Post Race Chat – Tom Scully


New Zealand’s Tom Scully a winner for Madison Genesis on Thursday night in Ryde (Isle of Wight) at the Pearl Izumi Tour Series

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Post Race Chat – Tom Scully

When Tom Scully arrived a few years ago to ride for Raleigh, he was immediately a big hit in Britain with wins on the track (Good Friday) and on the road including rounds of the Tour Series. He was very quickly a marked man and after his move to Madison Genesis, the wins in the Tour Series stopped as he found a lot of new ‘friends’ stalking him in races.


In 2015, still riding for Madison Genesis , he started the 2015 Series in great style winning at Ryde after a solo effort over the closing laps. It was quickly clear what that win meant to him as he was celebrating by high fiving the crowd as he did a final lap of the circuit.

“I’m pretty happy with that” he said after the race. “It’s been a whilst since I have had the arms up so it’s a good way to start the series and show we (Madison Genesis) are in good condition for it. It’s going to be a long series from here and we’ll take it one race at time and keep on trying”.

In 2013, Tom won solo on the Redditch circuit where the Tour Series goes next. It’s quite a juxtaposition – Tom, a Commonwealth Games champion on the track as well as a medallist at the Track Worlds, showing his rivals in the Tour Series his back wheel from distance on the hilliest of the circuits.

“The climb here (Ryde) was a bit longer than the one at Redditch. You also have that drop down afterwards at Ryde where as at Redditch there’s another drag at the back of the circuit. So Ryde was fast and Redditch will be a tough one as ever”.


Tom Toms beating the drums out front
The ‘Scud’s’ solo effort came after a near race long break from teammate Tom Stewart. “Tom was doing a hell of a job and everyone was trying to chase him down” Scully explained.

“Because everyone was worried about him, I could sit back a bit more and play the cards when we needed to play them. I think we rode well as a team. The first round is always touch and go as everyone tries to find their crit legs”.

“This new format is going to be hard with all the team having to be at the front but if some one is on a bad night, that is going to make it hard for the whole team. It’s the same for all the teams so we’ll take each round as it comes and see how we go”.

And then he was off to catch a ferry back to the mainland. Can he repeat at Redditch which obviously suits him? We’ll find out on Tuesday night!

The other Tom, Tom Stewart….

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