Post Race Chat – Andy Tennant (Team Wiggins)


Talking to a multi World Champion on the track who won the first Prem for Team Wiggins at the Wiltshire GP, Andy Tennant

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Post Race Chat – Andy Tennant (Team Wiggins)

It was a big day for Andy Tennant who has been showing great form for his new team with a third at the Tour of Reservoir, getting in a break at the Tour of Yorkshire and now a win in a Prem to top things off.


Andy explained how the DS for the team Simon Cope had been g’ing them up pre race telling them they needed to get a result having eight riders in the race and they certainly had the riders to do it with Owain Doull being another of the favourites.

“It was nice to get the win” he explained to VeloUK, adding “it kept splitting with groups going away and we missed the first 20 man split. There was one Wiggins rider in there, Jon Dibben, but he’s not been well so me and Doull were panicking a bit. So, we went across the second time up the climb and I was trying pretty hard up there that time.”

“We got across, and that split and then that split again. Honestly, I got in the break (of four) simply by going down the hill on the top tube and being a little fatter than everyone else, I had a bit more speed! Suddenly I was away with Bradbury and at that stage I thought there was no point going hard and then Yanto and Mike came across and we had a gap.”


“We rode really hard for five minutes and that was it. Then Bradbury sat on for 60k (self preservation for the NFTO rider in his first Prem).” The three riders then formed a pact to try and distance Bradbury as Andy Tennant explained. “Yanto attacked and Mike and I were sat on Bradbury and I just sat and sat because I didn’t want to be the first one to go because I knew he’d get on us with the first one”.

“So Mike went and Bradbury dragged Mike back and I went straight over the top and rode across to Yanto. We both knew we were away now and it was going to be between the two of us. So we worked together all the way until the last drag when Yanto left me on the front and from there, it was man on man in the sprint!”

“He kicked once and I kicked again. We have been doing some sprint work (Team GB track team) but I wouldn’t say my sprint has got any better as we’ve been doing a lot of gym work too so I think my road racing has got poorer these last few weeks. I really suffered in Yorkshire the other week!”

“We did altitude camps after the Worlds and Heiko is a bit of a slave driver and makes us work hard with no such thing as rest at times. So the endurance I have has come from that period of hard work. So I am not ‘sparkling’ from what we are doing but hopefully it will work later on”.

“For the Tour of Britain (September) we are really tapering off for the road so hopefully the Tour of Britain will go well for us and Brad too”.


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