Starting lists: Tour of the Reservoir


Starting lists for the mens and women’s races in the Tour of Reservoir on April 16/17, part of the men’s and women’s national road series

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Starting lists: Tour of the Reservoir

April 16/17 sees the Elite Men’s and Women’s road series move up to Northumberland for the annual Tour of the Reservoir sponsored by Northumberland Water.

RACE HEADQUARTERS AND CHANGING ROOMS: Blanchland Sports Club, Derwent View, Blanchland, Consett, DH8 9VA



Map 1 – 7 laps of red

Map 1 – 12 laps of yellow



Map 1 – 2 laps of red
Map 2 – 3 laps of red
Map 1 – 2 laps of red

Map 1 – 5 laps of red


The event is the only two day Men’s event in the Premier calendar and for the first time perhaps, sees a bigger entry for the women’s race than the men’s one. Weather permitting, the course for the event is one of the toughest on the calendar and will result in worthy winners with defending champion Erick Rowsell of Madison Genesis back with a strong team.


Last year, the race saw snow descend on the riders but fingers crossed summer arrives just in time …

Organised by Mike Hodgson and his team, the race sees eight man teams from the five of the six British UCI conti teams with the one from Team Wiggins missing from the line up.That means 40 of the riders or almost half, are from five teams whilst the rest are from the smaller teams from around the country.

In the first Prem of the season last weekend, Edmund Bradbury led a 1-2 for NFTO (Dale Appleby) but with all the teams back to full strength after being split between two races (Chorley and Normandie), the red and black army may not have it all their own way in the two stage race which last year saw snow falling on the riders.

As with any of the events, especially these early ones where teams are still finding out who the inform riders are within their squads, the team line up below for the UCI squads is likley to change. Take Raleigh GAC for example where its expected Matthieu Boulo, Morgan Kniesky and new signing Albert Torres will fit into the line up below if all is well with them.

Start at Blanchland Village, proceed to Carricks Corner, then via Ruffside to Pow Hill, on to Edmundbyers through Derwent Reservoir grounds. Then on to Manor House, Bailey Hill, north side of reservoir then return to Carrick Corner. This completes one lap of the course. At the finish of lap seven through Edmundbyers do not turn left into the reservoir as in previous laps. Continue down over the Derwent Bridge, enter the grounds of the reservoir and finish at the top of the hill as in previous years. This is approximately 87.5 miles.

10:30am Race headquarters open
10.45am Signing on commences
12.15pm Signing on complete
12.30pm Race convoy leaves HQ
12.40pm Race starts

Proceed to Carricks Corner (neutral). Race starts via Ruffside, Pow Hill and Edmundbyers. Enter Derwent Reservoir grounds and then on to Manor House, Barley Hill, Northside of the reservoir to Carricks Corner. This completes one lap.

Major change to the circuit – after completion of lap two at Carricks Corner turn right towards Blanchland, then turn left at Rope Barns (as in previous years) via Allenshields Farm T. Junction turn left and proceed to the B6278 junction. Turn left in Edmundbyers via Church bank and join the B6306. Continue via Ruffside to the top of Blanchland Bank and turn left. Complete three laps.

On completion of lap three continue through Edmundbyers, turn left into the reservoir and complete two laps of the reservoir circuit. On the last lap, continue through Edmundbyers over Derwent Bridge and then enter the reservoir ground and finish at the top of the hill.

Please note we have moved the Feed Station to 200 yards beyond Pow Hill picnic area to the top of Berry Bank in the large car park on the left. This will cover the men’s event on the Saturday afternoon, the women’s event on Sunday morning and the men’s event on Sunday afternoon both for the Blanchland and the reservoir circuits. A large lay-by will be in use both days which will be clearly marked. Please do not block the entrance to any field gateways.


1 Erick Rowsell Madison Genesis
2 Felix English Madison Genesis
3 Joe Evans Madison Genesis
4 Taylor Gunman Madison Genesis
5 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis
6 Gruffudd Lewis Madison Genesis
7 Tristan Robbins Madison Genesis
8 Thomas Stewart Madison Genesis
9 Graham Briggs JLT Condor
10 Edward Clancy MBE JLT Condor
11 Luke Grivell-Mellor JLT Condor
12 Steve Lampier JLT Condor
13 Edward Laverack JLT Condor
14 David McCarthy JLT Condor
15 Thomas Moses JLT Condor
16 Stephen Williams JLT Condor
17 Andrew Hawdon Raleigh GAC
18 Fraser Martin Raleigh GAC
19 Sebastian Mora Vedri Raleigh GAC
20 Adrià Moreno Sala Raleigh GAC
21 Evan Oliphant Raleigh GAC
22 George Pym Raleigh GAC
23 Steven Roach Raleigh GAC
24 Craig Wallace Raleigh GAC
25 Dale Appleby NFTO
26 Ian Bibby NFTO
27 Edmund Bradbury NFTO
28 Joshua Edmondson NFTO
29 Rhys Lloyd NFTO
30 James Lowsley-Williams NFTO
31 Jonathan McEvoy NFTO
32 Robert Partridge NFTO
33 Lloyd Chapman Pedal Heaven
34 Dexter Gardias Pedal Heaven
35 James Gullen Pedal Heaven
36 David McGowan Pedal Heaven
37 Alex Paton Pedal Heaven
38 Jack Pullar Pedal Heaven
39 Mitchell Webber Pedal Heaven
40 Jake Womersley Pedal Heaven
41 Tom Fitzpatrick Spirit Bikes Racing Team
42 Joe Harris Spirit Bikes Racing Team
43 Jacob Hennessy Spirit Bikes Racing Team
44 Anthony Moye Spirit Bikes Racing Team
45 Stuart Travis Spirit Bikes Racing Team
46 Thomas Bustard SportGrub Cycling Team
47 Adam Kenway SportGrub Cycling Team
48 Steven Lawley SportGrub Cycling Team
49 Zachery May SportGrub Cycling Team
50 Ryan Perry SportGrub Cycling Team
51 Thomas Traviss-Pollard SportGrub Cycling Team
52 Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek RT
53 Kieran Brady Richardsons-Trek RT
54 Dante Carpenter Richardsons-Trek RT
55 Andy Lyons Richardsons-Trek RT
56 Jez McCann Richardsons-Trek RT
57 Luke Ryan Richardsons-Trek RT
58 George Wood Richardsons-Trek RT
59 Peter Barusevicus Wheelbase Altura MGD
60 David Bates Wheelbase Altura MGD
61 Joel Lewis Wheelbase Altura MGD
62 David Lines Wheelbase Altura MGD
63 Brad Morgan Wheelbase Altura MGD
64 Alex Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Altura MGD
65 Ben Rowe Wheelbase Altura MGD
66 Darragh Bailey Team iTap
67 David Brody Team iTap
68 Daire Feeler Team iTap
69 Stephen Murphy Team iTap
70 Jack Barrett Bikehaus by Ridley
71 Ryan Fenwick Bikehaus by Ridley
72 Philip Trodden Bikehaus by Ridley
73 Julian Varley Bikehaus by Ridley
74 Jake Alderman Saint Piran
75 Jonathan Tiernan-Locke Saint Piran
76 Daniel Bigham Planet X – Northside Cycling
77 Ben Hetherington Planet X – Northside Cycling
78 Timothy Home Planet X – Northside Cycling
79 Fergus Robinson Allen Valley Velo
80 Dan Fleeman Dig Deep Coaching – Pactimo
81 Andrew Turner KTM Impsport RT
82 Declan Hudson Liverpool Century RC
83 Owen Lake Newdales Cycles RT
84 Jordan Doig Pro Vision Cycle Clothing
85 Jacob Ragan The Nab Racing
86 Patrick Clark University of Sheffield CC
87 Stuart Reid Wheelbase Altura MGD
88 Rhys Williams Zappi’s Racing Team
89 Conor Swift Team Envelopemaster
90 Jake Tanner Team Envelopemaster
91 Joel Clarke Team Envelopemaster
92 Joshua Jones
93 Oliver Maxwell Neon-Velo Cycling Team
94 Daniel McKimm Neon-Velo Cycling Team
95 Alex Minting Neon-Velo Cycling Team
96 Elliott Porter Neon-Velo Cycling Team
97 James Boyman Neon-Velo Cycling Team
98 Jack Donaldson Neon-Velo Cycling Team
99 Jeremy Durrin Neon-Velo Cycling Team
100 Kieran Simcock Neon-Velo Cycling Team
101 Alex Fanshaw Zappi’s Racing Team
102 Rhys Phillips Three Red Squares
103 Brad Stokes Planet X – Northside Cycling



The women’s race celebrates its second year as a two day stage race. Over a hundred entries are listed below for this race headed but missing is last years winner, Dani King who is racing in Europe. Instead, a rider from Team Breeze, former track sprinter Danielle Khan will wear that prestigious number.


Danielle (above) is one of many world class track riders in the team and if that wasn’t enough, the race also sees a world class mountain bike and cyclo-cross rider, a World Champion no less (Under 23) in Evie Richards. One of the rider’s is also a British champion on the road, Alice Barnes, the under 23 RR champion who was second to Lizzie Armitstead in Lincoln last year. The Irish champion also rides in the form of Lydia Boylan whilst the UCI team, Drops Cycling whose kit comes from VeloUK’s longest serving sponsors, Prendas.

Perhaps the favourite will be another British champion, the circuit race champion from 2015 and winner of the Women’s National Series for the last two years, Nicola Juniper is entered as is her talented sprinter teammate, Charline Joiner. Another ‘name’ spotted in among the entry is Gracer Garner who in a sprint, would be a big favourite.


Start at Blanchland Village, proceed (neutral) to Carricks Corner (racing starts) via Ruffside, Pow Hill, and Edmundbyers, then left into the southern entrance to the reservoir grounds. Continue to the exit and then continue over Derwent Bridge in the direction of Edmundbyers. Turn right at the southern entrance and this completes one lap. Continue for a further eleven laps and the finish line is beside the reservoir tower. Each lap is approximately two miles.

7:45am Race headquarters opens
8.00am Signing on commences
8.30am Signing on complete
8.50am Race starts

Start at Blanchland Village as per the timetable and proceed to Carricks Corner (neutral) where the racing starts. Then via Ruffside to Pow Hill, Edmundbyers, and left at the reservoir southern entrance through the grounds and left at exit Manor House, Barley Hill, north side of reservoir to Carracks Corner. This completes one lap.

At the finish of lap five through Edmundbyers, do not turn left into the reservoir as in previous laps. Continue down over the Derwent Bridge, enter the grounds of the reservoir and finish at the top of the hill as in previous years. This is approximately 68 miles.

7:45am Race headquarters opens
8.00am Signing on commences
8.30am Signing on complete
8.50am Race starts

1 Danielle Khan Team Breeze
2 Emily Kay Team Breeze
3 Megan Barker Team Breeze
4 Manon Lloyd Team Breeze
5 Abigail Dentus Team Breeze
6 Emily Nelson Team Breeze
7 Annasley Park Team Breeze
8 Melissa Lowther Team Breeze
9 Evie Richards 100% ME
10 Alice Barnes 100% ME
11 Ffion James 100% ME
12 Lydia Boylan Team WNT
13 Sam Burman Team WNT
14 Corinne Clark Team WNT
15 Natalie Grinczer Team WNT
16 Jo Tindley Team WNT
17 Hannah Walker Team WNT
18 Karla Boddy Drops Cycling Team
19 Hannah Payton Drops Cycling Team
20 Lucy Shaw Drops Cycling Team
21 Abigail Van Twisk Drops Cycling Team
22 Rebecca Womersley Drops Cycling Team
23 Eve Dixon Starley Racing
24 Gabriella Nordin Starley Racing
25 Hilde Oudman Starley Racing
26 Sian Botteley Starley Racing
27 Claire Swoboda Starley Racing
28 Melissa Brand Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
29 Alexandra Jenkins Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
30 Louise Laker Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
31 Emily McLoughlin Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
32 Gemma Sargent Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
33 Agata Woznicka Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
34 Charlotte Alston Team 22
35 Flora Gillies Team 22
36 Lucy Lee Team 22
37 Rosa Martin Team 22
38 Sarah Rose Team 22
39 Charmaine Porter Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
40 Chloe Weller Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
41 Samantha Wilson Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
42 Ellie Campbell Fusion RT Fierlan
43 Ashleigh Fraser Fusion RT Fierlan
44 Angela Hibbs Fusion RT Fierlan
45 Jennifer Holden Fusion RT Fierlan
46 Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT Fierlan
47 Fiona Hunter Johnston Fusion RT Fierlan
48 Elizabeth Stedman Fusion RT Fierlan
49 Delia Beddis Les Filles Racing Team
50 Jennifer Crouch Les Filles Racing Team
51 Laura Greenhalgh Les Filles Racing Team
52 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team
53 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team
54 Charlotte Broughton Team Ford Ecoboost
55 Henrietta Colborne Team Ford Ecoboost
56 Julie Erskine Team Ford Ecoboost
57 Elizabeth Holden Team Ford Ecoboost
58 Charline Joiner Team Ford Ecoboost
59 Nicola Juniper Team Ford Ecoboost
60 Clover Murray Team Ford Ecoboost
61 Anna Turvey Team Ford Ecoboost
62 Josephine Gilbert Team Footon Velosport
63 Suzetta Guerrini Team Footon Velosport
64 Hetty Niblett Team Footon Velosport
65 Madeleine Gammons RP Vision Racing Team
66 Connie Hudson RP Vision Racing Team
67 Natasha Reddy RP Vision Racing Team
68 Jane Barr Velocity 44 Stirling
69 Amanda Tweedie Velocity 44 Stirling
70 Rebecca Carter Team WNT
71 Keira McVitty Team WNT
74 Chanel Mason Army Cycling Union
75 Grace Garner Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa
76 Rhona Callander Team Jadan
77 Jenny Holl Team Jadan
78 Emily Wadsworth Beeline-Gener8
79 Ella Conolly Ben Wyvis Cycle Club
80 Verity Appleyard Brotherton Cycles
81 Emily Middleditch Deeside Thistle CC
82 Eleanor Dickinson Drops Cycling Development Team
83 Rebecca Johnson Fast Test Racing Team
84 Neah Evans Glasgow Sprint Track Cycling Team
85 Corrine Hall IKON – Mazda
86 Genevieve Whitson Isorex Cycling Team
87 Jess Millar Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club
88 Elanor Cadzow Kinetic Cycles / Welwyn Racing
89 Lauren Dolan Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching
90 Chloe Fraser LOINTEK
91 Catherine Waters North West Cycle Coaching
92 Isla Short Novus OMX Pro Team
93 Lucy Grant Peebles CC
94 Kerry MacPhee Rock And Road Cycles
95 Julia Van Campen Sheffrec CC
96 Heidi Viles Somerset RC – The Bicycle Chain
97 Sophie Enever Speedflex Race Team
98 Rachel Crighton Team 22
99 Amy Hill Team Rytger
100 Sarah Cramoysan Team
101 Nicki Carr VC Equipe – Flix
102 Gabriella Leveridge Velosure Starley Primal
103 Jayati Hine Velosport Racing Team
104 Gaia Casciello Welwyn Wheelers CC
105 Jennifer Batey Team Vertex
106 Charlotte Colclough Team Jadan
107 Elen McDermott Team Jadan
108 Sarah Bradford Team Jadan
109 Sarah Burke Team Jadan
110 Elizabeth Burns Team Jadan




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