride one. So entering a local 25 I thought would be the ideal start.


The start sheet turned up and to my amusement Ryan Perry, was down to ride – the National 25, 50, 100 and circuit champion. So I knew I was going to have to be on a good day.

At the start of this year, my power took a real battering. Over the last few months I seem to have found my feet with all the training for swim, bike, run and it’s been great to start feeling stronger on the bike. I know I’m not as aero as I used to be with putting the muscle on from swimming but I thought to hell with it, I’m going to see what I can do.

After last weeks 70.3 race I’ve been pretty tired all week so I backed off the swim and run training and put my efforts into the bike. So come race day I knew I could be fresh.

So the morning arrived and my start time was 10:10. I had a good warm up and could soon see I was feeling really good. So on the start line I took a deep breath and was soon up to speed and hitting 30mph. It felt great to be starting fresh and amazing the difference at the speed you travel!

The power was consistent along with the speed I was AV 29-30 mph. I was worrying I was going to blow but it never seemed to happen. A time check at 5 miles to go and I was 30 secs down! So knowing there was not much I could do at this point I just gave it everything I had and stopped the clock at 48:22. The course was shortened to 23.5 due to road works. I have to say I was happy to be within a minute of Ryan at just 38 secs. Proves all my hard work is starting to pay off.

Once the bike was completed I put the trainers on and hit a hard 5km run a new PB of 19:43 for a decent run off the bike. Next stop East Leake tri, it was my first ever one so will be good to see if I’ve improved since March.

1 Ryan Perry Langdale Lightweights R T 47:44:00
2 matthew bottrill Team Bottrill 48:22:00
3 Matt Sinclair Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 49:53:00
4 David Mead Hinckley Cycle Racing Club 50:16:00
5 Ian Guilor Mapperley CC 50:47:00
6 Robert Gibbons Hinckley Cycle Racing Club 51:59:00
7 Russell Jelly Team Bottrill 52:20:00
8 trevor mayne Birdwell Wheelers 52:29:00
9 Nick Cave Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 52:46:00
10 Julian Ramsbottom Pedal Pushers 52:57:00
11 Jason Swann Mapperley CC 53:03:00
12 Andrew Tomkins Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 53:06:00
13 Geoff Platts Team Bottrill 53:16:00
14 julian pearson Langdale Lightweights R T 53:30:00
15 Alan Cooke Peak Road Club 53:32:00
16 matthew fostun Langdale Lightweights R T 53:51:00
17 COLIN PARKINSON South Western Road Club/Evans Cycles 53:53:00
18 Nick Rogers Team Swift 53:55:00
19 Neal Parkin North Notts Olympic CC 54:06:00
20 Shaun Eden Mapperley CC 54:23:00
21 sam smith Langdale Lightweights R T 54:30:00
22 Chris Henderson Nottingham Clarion CC 54:32:00
23 Michael Cooke Nottingham Clarion CC 55:07:00
24 stephen adams Langdale Lightweights R T 55:12:00
25 Paul Arnold Mapperley CC 55:18:00
26 Brian Wills Ambleside Velo 56:03:00
27 Stephen Robinson North Notts Olympic CC 56:37:00
28 James Fuller Mapperley CC 56:42:00
29 James Westwood Witham Wheelers 56:45:00
30 Simon Cooper Nottingham Clarion CC 57:14:00
31 Julian Younger Mapperley CC 57:24:00
32 Paul Stubbs Nottingham Clarion CC 57:24:00
33 Mike Hankin Sherwood CC 57:26:00
34 Chris Draper Sherwood CC 57:35:00
35 Jan Punter Nottingham Clarion CC 57:36:00
36 STEPHEN HOWGILL Leicestershire RC 57:38:00
37 Andy Whitehead Rockingham Cycling Club 57:40:00
38 Giles White Sherwood CC 57:47:00
39 Philip Hurst Nottingham Clarion CC 58:00:00
40 peter fostun Langdale Lightweights R T 58:53:00
41 Llew Hancock Sherwood CC 59:13:00
42 KARL GREGG Velo Club Long Eaton 59:14:00
43 Brett Masterson Vale of Belvoir C C 59:24:00
44 james storr Newark Castle C C 59:42:00
45 simon mccarthy Langdale Lightweights R T 01:00:32
46 Adam Bishop Lea Valley CC 01:00:38
47 Andy Fretwell Mapperley CC 01:01:09
48 kevin humphreys Sherwood CC 01:02:11
49 Jez Willows Velo Club Flintham 01:02:12
50 Anthony Hardenberg Witham Wheelers 01:02:43
51 Laura Owen Female Team Bottrill 01:03:09
52 Matthew Byrne Vale of Belvoir C C 01:03:57
53 francis grafton Nottingham Clarion CC 01:04:13
54 Louise George Female Witham Wheelers 01:04:21
55 Daniel Gee Ashfield RC 01:05:53
56 Paul Ward Sherwood CC 01:06:25
57 Stephen Walsh Sherwood CC 01:06:49
58 Robert Owen Coalville Whs 01:11:14

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