28th Otley Town Centre Races


VeloUK is live in Otley, home to the Tour de France in 2014 and tonight the town centre circuit races with a star line up

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Felix English’s good year continued with victory in the classic Town centre race in Otley. The Rapha Condor JLT rider was part of a six man move which clipped off in the second half of the race and with most of the major teams represented, the peloton gave it some leeway. A little too much leeway as they failed to bring it back despite a big effort over the last half dozen laps.

Back at the front, the six riders; Tobyn Horton (UK Youth), Andrew Hawdon (Herbalife), George Atkins (GB Academy), Dan Barry (Node 4 Giordana) and Tom Moses (Raleigh) all worked well until the final few laps when the cat and mouse started and Tom Moses kicked off on his own two laps out. It was a lap too far as half a lap out, he was brought back by a concerted chase from George Atkins while English waited for this moment.


George Atkins leads the break through the finish with thousands upon thousands of people that stretched over a mile  back up the hill in both directions.

It was timed to perfection and he said afterwards the celebration was all the better because he had plenty of time as he approcahed the line ahead of Tobyn Horton who outsprinted Andrew Hawdon.

English explained,”Once we got away the group worked well. We got up to nearly a minute and, I knew that we should make it to the line. We started to look at each other a little towards the end and that meant the bunch came back quickly. ”


English however, showed great maturity in letting the whole group close the gap before jumping clear himself for the win; something that team manager John Herety was particularly pleased to see.

“Felix has come on a great deal in this past year, and is one of the guys really getting the most out of this development program. Last year he was always too eager, and he just didn’t have it in the big crits.”

“This year at the Tour Series he was much stronger, but he still made a few small tactical errors here and there. Tonight though he showed that he is learning, taking things on board, and that he can win big races. I’m made up for him.”


Raleigh (for Tom Moses) and Ed Clancy (for Felix English) controlling the race behind the break. There in the middle is the ‘Scud’, Tom Scully, just back from his mid season break after an awesome first half of 2013. 

English too was delighted to take his first National Series race win, “I’m really happy to get this win tonight. I was close at the start of the Tour Series, and I wanted to get a win there, but my form sort of tailed off. This is a great event though, and to win in front of that crowd was just awesome.”

English is now in his second year with the team and following several strong showings at the Tour Series, and his win in the Milk Race in June, the Irishman looks to be one of the development team’s first real success stories.

English now leads the Elite Circuit Series, which resumes in two days time at the Stockton GP this Friday.

Video Highlights


 Tobyn Horton wins the sprint for second….


Tom Moses just manages to get to the line before the flying Ian Wilkinson.


Raleigh’s Tom Moses gives his all in the solo effort with a lap to go. Tom, from Yorkshire and proud, this was an all or nothing effort to win the race.


Great to see NetApp-Endura rider Russell Downing back in a British race trying to bring back the break while Raleigh don’t seem at all interested!


First junior was Sportsover/Bioracers Olli Wood


Tobyn Horton (UK Youth). Felix English and Andrew Hawdon, podium for the Elite Men’s race.

Women’s Race
Welsh rider and a Junior World Champion, Elinor Barker took the win from Hannah Barnes in the women’s race. The first race on the programme and already Otley was packed with people to watch the nights racing.


Alice Barnes (above), sister to Hannah, and Annie Simpson (Hope Factory Racing) were just two of the many many riders to try and get away lap after lap on this tough circuit but not unable to stay clear of the peloton in full flight.

At the bell (well, klaxon actually), Jessie Walker, (Matrix Fitness) with the family there watching, including a double winner in Chris Walker, had a slender lead but she was hunted down by the peloton and Barker sprinting down the left hand side of the road, just got the verdict from Barnes.


Jessie Walker has a go at getting away with a lap to go… 


Jo Tindley in a moment of ‘madness’ goes clear


Elinor Barker times her sprint to perfection to defeat Hannah Barnes who had her chain slip off in the final metres of the race.

Other Races


Will Thomas wins the support race in a big big bunch kick!


Joey Walker (RST/Trigon)  wins the bunch kick in the Under 16’s race but the lone winner is ahead of them, apparently! (No, we didn’t see them but there were lapped riders in the same straight)

Live Photos 


Provisional Results

1. Felix English, Rapha Condor JLT
2. Tobyn Horton, UK Youth
3. Andrew Hawdon, Herbalife
4. George Atkins, GB Academy
5. Dan Barry, Node 4 Giordana
6.Tom Moses, Raleigh
7. Ian Wilkinson, UK Youth
8. Dean Downing, Madison Genesis
9. Chris latham, GB Academy
10. Ed Clancy, Rapha Condor JLT
11. Niklas Gustavsson, UK Youth
12. Matt Cronshaw, IG Sigma Sport
13. Richard Hepworth, Node 4 Giordana
14. Sam Lowe, GB Academy
15. Shem Rodge, Node Giordana
16. Tom Murray, Metaltek Knights of Old
17. Richard Lang, Raleigh
18. Declan Bryne, MG MAxifuel
19. Will Bjergfelt, MG Maxifuel
20. Mike Northey, Node 4 – Giordana

1. Elinor Barker, Wiggle Honda
2. Hannah Barnes, MG Maxifuel
3. Harriett Owen, Matric Fitness
4. Melissa Lowther, Matrix Fitness
5. Louise Bortwick, Edinburgh RC
6. Jessie Walker, Matrix Fitness
7. Annie Simpson, Hope Factory Racing
8. Corrine Hall, Matrix Fitness
9. Hayley Jones, Node 4 Giordana
10. Hannah Walker, Matrix Fitness

11. Hayley Edwards, MG Maxifuel
12. Alce barnes, Scott Contessa Epic
13. Lauren O’Bien, RST/Trigon Bikes
14. Joanne Tindley, Matrix Fitness
15. Abby-Mae Parkinson, RST Trigon
16. Amy Gornall, Scott Contessa Epic
17. Iona Sewell, GB Cycles
18. Annasley Park, Abergavenny RC
19. Daniell Christmas, ASL360
20. Delia Beddis, Dirtwheels

Men Support
1. Will Thomas, Velocity-WD-40
2. Lloyd Champman, Glendene CC
3. Levi Moody, RST Trigon
4. Alistair Hepworth. Clay Cross RT
5. Ben Halworth, Ilkley CC
6. Jacob Trotter, Squadra RT
7. Lewis Craven, Wheelbase
8. Paul McDonald Chevin Cycles
9. Lee Brown, Holme Valley Wheelers
10. Dominic Smith, Retford Wheelers

Youth A girls

1. G Garner. RST
2. J Willett. Sherwood Pines
3. H Colborne. Beacon RC

Youth A Boys
1. R Gray. Clifton CC
2. J Walker. RST
3. M Walls. Velo City

Youth B Girls
1. Amy Docherty. Clifton CC
2. Jayati Hine. Sheffield
3. Sophie Thackray. Paul Milnes

Youth B Boys
1. Will Turnbull cDNE
2. tomos Owens. Brooks
3. Harry Hardcastle. Kirklees RT


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